Training: Humidity and Heat=Short and Sweet

If I rhyme in the title, I get bonus internet kewl (not cool) points. 

To be point blank the heat and humidity cock blocked any sort of speed workout I had planned this week and I’m not thrilled about it.  Of course, I would love to feel some sort of speedyness but as is not the case.  Oh well, all miles are better then injured miles and I’m not here to complain.

Dad and I last weekend.

So with that, 84 miles of easy.  That seems like a lot (which it is, but my body feels fine because I haven’t done any speed sessions).   I’ll take each and every one of these miles versus being injured.  Some weeks are better then others and I had an extremely productive training week two weeks ago which led to my PR so this one can be chalked up to mostly recovery and mostly heat sucks.

This is the part of the post where I tell you that your training is based on consistency.  No one workout or week is going to make or break you (unless you get injured).  An easier week is never going to ruin any race. 


Next week I am going on travel to New York City and doing an open water swim with my relatives and then driving back home and doing another open water swim the following day.  I don’t make these things up.  Then that puts an official wrap on my summer swimming.  I may get in the pool, I may not…who knows…not me.

As far as running, I like to travel and find places with hills.  Since I’m currently training in a heat box with close to one hill in my entire area. When I find places with rolling hills, it excites me.  Maybe I’ll even try and get a speed workout in next week granted the weather is up for it.  🙂

Well looks like this post is short and sweet like my attention span, but who likes long wordy training posts anyways.

Questions for you: 

How was your work week?

What do you do when the weather isn’t cooperating for workouts? 

How I Pretend to Stay Injury Free

I was asked to do a post on how to stay injury free and honestly at first, I was a bit hesitant to  write this.  Though I’ve been injury free for about 6 months now, I don’t really have the greatest track record at all.  Sometimes I don’t even follow my own advice.  (That is just real talk here).  But here are some things I’ve been doing to stay injury free.  

But first an overused picture of one of my multiple injuries that occurred on my 21st birthday

First and foremost, if I feel any sort of niggle or weird pain…I have learned to stop running.  I kind of follow this rough outline:

 First, I cut out any sort of speed workouts and cut my miles.  Second, if it doesn’t go away within a day or two, I don’t run for two days.  Stress fractures don’t come about overnight and feeling something weird and not running for a few days is MUCH BETTER than not running for 3 months.  Trust me-I know. 


Stretching is good…I don’t do enough of it.

Foam rolling and message sticking…also good and also what I don’t do enough of.  I am really trying to push myself to do this when I’m not lazy.

Running on softer surfaces and not just because I’m training for cross country races.  Pavement is not always good for your body (if you are running a lot of miles).  I say the more you can run on grass, the better.  Trust me, I also know it takes a lot of getting used too.  I love running on pavement as well.

Though I don’t advise running on sand…that is painful stuff.

Replace your shoes.  Don’t try and save money by getting too many miles on them.  It costs a hell of a lot of money from your insurance or out of pocket to get 3 X-rays and 2 MRI’s.  With replacing your shoes, running with different shoes.   Running in different types of shoes (granted they all work for YOUR SPECIAL running form, is great to keep your legs not used to one routine.

Miss these guys. Favorite shoes ever.

The most important (to me anyways) is that you are not racing anyone in your training so stop that.  Stop pushing the pace to recover.  It’s unnecessary.  Run your easy runs at a slower then normal pace because you are doing yourself any good by running your easy runs faster.  In fact, you are saying “hey body, let’s get injured today”.  I would know.  It’s the main reason I got a stress fracture (and ripped It band…all in one swipe).

So yes-that is my two cents.

Question for you:  How do you stay injury free? 

Allen Stone Race Recap

I don’t even know where to begin with race.  I keep trying to create a starting point but so many different things flood my mind.  Ha. So I guess I’ll start with, I finished and was second female overall, I ran an 18:57 PR in the final 5 and I’m still…uninjured.

That pretty much summarizes it, but I guess I’ll get into details too (if you are into that.).  

The race began at 8:10 am.  I got in a 2.3 mile (running) warmup and was ready to go.  It was very stormy skies and I was hoping the weather would hold until after our race.  How much would it stink to taper for a race and then it’s cancelled/postponed?  Your taper is messed up and well…your mojo falls flat.

As was not the case (obviously).

The first 1k was on the beach and due to all the rain the sand was very soft.  It was not compact and my feet were sinking…I was tripping over bumbling bafoons that should have started in the back but it’s not a big deal (well there were no chips for the 1k run or the 1k swim).  All I could think about in this 1k run on the beach was the ocean swells.

I deserved that for wearing a two piece.

But then it was ocean time.  In I went.  The waves were nuts and my goggles came off a few times I got kicked in the face multiple times and I swear nearly desuited…silly (creeper) waves.  But alas that is what I get for wearing a two piece.  The swim took me 25 minutes to do a 1k.  I did an open water mile swim in 22 a few weeks ago.  My (1000yd) pool PR is in the 11 minute range.

So you know those waves and rip currents and waves were nuts.  When I rounded the buoy to come in, I got hit by a rather large wave that knocked my goggles off completely.  I was preying my contacts didn’t come out. Thank goodness they didn’t.

wahhh waves.

And into the transition area I went.  A very fast runner from my area (who ran the 5k) told me I was 6th female overall.  And then my flame was ignited.  I quickly put on my running clothes, (well my shoes and a shirt with my bib…oopsies no pants…It was like running in booty hugger spandex).

you know…running…

Then set out for the 5k on the boardwalk.  I was actually quite terrified to run this because well, this is where my injury had occurred last year.  Mile one I felt very strong and I passed two females.

