Because July is the Best Month Ever

July is my absolute favorite month of the year.  I love summer.  I love that it’s my birthday.  I love just the general month and festivities.  Minus last year when it was the worst month of the year and I was slightly depressed.

21st birthday amusement with my youngest brother Steven.

But hey now-you get a stress fracture on your 21st birthday and tell me how it affects you.

Okay no more of that crap because it’s in the past…what is going in July for me this month?  I plan to continue my running training and integrate some more speed workouts.  I’m not really sure where my  miles will go…on one hand I can keep easy and long miles up.  Meaning 75+ and continue my base.  This is “optimal” because it would keep my base high and the only speed workouts I would do would be racing.  Which in my mind is the most fun.

On the other hand, I could cut my miles to around 65 and incorporate speed.  My body has never done continuously speed workouts before so who knows what could come from that.  Dropping miles would be beneficial in that I’ll stay “fresh” but I’m comfortable at my base right now as well and don’t have any primary goals of PRing summer races.  (It would be nice but that isn’t the intent!)

Needless to say.  Staying injury free is still the primary goal.

As far as traveling and races:

July 4th Independence Day 5k

Hey look this is from last July 4th. I remember I hated that race and I don’t hate too many. Mostly because those fires made it so hard to breath and it was hot.

July 8th: 3k Open Water Swim

July  14: Stevie Nicks Concert (ie lead singer of the band Fleetwood Mac Band). I’m more than jazzed for this one.

July 21st: Allen Stone Run Swim Run (let’s hope it doesn’t end like last year)

*I’ll also be doing the Summer Series Races…because they are fun and it will be 100 degrees while running…

Besides that I’ll just be working.  Far less traveling then June (which I’m okay with).  I need to make the dollars so I can afford peanut flour in the winter time. 

Questions for you:  What are you doing in July-let’s chat. 

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  1. yeah for racing! sounds like you’ve got a good mix of the swimming and running, and I like how you have that flexibility to decide your training. I think experimenting with some speedwork could be fun! But then again keeping up a solid base for your XC season is important too cuz you’ll probs be doin speed once you get back with the team…either way you probably can’t go too wrong though!

  2. I vote for the speed work! I’m pretty sure you run way more than I do, but I gotta tell ya, the last 3 weeks of speed work have done wonders for me. I started seeing results in week one. Go with it and see where it takes you. (oh, and heyyy. my first time here. xo)

  3. stevie nicks concert?! that’s awesome! your july sounds pretty fun-filled. I’ve been traveling back and forth between school and home this June, so I’m looking forward to just staying up at school for July–taking classes, workings, and continuing to train for my upcoming triathlon

  4. First of all, you look amazing in both pictures! I’m jealous of your tan & amazing legs.
    My July is pretty awesome – I’m going to Las Vegas with my BFFs, going to the beach with the family, squeezing in some work, running & training for a half & the Hood to Coast, & hopefully enjoying nice weather. Summer typically starts in Seattle righ after the 4th. 😉

  5. This july is going to be 100x better for you than last year!! You’re gonna kill these races even if the weather is pretty disgusting. I’ve got the color run (but really walk) to look forward to at least!

  6. You have a lot going on this month but at least it’s fun stuff. And hopefully no stress fractures, I do agree that would make for a crummy July or any month for that matter. Good luck incorporating speedwork if you do that, it is super tough but probably worth it. I just started back so hopefully I’ll find out soon if my efforts are paying off *crosses fingers*

  7. Happy Bday! I love Birthday Months!
    My July is just on the grind. Started the next 10 week training block this week, and I am coming down with a cold! I have a few XC races, and handicaps thrown in there. Then August is when the 5k training picks up…

  8. I AM SO EXCITED for your july this year!!!! I remember these posts from last year (when you found out you had the stress fracture) and saying that one-year from now you will be back on TOP of your game! you are going to crush your fall races! just keep running 🙂

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