Happy Birthday to My Mom

No humorous musings from me today as I need to save all my energy for celebrating my fabulous mom’s birthday.   That and I need to go to Coldstone and pick up a cake (because let’s be honest here…I couldn’t bake one even if I tried).


Heres an oldie but goodie of us from high school prom.

Question for you:  How do you celebrate birthdays?  Do you bake cakes?  (Can you give me a good but easy recipe? I know-asking a lot here) 

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  1. Happy birthday to her! I am a boxed type baker, I am more into decorating so I love to decorate it but rarely like baking. I am such a cooker not a baker.

  2. I use the cake mixes from the boxes, they are easy to make and are really tasty! Hope that helps and I hope your mom has a lovely bday. 🙂

  3. Moms are the best! And my best advice for baking a cake is go to the baking aisle, grab a Betty Crocker box and follow the directions on the back. I can cook like a fiend, but that’s about all the mad baking skills I have!

  4. I do NOT bake. Ever. I’m all about the ice cream cakes (purchased from the store of course :)). HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful mother!

  5. Ahhh happy birthday to your mama! I think I need to meet her and talk Bitty Babies all day. Seriously, I’d be in 10 year old Nikki heaven. And give me some of that coldstone cake.

  6. happy birthday to your momma!!

    i love celebrating birthdays by taking whoever’s birthday it is out to do something fun (pedicures, massages, getting froyo, etc.) or just baking them something sweet!

  7. Umm…. Our mom’s have the same birthday! Twinnies! hahaha

    I totally bake cakes… but in mom’s case, I am going to Fredericton for team training saturday so I am going to head to the town market after to visit her favorite cheesecake place for a little something something for her!

  8. Coldstone Cakes are better than the baked kind, anyway! I hope y’all had fun. 🙂 I am rarely home for any birthdays, so I don’t celebrate them that much…boooo!

  9. I think I may be the only one that noticed the dog in the window. Hahahaha I love that. Happy birthday to your mamaaa.

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