WIAW: Since Whenever I Posted My Last WIAW

I feel like as bloggers we must think that our lives are so interesting all of the time.  That if we have down time, how the freak will you ever blog if your life is…dare I say it “normal”. 

Sometimes I wonder if as a blogger, people really think I live some exciting and always joyful life that I can plug an interesting life post everyday.  Or that I’m motivated to post everyday because my life is just that fabulous.

Well my life is fabulous but I must say, even when my blogging has been lacking. So with that I’ll just post some photos of my eats.  Not sure how recent they are and time stamping them won’t do anything for you or me.  I will tell you though what I’ve been enjoying since returning to eating by myself.

Actually that is a dirty lie,I have been eating a lot on the campus with people I’m working with.  I promise I’ll do a full internship post soon but why do one when I haven’t been there long enough to accurately judge.  Seeing as I haven’t done a WIAW in a few weeks is all I’ve eaten since last time…

I think I’m now in love with garlic pizza

The campus actually has a great salad bar

I went out to eat and had a goat cheese salad (the key to my heart)


Waffle topped with peanut butter


And who could hate on soft serve ice cream?!

Question for you:

What do you do to stay motivated to blog? 

What have you been eating lately? 


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  1. Your food looks tasty… especially the waffle. It looks like the make your own waffles in hotels which are my favorite thing to eat at a hotel hehe. That’s cool that you’re eating with your coworkers too. I try to stay motivated to blog but really a lot of people in real life are reading mine so that keeps me motivated, they want to stay up on what’s going on in my life since I moved, makes me happy that they care, lol.

  2. My husband and I just had some soft-serve last night…super refreshing. Goat cheese is amazing and I could eat it with anything. Main thing that motivates me to keep blogging is that it’s nice to be accountable adn keep track of my workouts and have the support from others that share the similar passion. We had lettuce wraps last night that were just as good as the P.F. Chang’s ones…my husband found the mix stuff at the market and made it up for us…so delicious but I had to eat 5 big ones because they’re not very fulling. Hope the internship is good…they can be hit or miss! I had 1 good one and 1 not so good one, lol.

  3. Mmm… icecream

    I actually said to a friend this morning that I love getting a negative comment just so I have something interesting to blog about haha

  4. I love all of the geometric qualities of your waffle and ice cream. Both pics make my eyes water if I stare at them for too long! The ice cream shot in particular looks really artistic though.

    Eh, I have no delusions of grandeur when it comes to my life. I just miss the social aspect of blogging when I don’t do it – I don’t have many people to talk to (or that I’d want to talk to) in ‘real’ life so a lot of my oh so insightful thoughts tend to periodically spill onto the screen. I do feel in a blogging ‘funk’ though – I wish I had more to give in terms of advice/training details etc. I’m just too ‘unorthodox’ in my approaches for that – wouldn’t want to be sued by any poor person following my advice 😛


    • LOL. I don’t know how that ice cream photo came out so well. I’m certainly proud of it though! I like your unortho approaches, it’s refreshing in a world of blogging that seems…run X miles today…X tomorrow…ect.

  5. I am actually bad at blogging on here as it was originally to keep sponsors informed, however since I have not been racing and been injured I don’t see a point so I am not motivated but I like reading others posts like yours and 10 others especially as I am hopefully going to the US next yr (if I can get injury sorted) so all people from the US that are running in XC and track really interests me… it sounds so different over there than to here in Australia!

    Oh what have I been eating lately… well as lack of endorphins from running I have been consuming a lot of chocolate! Also thai, pizza (crust), sushi, and more chocolate and jelly belly beans! I really should be watching though what I eat as it’s going to be that so much harder when I do finally get to run again yikes… ‘diet imminent’… 😀

  6. Hahaha my life is interesting, but I honestly wouldn’t like to share a lot of it on the blog. Working out is a pretty small part of my life so people don’t really know what my life is like at all!
    I wish our salad bar had edamame!! I’ve been eating a lot of wraps lately. I can’t get enough spicy mayo in my life.

  7. That soft serve looks good! I think most bloggers feel they need to update frequently. I have an awesome life, but that is to me. Other people probably think my life is boring since I don’t go out on a Friday often since it is long run Saturday or race day Saturday!
    There are alot of things I edit out, like with my family but that is really because I want to respect their privacy and just because I choose to publish my life online, doesn’t mean they want their images all over the world wide web too.

  8. I was lucky with sponsors at the time, now I have lost quite a few though as I haven’t been racing through injuries hopefully once I get back to training and working hard I will get some back (can only hope)… You’re awesome I am sure there’s heaps of people that would LOVE to sponsor you… I think I was just in the right places at the right time = lucky!!! 🙂 Well it’s either California or Florida, it’s a matter of getting dad to come too, I know sounds really uncool, but I need to look after him still and I’d hate to leave him here I would feel so selfish, so hopefully I can find a way by Jan or if not Jan by next August as it’s a dream of mine to study and train over there… 🙂

  9. You are so lucky to work in a place with great food and salad bar!

    Sometimes I have a hard time finding the time, motivation, and inspiration to blog. Those people that can whip out 3-4 posts a day always amaze me because I can sometimes barely do one or two a week!

  10. Edamame at a college salad bar? GIMME. Do they also have a soft serve ice cream machine? Seriously, I’m coming over. When I’m passionate about things, I want to blog about it. When I’m bored, I just can’t bring myself to blog.

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