Internship Rambles Part 2

 I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what I’ve been up to as far as my internship.  I promised I would give a blog post about it, so here I am.  Ha-first, I’m assimilating nicely into Oswego, NY.  It’s beautiful (most of the time) and located right on Lake Ontario.  I’ve snapped some seriously gorgeous sun rise and sunset photos as well as photos of the lovely smoke stacks that face my room.

Did I mention my window faces a powerplant?
Though this sunset was wicked!
And these deer that I am forever seeing on my runs!

So now that you know that much, my internship is going really well.Right now, I’m focusing on a big project of coordinating and helping promote the Suicide Prevention Walk (which is happening on the SUNY Oswego campus).  The purpose of this walk is to bring attention to suicide awareness as well as depression.  Last year during the 5k walk, they raised over 15,000 dollars!

On a side note,  if you would like to donate it would really mean a lot to me.  I will be seeing the full effect of this fundraising because it is going towards programs I am creating.  Everyone says they aren’t for harassing people for money, but I truly believe this is for a good cause and will harass everyone.  Plus as one of the primary promoters for this, that is PARTLY MY JOB! So anyways-I would love if you donated.  Love.  You can click here if you are interested!  

I know many bloggers (me included), humans, females, males, runners, models, we can all relate in some mode and at some point as feeling like an outsider.   Any donation to help this program would mean a lot.  If you would like to donate in memory of someone who has committed suicide, I can personally make a poster to hang up on the walk and then mail it to you.  Or if you would like to just remember someone, I can do that too.

After the walk, I will be helping to design a program to go implement into elementary, middle and high schools of educating students of how they can spot depression in their peers and how to help as well as resources they have if they are feeling that way. So currently, a lot of what I’m doing is in an office, which right now I quite enjoy.  I enjoy being in an office and interacting with my fellow coworkers.  Though it does make it harder to come back after work and want to still look at a computer screen.

So anyways-to sum it up, I’ve been working on this walk and will be for the next two weeks.  🙂

Question for you:

1.      Have you ever fundraised?

I was in girl scouts for a bit and I also fundraised by selling candy in high school for swimming.  I have never done anything to be sponsored for such a large scale event though.

2.      Do you like your job or being a student?  Do you think you’ll be more of an office or out and about person?