Mile 1-2was at the turn around point.  First, I passed the place I had collapsed last year.  I can honestly say I had a bit of a miniflashback.  I don’t know why and it seems silly now and possibly overdramatic but my mind quickly remembered just laying there and whaling.  I put it out of mind and literally said to myselfFTS.  As I rounded the turn around, I also passed another female putting me 3rd.

I had seen the second place female but had put passing her out of my mind that she was at least 2 minutes in front of me. Around that time I saw the most inspirational female runners in my area Kris L and Renee cooling down, who cheered for me!  I was like oh my stars, could I be anymore socially awkward. 

Running back towards the starting line, I began to tunnel vision because I could see the female in front of me and the finish line.  (I think I was also chanting the final countdown in my mind) NEVER have I pushed so hard in my life.  I don’t Garmin during races (I just started training runs with her so maybe eventually) but I know I had to negative split that last mile.  When I was a quarter of a mile out I pushed as hard as humanly possible and just kept going.

Finishing second overall and finishing the 5k portion in 18:57.

w00t for another beer mug….


Sure I would have loved a win, but I love being a sub 19 minute 5ker more.

Question for you:

What is your most memoriable race? 

Do you have any inspirational runners in your area? 

Taper(ish) Week

Everytime I feel like I type a training blog, it seems like I typed last weeks…yesterday.  Does that even make sense?  I don’t know.  I added some photos from yesterdays race so I wouldn’t be too boring.

So with that, here are this weeks training musingsAs most of you know, I cut my miles to 50 (from 84 last week).  It was very hard for me.  I love running (bahaha!).  But I knew it would be good in the long run (like that pun) so I did it.

It also worked out because I ran my fastest 5k yesterday (18:57).  Don’t get your panties in a bunch I’ll post a recap soon. 


With cutting my miles, I also added speed workouts.  Something my body doesn’t do too often.

So besides these three fast runs, everything else was easy. 

Monday: 2X3.1 mile at 10k pace (20:00).  The first 5k was done on trails and the second was done on a combination of trails and cement.  The workout went really well and I was very happy with it.

Wednesday: 2 miles at goal pace of 6:05.  This particular workout was a bit harder and I was struggling somewhat.  The problem was that the heat index was 104.  You can’t control weather (unforntately).

Saturday: What I had tapered for, The Allen Stone Run Swim Run.  I ran the last 5k in 18:57. So apparently taper works for me this time.  😉

And like I said-the rest of the miles were easy and nothing too exciting going on.  


I am now entering a new training cycle.  My next serious races will be cross country.  I’ll be doing some fun races here and there, but nothing I’m tapering for and nothing too serious.  My goal for the next month is to put in lots of quality miles.

It’s also to swim whenever I feel like it, as like the rest of the summer not to put pressure on myself about it.  If I feel like swimming, I will.  If I don’t feel like swimming…then I won’t.  I have two swim races in early August but I won’t get upset either way with how I do.  Funzies.

One thing I need to be doing actually, is more strength work.  I think that is pretty common with runners, you run a lot of miles and you get too lazy to do strength work because you are too tired.  Sadly, with strength work a lot of injuries could be prevented.  So I’m going to have to continuously remind myself to work strengthen my core and legs to keep them happy and injury free.

Question for you:

1.       Do you do strength work?

2.       How was your weekend? 

84 Miles=Happy Hollie

Ah yes, the weekly training blog.  This week was a very high mileage week for me and in fact, my highest lifetime mileage week. The temperature just really jived with my running and I was able to wake up early and get my miles done.  So in short, everything clicked. 

Running: 84 miles

Swimming: 7000 meters

I’ll start with running. Most of my runs have been relatively easy with a few striders here and there.  My only moderate (tempo) run was at our local summer series race on Tuesday night.  It is a legit “race” but it’s more a fun type of thing.  No one goes there to race and elbow bitches out of the way because it’s so hot and that isn’t the atmosphere  Most people go for a tempo type fun run.  It’s just fun.  I ran 3.4 miles at a 7 minute pace.

My other fast workout was some speed I did on Friday I was originally supposed to have 3X1 miles but my body could not handle that.  I changed it to 12X400s at the same pace but having that extra rest allowed me to make my target times.

Was it frustrating?

Yes, a little bit but I have to remember where I’m coming from (last year and my stress fracture).  The pace I was running this year would be a dream for me last year.  I am improving by a lot and keeping that in mind kept me going.

On to swimming…I swam twice.  Once I did 3k and once I did 4k.  Easy and mindless to keep weight off my legs.   I enjoy my pool time because it gives me some personal time to just relax and get some cross training in.


Moving on to next week:

Next week is a taper week for me.  I’m very excited and it’s my biggest race of the summer!    The year before last year (2010) I won, last year I stress fractured-so I would like to win again.  😉  This particular race is a 1k run on the beach, followed by a 1k swim back in the ocean, then getting out and running a 5k on the boardwalk.

2 years ago

The boardwalk is hard and concrete and obviously the most type of stress you can put on your legs.  This year, I’m much more ready though.

Last year being supported so I could even stand.


Running wise this week, I’ll probably get about 40 miles in next week and swimming another 7000 meters.  My running will be quicker.

I will hopefully do a tempo run (around 6:30 pace) on Monday followed by Speed on Wednesday and take Thursday off.

So yes, an easy dropping off week to me.  This will allow my muscles to repair a bit and also prepare me for a (hopefully) fantastic race on Saturday. 

Question for you:

1.       What do you do when you struggle with workouts?

2.       What are your workout plans this week?  Any races? 

3. Do you enjoy tapering?  

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