Injured Training Week 3

Being injured doesn’t get much better as the weeks go on.  You are still not doing the things you love but in all honesty, I know I’m healing so I’m just focusing on that.  Running now would still do more damage then it’s worth.

With that being said, I also traveled to my alma mater in even more Upstate then I am now (I know-it’s possible).  Moving on.

This week was pretty identical to last week.  I spent two hours on the Arc trainer every day.  Even with travel it was nice to be able to get my Arc trainer in.  I know it will maintain part of my base at least, however, much it stinks right now (which don’t worry-is a lot).

and this one too. At least I know I don’t have low bone density

I also added doing more corework (mostly in the form of p90x and it was hard!).  I used to be able to easily finish p90x and not be sore…now I’m sore again after not doing it for a couple months.  I m glad I decided to do that.

What is on my plan this week?

Not too much.  Probably keeping as a similar to this as possible until I’m not injured anymore.  My bone is healing as it should and my cyst will be gone by the end of this week (I hope).  I’d like to say this will be my last full week of not running but one can only hope.

Question for you:

What was your favorite workout week?

Have you ever stopped something and then felt the wrath of starting up again?

Guilty for corework right now.

Walk to SAVE Lives Recap

As you guys know, I was in charge of helping to promote the campus and community wide Suicide Prevention Walk.  In all honesty, it was one of the most rewarding projects I have EVER worked on and I can’t thank everyone enough for donating.  It really means a lot.  I raised close to 1600 dollars.   

1600 dollars.

As a whole and when the rest of the sponsor checks are calculated, we will be close to 25,000.  

We had over 450 people walk and I truly believe we touched the lives of over 1000 people.  1000 people.  Can you believe that because I certainly cannot.  I’m going to post a few photos of the Walk. 

I contacted the winner of the 100 dollar giveaway who asked to remain anonymous and thank you every one for entering and donating.  Once I have them made up, I’m going to be sending out personalized cards for everyone that donated. 

A few days before the WALK, all the coordinators in pink plus one of the sponsors a local Roller Derby team.
Some of my undergrad coworkers who came and helped 🙂
Before the walk
The Walkers beginning the actual walk! 450 coming!
After finishing clean up and 9 hours later…it’s nap time. YES I thought it would be funny to lay in the fetal position.

Question for you: What is one of your most proud accomplishments?

Injury Update=Stress Fracture

No point in beating around the bush today.

Did you know why I post two posts in one day, then it’s magic.  Or then it’s important. 

Either or.

I have a fifth metatarsal stress fracture.

You know that seems weird to me too considering I’m walking around like no big deal.  Considering I debated going for a run and if the doctor hadn’t called me-I probably would have.  How the fuu do you run on a stress fracture?

First and foremost, do not tell me there is something I could have done to prevent this.  If you read my blog then you know I am OVERLY cautious.  I did not run if I felt pain.  I physically got over 300% of my calcium.  I did everything humanly possible to stay injury free.

And I guess it worked for 9 months.

I cannot think of one thing that I did to promote getting a stress fracture.  I’m not saying that because I’m cocky, I knew exactly why every single one of my other injuries were caused.

Moving on, I’m completely miserable right now.  Completely and 100% miserable.  But I also haven’t been able to run in nearly 3 weeks (has it been that long?).  It is better to know then not know.  I would rather know and know I’ll heal eventually.

I’m not going to whine about it.  Well I probably will but not right now.  Life sucks, and I’ve come to realize that I’m bad luck Chuck. 

I don’t know where I’m going from here…I have an official doctors appointment on Saturday, I was just lucky enough for them to call me and let me know now.  Mostly because I harassed them. 

Moving Out of Depression

As  you guys know (I’ve been promoting all month), I’m helping to organize a Suicide and Depression Walk on the campus I’m interning.  I’m even having a giveaway about it. (I’m 123 dollars from reaching my goal!!)  Anyways-for the week leading up to this walk I wanted to know highlight blog entries regarding both topics. 

Late notice but if you are interested in writing (or have written) a blog about how you overcame depression or had a friend/family member lost to suicide you are more then welcome too.

My first blog entry is to highlight every person has experiences sadness or slight depression tendencies in their life.  You are not alone.  I was depressed (so much so that I talked a counselor a lot and also nearly dropped out of college) sophomore year.


