Racing and Cross Training Shoes

I didn’t realize my shoe choices were so interesting.  Either way I thought I would talk about my racing and cross training shoes as well.  Incase you missed it last week, here are the shoes I train in.  Moving on…  First, I prefer the lightest possible shoes for racing.  I want to run fast.  No I don’t think I’ll ever run barefoot or in five finger shoes but these are all my jives.

I used to run all races in the Nike Waffle racer.

You can kind of see them here….

But it’s now an antique and sits on my shelf in my running shrine.  I’d buy 1000 more pairs if I could.  For me, those babies were magic.  (Can you tell I’m still bitter?)

But alas I’ve also found a few pairs that are good as well (which happen to be Nike as well).

The Nike lunar spiders are very light (5.4) ounces and I wear them for anything.  1 mile race.  Check.  Half marathon.  Check.  They are great shoes and if you are looking for a fast and speedy light weight shoe I highly recommend them.   There isn’t much to say because they have little support and do what they need to do.

Next up are my lunar spikes.  This is actually one of the only female shoes I own.  I actually prefer to run in male shoes because there are more choices and I have decently sized feet.  Anyways-my brother got these for me last year when I was going into cross country season and you wear spikes for that sort of thing.  Unless you run a lot of short trail races, I don’t think these are necessary.

The first race I ever ran in them…also the most muddy

Finally, my cross training shoe (the nike free).  This started as a running shoe but upon running a few miles in it, I realized it didn’t have enough support for the mileage I wanted to do in them.  The bottom of my foot would get so sore if I was running in them.  So now I just elliptical/walk the dog…whatever in them and they are fabulous for that.

Question for you: 

What type of shoes do you workout in?

Are they any shoes you wish they still sold? 

Turning Stone Half Marathon (1:33.50)

As I stated the other day, I decided to sign up for a half marathon on a whim.  Mostly because I wanted to get out of my town and had nothing else to do last weekend.  I had optimally decided that I would do it as a training run and there was no need to get my panties in a bunch if I was slower.   Which as far as timed half marathons go, this was pretty much one of my slowest ones. 

But this is also the only race I’ve ever had to stop and pee.  (more on that later).

So anyways, I heard a radio ad for the race on Saturday (that I could still sign up) so I thought…eh I’m crazy…why not.   So I drove the hour, signed up and then drove back so I could know where it is rather then getting lost at 6:00am.

Once I signed up, I realized, oh neato it’s at a Casino and we get some Casino vouchers (sadly I did not win!).

Race day morning, I drove back and quickly found the starting line.  I did no warm up and went when it was time to go.  The first mile, I think I got a little excited and took out too quickly (5:58!) and then took it from there.  I literally told myself “Hollie, do not race this.  You promised tempo…cross country is next weekend…race those…”

Don’t act like you aren’t surprised I talk to myself.

Moving along, by mile 3, I knew I was going to have to stop to pee.  I have never had that issue before but I was thinking “hmm, maybe my body does know we are not going all out”.  So when I saw a porta potty, I stopped and went.  A few dudes passed me, but I caught up around mile 7.  Only to have to pee again around mile 10.  The second time I was little bit frustrated, but I wasn’t all that worried.  This wasn’t going to make or break my race.

The last three miles felt like they were taking forever, but I noticed around mile 11 that they had my favorite gas station (and coffee) and I would come back afterwords (I did).  It was the motivation I needed to take me through the final push.

We met up with the 10kers around mile 12 and they were really supportive.  Some ladies told me my spandex was sweet!  (I forget if I’ve posted a photo of these…they are close to being ass out class out.  New balance briefs are  shorter then nike spandex but these are not even bikini cut collegiate racers).  Anyways.

Since it is quite difficult to spot on match a loop course in distance (what you didn’t know roads were originally created to make perfect half marathon and marathon loops?), this half marathon ended up being 13.3.  People complain it’s too long or whatever, but all hell would be raised (or the entire fact would be ignored and insta PR) if it was too short.  I think it’s impossible to match a course to .01, and it doesn’t bother me either way.

I finished the 13.3 in 1:33.50 or 7:03 pace.  Subtracting the bathroom breaks would be losing 65 seconds…but I pee all the time in training runs and the watch doesn’t stop.

I was second woman overall.  I overheard a lady saying when I accepted my award(and this made my day) that I looked like a model!  (I know that probably makes me look like a shallow whatever but it made my day).

Question for you:

Do you ever do training race runs? 

I don’t do them often, but I am really trying to network being in a new area.

Have you ever been to a casino? 


Last week, I also had a fun aspect of my internship.  We went hiking!  As I said on Saturday, not every part of health is about fitness BUT a portion is.  Being stuck in an office everyday is even worse. 

