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I wasn’t really sure if I would do this but I really want to promote this walk in every means possible.  I have a blog so it only makes sense that this would be a good idea.  Plus I haven’t had a giveaway In god knows how long.

Unlike a lot of giveaways -mine are unsponsored.  Companies don’t like me enough to sponsor give aways…Oh well.

I like to give items away that I personally use-a lot.  Why would I give you crap that I don’t even use?  That would be lame. 

So without further ado.  As you guys know, I’m promoting the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Walk.  This topic is near and dear to my heart.  I know MANY of people who have suffered from depression as well as a few people who have passed.  So when my internship provided me with this great opportunity to raise money, I hopped on board.  By hopped on board, I mean I am in charge of it.

After the walk, I will then be in charge of helping to create programs to educate the youth (k-12) about suicide and depression.  Meaning every single dollar donated to this cause (out overall goal is 25,000) will go towards planning these programs.  It only takes educating one child to save a life.

I am hosting a giveaway on the blog (with items worth about 100 dollars.)   These items will include (but not limited too) protein bars, powder, cool bars, running stuff and whatever else I feel.  Think a 100 dollar grab bag of good stuff tailored to what you like…

you like nut butters?  

Okay then…you like Norther Vermont syrup?  Easy.  You love I love streaking t shirts…um…well I’ll work on that.  

 To enter the giveaway all you need to do is donate any amount of money here.  ANY donation is beneficial and I cannot thank you enough.  After donating just leave a comment here.  If you have donated and want to enter, please leave a comment. 

For additional entries after donating:

  1. Find a friend  (or parent 😉 and tell them to donate then leave a comment (for every friend you find to donate you can enter again ;).
  2. Tell me about someone you know who has gotten through depression or overcame suicidal thoughts.
  3. Tweet or post about it on your facebook or blog (you can do this as much as you want).

Like I said, I cannot thank everyone enough for donating.  So many people struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts and it is so important for people to know they are not alone.   100% of this fundraising goes to the program planning to help and any amount helps.

From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you guys enough.  The Walk itself is September 22, so the giveaway will end on the 21st.


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  1. This is seriously awesome Hollie. I have an aunt who suffers from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and major depression, so it’s a topic that is near & dear to me too. Times are tight financially but if I can find a few spare bucks I will donate them for sure. When does this event (fundraising / giveaway) end?

  2. Please can you remove my comment if it’s an entry by commenting here – because I can’t afford to donate at this time – but I would if I could. This is the best idea for a giveaway and I found myself nodding because it’s a great way to raise awareness for something that touches pretty much all of us at some time in our lives. I’ve lost a couple of friends to suicide. And I will always, always grieve for them. Most giveaways seem to be all about the blogger being sponsored, so thank you for being sincere in your intentions.

  3. Two of the best friends I have met (IRL) through blogging have struggled with PTSD, eating disorders and various other mental health problems. Thankfully they are both still with us but they have attempted suicide multiple times in the past. As have I, during a particularly severe period struggling with depression when I was sixteen. So this cause is very close to my heart. I wish I could have donated more, but I’m already committed to my regular RSPCA donation this month and it’s all I have to spare.

    I also wish a company would man up and help you with this – you’re one of the few bloggers who is actually doing something proactive for a worthy cause, not just selling out for free publicity. I’ll of course mention this on the blog but I don’t know that my small level of traffic would make a lot of difference. Hopefully it does!


  4. I dealt with depression 4 yrs ago. My brother(my best friend) because deathly sick and no doctor could help/give any answers. I began having pain all over my body. I didn’t believe I was depressed. But as Jordan got better(a miracle child), my pain left and my passion for running came back!! Everytime I run it makes me realize how blessed I am to be healthy and able to do what I do. 🙂

  5. I can tell my fb friends about your blog. Also, my runner friends will love to hear about your blog. 🙂

  6. My mom’s best friend’s son (who was my first crush and I went to school with from Kingergarten until 11th grade) just died May 1st due to depression/drugs. Seriously a great cause. You’re amazing!

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  8. I have your donation page up in another tab so I can donate when I get home this evening. You have done a great job with the fundraising and this is such a great cause… One of my close friends in high school was suicidal and nobody really knew (including me) until she broke down one night and ended up going to a treatment center. I hate to think of what could have happened if she acted on that instead of ending up getting help.

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  11. I donated! This is a great cause that definitely needs awareness. It’s a big issue but so many people are ashamed of their condition that they don’t tell their friends/family or get any help. Good luck!

  12. I donated! Good luck – this issue definitely needs awareness. It’s a big issue, and many people are so ashamed of their condition that they don’t end up getting help or sharing with friends/family.

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  14. I donated in memory of a friend’s son. Seth committed suicide in May.

    I actually had a suicide plan back in college, freshman year. I was afraid of what it would do to my family, so I chose to live and find a way to deal with the pain.

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  16. I donated after the most recent story you posted; it almost made me cry.

    I’ve had mild depression and an eating disorder, and unfortunately neither were handled well. Rather than being supported or helped, I felt like I had to /convince/ my parents and my doctors that something was wrong. It’s hard enough to admit to yourself you have a problem, but having to persuade others that you need help when you subconsciously think you don’t is nearly impossible.

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  18. I donated. Really enjoy the stories your readers are sharing.

    A classmate in high school took her own life. There was a dark cloud over the school for a while. I hope that no one I know will ever suffer enough to reach that point again…

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