Jack King 1 Mile Recap

Okay so on Sunday I did my first open water swim of the season.  I tentatively plan to do a 1m, 2m, 3k and 5k race this summer.  PR in these sort of things?  No, but they are fun.  Anyways with that being said,  today was still a lot of fun.  I love being a state of mind that I enjoy swimming and it doesn’t have to be fast. 

Plus, open water swims are always so much more fun because they start so much later.  10am race start?  YES please.  This year was also the first year my brother Matt, decided to do an open water swim with Dad and I.  He was nervous but did awesome.

fabulous…I know…

We got to the race a little over an hour before the start.  Just in time to meet Courtney (who it was her first open water swim as well and she did awesome.).

We chatted for a bit and just kind of hung out with her fiancée (one of the top runners in my area…and who took the majority of photos-THANKS JUSTIN!), relaxing and taking in the sun.  Then they called us for a safety meeting.  There seemed to be a lot more people here then I remember but who doesn’t love open water swimming.

This particular race is also different because it’s an in water start.  You don’t have to clumsily run into the ocean tripping and falling…I get to do that when I get out.

After they sounded the airhorn, we were off.  I pretty much zoned out the entire time.  I was literally in my own world for the entire 23 minutes.  Swimming is different (for me) from running in that I’m never really in pain when I swim.  I just zone out and when I see the next buoy I decided to speed up.

Which is what I did…I sped up when I saw the only other buoy and realized I was almost done.   I hit a couple of rough waves the last couple of minutes but it nothing to make me drown (salt water in my throat…yes…but not drown).

I swam until my fingers hit the bottom then ran out to the finish.  Erg…frolicked apparently.

oh hey!

Just so you think I finished on a serious note…

I wish I had more to recap on…but swimming in the ocean you stare at the bottom (which you can’t see) and are stuck in your own thoughts.  I have done this race for 6 years I believe and have been first overall (for females) been under 20 minutes, been over 30 minutes so I’ve seen the only spectrum.  I do always enjoy it though and spending time with my friends and family…swimming is so much better on your personal time.

My dad posted his fastest time ever for this race (and he has been doing it 10+ years) and my brother debuted in 27:0X.  For a mile swimming in the ocean?  That is seriously awesome.

all done

Question for you:  Where is your favorite place to swim (recreationally or competitively?)

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  1. Wow that’s so awesome!! I love your suit! I’m kinda terrified by open water swims, I haven’t been able to do an triathlon yet- only duathlons with no swimming lol! I did swim competitively growing up so I hope I can get over that soon haha! Nice job 🙂

  2. Wow an open swim is definitely one of my goals. for some reason swimming is my weakness, I get so nervous in the water and just don’t have great form. wasted all those years of swim team I guess!

  3. I love all your pictures! It looks like a really fun race. I can’t wait to do an open water swim soon. 🙂 There is not exactly a ton of open water in the desert here so I don’t practice in open water unless I feel like driving over an hour!

  4. Congratulations :). I don’t really swim that much at all but I do like to go to the river sometimes and of course swimming in my in-laws’ pool.

  5. aaah this sounds like so much fun!! I feel like open water swimming would be so much more fun than lap swimming….I’m trying to learn how to swim haha I’m sure my technique is just fantastic 😛

  6. YAY for open water!!! the trials are making me pumped up about swimming!
    congrats on another win 🙂 this race needs to give you a princess crown for 6 consecutive wins!!
    I hope you’ve been having a great week!

    1. LOL! No-I def didn’t win this year…I should have better stated that, I have won in previous years and have also lost…I have gone the whole range with this race. 😉

  7. Awesome work! That looks like so much fun, but I’m not sure I could do the open water thing. It kinda freaks me out a little! 😉

  8. Bah! You are my swimming idol!
    You can swim a mile in practically HALF the time I can! I think its safe to say I’m either doing things wrong, or I suck, haha.
    FANTASTIC swimmer and runner, geez, I’m turning green(with envy) over here:).
    Seriously , congratulations!

  9. I cannot imagine swimming a mile that fast! I think my fastest is in the high 40’s and that was in a calm pool. Nice work!!

  10. I want to go to the beach! The beach is the best, but I haven’t been (or swimming at all, for that matter!) in a year. Your family definitely takes beach-going to a whole new level of intense! 🙂 And yeeeesssssssss, let’s please just share wardrobes, I’m *all* for it. If only you went to Harvard/school in Boston and could be my roomie…

  11. Great blog and lovely pictures. Swimming is great exercise to lose weight as it helps in burning fat and regulates metabolism. Swimming makes heart and lungs strong and great to deal with muscular and joint problems.

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