Police Foundation Cross Country 5k Recap (20:21)

Boy is that title a mouthful?  I gave up trying to shorten it…

I decided to do this cross country 5k race on a whim (Saturday June 30).  I had never run on this course before, but I know it’s pretty big course in our area…so why not?  I’m also training for cross country races so not doing it would be silly.  So I woke up at 6am and headed to the race.  Dad was away on business so I personally have to navigate over there solo (isn’t that scary…I get lost everytime I drive somewhere new).

But I made it with an hour to spare.  I went and signed up for the race and then went on a 30 minute warmup.  Do you know why I went on a 30 minute warmup?

Because none of my friends were there and I had an hour to kill.  That and I know I race better with longer warmups.  So warmup I went.  I knew my legs were a big sluggish but it happens.

I got back to the starting line with about 15 minutes to spare and kinda shot the breeze with some people (finally friends!).  Then we were off.  I was advised to wear my spikes, but I never realized what an actual cross country course it was. I figured it was dirt trails and that was that.  Oh no-it was a serious cross country course with hills and uneven terrain..all that jazz.  I felt like last September/October back in college…oh wait…it has hosted college races!

I started out somewhere between 15-20th place.  I could see the entire field infront of me were relatively young males.  High school boys.  (oh goodie…).  So I started picking them off…one by one…by one…by one…

Hey look…I’m a serious runner…

Around mile 2, it became super hot but we were in a field.  I just kinda trecked along.  I got into a pace that was comfortable.  Probably too comfortable.  We looped around the spectators (which was motivating) and finished the last .5 of the mile up and around a hill.

The last .5 seemed pretty long but maybe it was because I was tired and it was hot and humid.  I powered through the last .1 per usual and finished the race in 20:21 and 7th overall.

I was hoping to be a bit faster since my goal time for collegiate is 18:35 for 5k.  The heat isn’t really something to take lightly and I also have had a very productive training week which also played a roll.

I did manage to get first female overall, and they gave a medal.  The man said “I don’t know how you run so fast with such a big head”  Joking (I think) as the medal wouldn’t go over my pony tail.

Question for you:  Do you like running on trails, uncleared grass, track, road, treadmill, trampolines, pools…

I’m learning to love running on uncleared grass and try and do at least 2-3 runs weekly on it to prepare for cross country.

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  1. Great time! I love that first picture of you from the race! Even with the heat – I think that is a fabulous time. Medals are always fun, too!

  2. Trails are my favorite. There’s a ~5 mile out-and-back trail near my house that I go to often that’s almost perfectly flat and soft the entire way. It’s wonderful for easy runs.

  3. wooo congrats! the heat is no joke, that + your’e kind of training through these races, so obviously I wouldn’t expect an 18 some 5k at this stage of the game! But it looks like you had fun picking off the boys and 1st female’s not too shabby 😀 I love doing “cross-country” races of the dirt trail variety haha! I’ve never done one on a legit course before though!

  4. You’re gonna get that 18:35, I know it. Gosh reading this and all your other race recaps gets me so excited to get back out there. Not to mention you look epic in your race photos. I don’t particularly enjoy doing my training runs on the grass… but I guess that’s because I’ve been doing that so often while I’m injured. Plus my trainers feel so heavy in the grass. I don’t mind it so much when I’m wearing spikes though since they’re light.

  5. Haha that’s funny about what the organizer said when you got the award! I’m glad you did so well though despite the heat.

  6. Congrats! I know you’ll get that 18:35. Heat is just something that is important to take into account!

  7. You officially have the best race photos ever. I love running on trails, but I don’t get to a lot. Which is weird because I tend to do trail races.. Shwoops. Great job in the heat!

  8. WOW you are fast! Amazing…especially with the heat

  9. Hahahah. That’s such an odd comment! But congrats on your race! Thats so awesome!!

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