Part of my internship (maybe ¼) is focused on helping people become healthier.   Not necessarily lose weight, but lead healthier lives.  Maybe they are done competing in their sport and have never been to the gym by themselves…maybe they want to lose weight.  Maybe they just want to learn a bit more about nutrition and want a peer who is knowledgeable (hey that’s me) to chat about it with. 


Whatever floats their boat, I am that person to chat with.


Anyways the undergraduates and I went on a hike.  It was a lot of fun and I really proud of them for making it up and down that mountain to the water falls.  Some had not worked out or been to the gym in months and to hike a 500 foot climb was incredible. 


I hadn’t been hiking in a couple of years personally but I did quite enjoy it!

Question for you:  Do you like hiking? 

Hill Training Week 1

Wow what a whirlwind of training this has been this week.  Actually, just a whirlwind week.  I have gone from running no hills to too many hills.  (though I guess there are never really too many hills).  Anyways, I really just didn’t have energy for speedwork or weight training.  I really know I need to start weight training again before I injury myself from focusing solely on running.

So let’s get down to the knitty gritty of training.  If I post it, then I can give myself a clear view of what I need to work on.

Monday:  (18.35) AM: 14.25 miles On flat ground.
2 miles warmup

4 miles at 7-7:30 pace

5 miles with dad at 9:00 pace

2 miles cooldown

PM:  4.1 miles shakeout around town from my new living space
Tuesday: 10.75 AM: 10.75, beginning my running on hills
Wednesday: (14.15) AM: 8.4 hills
PM: 5.75 attempts of a tempo run (7:00) pace but my body was tired due to change in terrain.
Thursday:  (11.3) AM: Around Town Shakeout
Friday:  (13.5) AM: 8.5 mile shakeout
PM: 5 mile shakekout after hiking
Saturday: (11) AM: 11 mile easy
Sunday: AM: Half Marathon (Yeah I’ll recap that…I literally signed up for it yesterday for something to do)


Total: 95 miles

So looking back at my training this way, I physically remember telling myself every night that I was going to go strength train but then saying…uh nahh…maybe tomorrow.  I haven’t been to the gym to strength train in a FEW WEEKS and I know this is a major component of getting injured.  So I’m hoping next week, I’ll have the time and energy.

Also next week is my first cross country race.  I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’ve got so many emotions going into this one race.  I haven’t raced the course since my very first cross country race because I was injured last year.  Can you believe my blog is two years old, just rereading my first cross country race makes me happy I found running.

Questions for you:

Have you been motivated lately? 

What is one aspect of your fitness you feel you could work on? 

Internship and Health Rambles

So I’m sure people are tired of hearing of me talking about being in the real world via twitter, instagram…whatever….sorry but it’s a big step in my life.  So you will continue hearing about it.  This post is a bit of a bitch fit and also a bit of an explanation of what public health is. Though I must say, I will be talking about my internship on my blog but I will not be posting huge details about every little thing I do or work on. 

First, that isn’t professional.  Second, when I get off from my internship daily my mind needs a break.  I will be posting (as requested) outfits I wear occasionally, big projects I’m working on, about friends I meet…you know ect.  It will not become the focus of this blog.  The focus of this blog is my journey of running.

So I guess I’ll explain my internship a bit to ya’ll.  I am a public health major and have more of a focus in promoting healthy habits/concepts.  I want to work on a college campus promoting wellness campaigns.

Uhh WTF does that even mean?

Although helping people losing weight and being a personal trainer sounds fun…that isn’t what I’m doing.  I have a very strong basis in nutrition (I’ve taken quite a few classes in it for the health major) I don’t want to limit myself to be a nutritionist.  HEALTH IS MORE THEN THAT!

So please-when you say you are educated in health…reading healthy living blogs does not qualify you.

I digress.

This fall, I’ll be working on a few programs ranging from suicide prevention, to peer education (regarding a broad array of topics), to promoting a smoke free campus, to promoting safe sex.  Every part of health you can think of.

Here are some things that the term public health can and does cover:

Health is wearing a helmet on a bike.

Health is making good food choices most of the time.

Health is taking care of you before taking care of someone else.

Health is striving not to smoke.

Health is being balanced.

Health is exercising regularly.

Health is maintain healthy habits and admitting that no one person is perfect.

So while I’m working in public health, it’s fair to say my primary task is not helping others lose weight.  The term health(believe it or not) refers to many other things besides calorie counting and how much exercise can you do daily.

*This is not meant to take a stab at anyone, it is just merely an observation and I’m tying it back to my internship.


Question for you:  What does health mean to you? 

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