Spring of Freshman year I started to have some medical problems.  I essentially had to change my entire lifestyle because of it. (I’m not going into details but it wasn’t an eating disorder or anything life threatening…just life changing…and no I wasn’t pregnant either)  I couldn’t go to college parties and drink, I couldn’t go to the dining hall without getting sick, even swimming made me sick (this was before I ran).

Long story short, over the summer I became very close with my parents.  They helped me through everything.  When it was time to go back to college in the fall, I couldn’t.  I went back for sophomore year in tears kicking and screaming the entire way.

I was going  to go back to college.  700 miles away. 

I told myself I would enjoy it, my (ex)boyfriend was there and I’d get to see him.  My friends, my swim team and friends were all there.  My new life was there.   I was even rooming with a teammate of mine.

But when my parents dropped me off and helped me move in…nothing changed and when I say I spent the first two weeks crying in my room…I did.  I am not exaggerating and probably left my room to eat (sometimes…other times I’d just cook in there), go to the gym and talk to a counselor.  My RA at the time took great notice to this and she really helped me.

Freshman year I was the life of campus, always happy, loud and obnoxious.  Sophomore year I had become drastically quiet and sticking to myself all the time.

She got me an appointment with health services saying that I needed a single room and to move in to another suite.  A suite with girls I had never met before (with social anxiety I was even more of a mess) but I took the plunge and I don’ EVER look back.  If I hadn’t changed suites and met these girls, I would not have finished my second year…or third…or fourth year of school, at least in NY. 

Jackie and I. She was such a gorgeous bride

They showed me so many different ways to have fun at school and took my mind of all my other problems and eventually It was something I could easily maintain (and still do).  I can honestly say, moving into that suite and into my own space to clear my mind was one of the best decisions I made and I remain close with those girls.  (I went to Jackie’s wedding this summer).

If you are interested in writing a topic dealing with suicide and depression, please email me at

Question for you:  Tell me about something you don’t regret.    

XC Invite 2 (19:47)

Obviously today is September 11th.  It is mentally challenging day to our Country.  I know a lot of bloggers like to talk about where they were and how they felt.  Although I did know a few people who were lost, and my father knows even more, I want to keep slightly on a more upbeat track.

Hmm.  Well cross country race number 2 I done in the books.  It’s hard to say it wasn’t my best because it was a PR in Cross country…however, I had to race it slightly injured. Judging from my road races, I should be a bit faster. I say slightly injured  because well I don’t have a serious injury-just some nagging pain. 

Moving on, the race was actually held at the school I’m interning at-making it super convenient.  I literally just had to walk about a mile to meet my team.

Moving on, I warmed up with my coach and I wasn’t feeling that great (cutting miles doesn’t work for me…without regards to injury) and so taking a plummet in miles for injury healage,-I knew my race was not going to feel great.

When we lined up in our respected boxes…it started pouring rain.  Honesty it was forecasted all day and the wind was showing that it would…so when it starting pouring at the start…I wasn’t shocked or surprised.

The first 1m, I was in third place.  Keeping up with some girls that will be nationally recognized this year (because they are so fast).  But alas, that pace was entirely too fast for me.  Though my first mile was a 6:05, the race conditions (ie pouring rain and super windy) made that pace really hard.  Plus cross country races.that makes that super hard to begin with.   Long story short, I needed to slow down.

From the first 100 meters, I was pretty boxed in

Mile two was a essentially circling a large field which I run in a lot.  By this point it was a large mud pit and I honestly looked for every excuse to mentally check out of this part of the race.  I ended up getting passed by a large pack of females somewhere in this time too.  It was mentally hard for me to handle.  With the wind, no spectators and being passed it was my least favorite part of the race.  (mile 2 was a 6:25 mile)

With mile 3, I just held on for dear life. There were a few rolling hills and I was dying.  I knew I was almost done  and I felt like death.   I just kept convincing myself I was almost done..for the entire mile.  (It worked somewhat).

I finished the race in 19:47.  I was outkicked in the final stretch by someone…which pretty much stinks because I got 11th…and top 10 got shirts.  Oh well, I’m not any more injured then starting the race and my coach thinks he has solved the problem (now to just do said things and hope that my heel feels better!).

Question for you:

  1. 1.       Do you like exercising in the rain?

I don’t mind it now.  In the winter (or 40 degrees) it stinks.  Freezing rain is MUCH different then warm rain.

  1. 2.       Have you ever ran injured?

Let’s not play games here, I know everyone that runs has run at least one run where they have felt some niggling pain.  I would love to take a week or two off but sadly, that isn’t really going to happen.

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