Cross Country Training Week 1

This concludes my first week of cross country training.  It honestly didn’t change a lot from my typical training but it was just more monitored.  This week was somewhat an awkward week for me.  I had my internship everyday from 8:30-4:30.  Meaning if I wanted to run-I was up and out the door by 6am.

From my half last weekend…just staying focused…

I spent most of the week also recovering from my half marathon last weekend.  All my runs except Wednesday’s tempo run were easy miles.  Running on hills is not easy around here but I tried to really cut the pace and just relax to make it easier.

Monday: AM: Recovery (from my half) 11.5 miles easy.
PM: p90x Arms  and Shoulders+Abs
Tuesday: AM: 8.6 mile easy recovery
PM: 5 miles easy recovery
Wednesday: AM: 8.6 Miles Easy with a few striders
PM: 5 Mile tempo at 6:57 pace
This tempo (though a lot slower then my flat ground tempos) was a very proud run for me and gave me some confidence which I desperately needed
Thursday AM: 8.6 Miles Easy with a few striders
PM: 5 mile Recovery
Friday: AM 9 mile easy with Striders
Warmup/cooldown/shakeout 10m
Sunday Long Run

Total: 90 miles

First, this was a productive training week for me.  I did extremely well in my cross country race and ended up being 2nd overall.  (more to come later this week).

Did I make my goal from last week of doing more lifting and core?  Well, technically I did more lifting as I lifted once.

more focused I suppose

Question for you: 

How were your workouts this week? 

What is something you are working on for next week (fitness or not)?