Training Week with My First Speed Workout

Training bo baining, fe fye fofaining…training.

Seemed appropriate….This week of training isn’t exactly what I would have liked but life had me busy again and life>training.   I also wish I had some interesting pictures from a race or something but alas, I don’t.  (Lame).

I’ll use this recycled photo of my “prerunning days” when the gym was closed and I wanted to be active on Thanksgiving. I did that 10k in 71 minutes with dad.

Monday: 10 mile run in my neighborhood.  The infamous Tim came to visit this week, so the pace was moving a bit more then I would do solo (but not too much because he raced a rigorous trail 13-14 trail race the day before…so I could at least keep up).


AM: 10 mile bonus round in a flat state park.  I actually felt worse from my 5k on Tuesday then today but managed to take it slow.  I actually rolled my ankle during this run and was icing like it was my job.

PM: P90X Shoulders and Arms workout and ab ripper X.  I’m really focusing on cross training here.

Keeping it casual swimming..those are taper tights FYI (I don’t have a leg disease)

Wednesday: 12 miles easy, I had planned something else but I ran out of time or energy so just did a long slow easy run.


        AM: 5.5 mile easy run

PM: My first ever track workout.  3X1 mile (and 2 more, 1 to warmup and 1 to cooldown).  It went really well and I cannot be more thrilled!


AM: 5.5 Easy run

Insert 6 hours of driving here. 

PM: Easy 5 miles of shakeout.  When I got to Pennsylvania, it was quite hilly.  It was good for me, and instead of 8:00 min pace on pancake roads, it was 8:48 on hills.  No big deal.

Saturday: Easy 10 mile run in PA.  It was once again on hills.  It was a start to the morning because it was such low humidity.

Sunday: Easy 10 mile run in PA.  About the same as yesterday.  The important part of adding speed into my new plan is to make sure the rest are easy.  Injury free=happy Hollie.

Total: 73 miles and 1 p90x workout

I would have loved to do more cross training but traveling got the best of me.  No big deal though because this was the last weekend I’ll be traveling-so my workouts won’t be so scattered and be more routine.

Goals for next week:

1 speed workout/1 possible race (I haven’t decided).

Also an open water swim, so I should probably get in the pool sometime this week.  **I do these open water swims to finish, not to place.  Placing in swimming is something that used to be important to me…but not anymore.  🙂

As you read this, I’m probably driving the 10 hours home.  Lamezies because we all know how much I love driving…about as much as I like biking.

This is what I look like when I drive and had short hair…wow that was a while ago…apparently old photos on the blog today.

Question for you:  How were your workouts this week?  What do you have planned next week? 


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  1. Your mile repeat workout was amazingly fast. I want to do that workout with you and try to keep up 🙂 Pennsylvania is SO hilly!

  2. yayyy so glad your 1st speed workout went well! mile reps are probably my fave interval distance, and 1000m reps suck. And yay for pennsylvania hills…having lived here my whole life and gone to college in virginia, there’s definitely a bit of a difference haha.

  3. Great job with the speed workout! I also had my first speed sesh this week. It was eh. I want to get back up to my “I’m-not-being-lazy” miles next week.. We’ll see.

  4. I used to not plan out my workouts and just kind of wing it, but now I’ve started planning out the whole week so I hit every area I want to during my weekly workouts.

  5. Sounds like you had a great week of workouts considering all the travelling. Good luck with your speedwork/race!

  6. Well, the real question in, from your Tweets, where did you stop for dinner? Lol.

    And wow- impressive week of training! I hit all my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday goals and also swam 4 times.

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