Memorial Scholarship 5k (19:03)

I like to type posts when they are fresh and hot off the press.   So I’m sitting here typing this as I’m on the way home..and posting it…a week later.  (no I don’t normally carry my laptop with me too races…I just came straight from random things and had it on me…).

I raced a local (sponsored by beer) 5k in Norfolk’s beautiful Botanical Gardens.  I actually was feeling pretty awful and was going to be happy with anything around 19:30.  I mean 19:30 was awesome for me at the beginning of the summer and now that is my settle pace?

Who am I?

I started off rather boxed in.  Everyone was flying and the course goes downhill a bit at first so it gave me a false sense of security.  But in all honestly, I felt terrible the entire race and it was mostly a blur.

Some high school boys started talking loudly as I passed them that this was only a training run for them (because it’s embarrassing when females pass you…duh).  I turned to them and said oh me too, I’ve already run 10 miles today so swallow that one.  I’ve got a pretty foul race mouth…oh I have no shame to egotistical high school males (or college males for that matter…or just meatheads). You see, now I’m focusing on getting miles in so I had already run 10 before this race.  (8 in the morning, 2 warmup).

Somehow, a lot of people missed a turn (that I didn’t) so I was finishing with people who were running quite  a bit slower then me.  When I finally picked up my head and saw the clock (not that I haven’t been using my GPS watch…first race ever to run with one) I noticed the clock was right around 19 minutes.  It was roughly 90 degrees, I had been training pretty hard the last couple of days and I felt like my body should (untapered…not fresh).

Got those crazy eyes.

I was shocked and crossed the finish line in 19:03.

My splits were:




Nice little positive split train I have rolling there.  As with most of my 5ks.

and who doesn’t love a good cool down beer.

Question for you: Do you positive or negative split races?

In a beautiful world with 80s hippie music, we would negative split every race.  But that doesn’t happen.  I have negative splitted 3 5k’s in my career.  I’m over it.

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  1. I wish I had your speed for even one mile, that is just amazing. I’m pretty sure I always positive split every race! I’m trying to work on that though and do some speedwork. Looks like you had a great time at the race, the pics are cool.

  2. I think I’ve negative splitted every single race I have ever run. But I am such a terrible and slow starter – think of Usain Bolt’s start versus his finish (and this is the one and only respect in which I can ever be compared to Usain Bolt…) and I’m not about to run a 5:xx mile for my first mile, so it’s not a fair comparison (I have NEVER run a 5:xx mile!)

    You kick ass regardless of your splits – and you are my hero for shutting up those mouthy boys.

  3. that is one badass first mile time, especially after a day of heavy morning mileage. I can barely pull out 8 minute miles in the afternoon….my body becomes a brick after lunch. Nice run, you really get to show what you’ve got on the days when you don’t feel well!

  4. Damn girl you got out fast!! I used to always negative split and I’m proud of it. But sometimes I would wonder what would happen if I was less conservative in the beginning and just went all out one day. Something I’d like to try!

    and I absolutely love what you said to those guys. 100 points for Hollie.

  5. bahahaha teenage boys…glad you put them in your place 😛 nice race on tired legs!!

  6. I usually negative split because I go out too conservative lolz. I love that you trash talk the boys and that you beat them after running 10 miles already. You’re my hero.

  7. I’m a 50/50-er. Way more likely to negative split in longer races and positive split in shorter races. I was thinking about this running the other day. I started out a 14 miler really fast (trying to get to the port-a-potty and thought, heck I’ll just crank until I die and putter out whatever’s left. I made it 12.5 of the 14 at a good pace before tanking. I’m sure it’s not idea in proper training circles but it was a great feeling run for me.

  8. Nice race! Looks like you are prepping to cross off your A goal 🙂
    I am not very experienced in the 5k, but it seems that the only way to race it is to go out HARD. Not a good way to start a marathon though. haha

  9. I swear you amaze me more and more with every race recap! And I’m kind of obsessed with the fact that you beat all the males and make it known too…girl power all the way

  10. your “settle pace” is ridiculous. I’m sure you’ve worked hard to get there. Enjoy every. single. second.

    Also, i’m a notorious positive splitter. I’ve stopped stressing over it, too. If you can turn in times like that AND positive split…who cares?! 😉

  11. Awesome job! Love that you admit to having a foul race mouth. Show those highschool boys who’s boss! 😉 Best of luck with your running!

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