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It has been requested that I continue this What I eat while eating high protein.  I mean I can’t eat protein pancakes, eggs and giant steaks at 8:00pm every night (well-yes I can…).  Anyways-I don’t really remember what day this is from (sometime between this week and last week). 

Breakfast today, I had eggs.  I try and have at least 2-3 eggs daily.  Not because they taste awesome with ketchup, but because I just have really come to like scrambled eggs.  Today I had 3 regular eggs and 1 cup of egg whites.  I know-that is quite a lot of eggs and protein and yes, it’s very filling.  I like it.

It kept me full for a solid 5 hours.  Not that I really needed too but that is just what it did.  For lunch, I had a salmon salad with feta cheese and balsamic dressing.  I honestly don’t think you can have a bad salad that includes balsamic, salmon and feta cheese.  The salmon was delicious.

Some of the things I try and have daily are salmon, eggs, cheese, Greek yogurt and some sort of oil (balsamic).  I do have fruit, not a lot, but I do have it.  As I said, last week, I don’t really care for fruit so limiting that was not a big deal. 

Then later in the day (creature of habit) I had another quest bar.  I couldn’t get to any “real” food, (I don’t actually know what fake food is anyways) but I had a quest bar-Coconut cashew because that is my favorite.

Dinner that particular night was ham.  My mom makes a mean slow cooked ham and I was not going to pass that up.  Even if that meant eating dinner at around 8pm after getting home.  Luckily for me, she saved me a hearty helping and I was able to go back for seconds too.

Ham, apples, baked potato (with greek yogurt) and grape tomatoes.

That particular day was a lighter day of eating, but I also didn’t work out.  It was one of my off days during my rest week last week.  I don’t eat less on purpose during rest days, I just don’t tend to be as hungry.  I mostly napped the entire day and caught up on school work.

As always-if you have more questions about high protein and me email me at lolzthatswim at gmail or comment or ask anonymously here.  I really have no problems answering whatever questions you have and how it’s working for me.  I love writing blogs on it for your enjoyment.  🙂

Question for you: 

1.       What foods do you normally get daily?

2.       Do you tend to eat more/less during rest days? 


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  1. I eat less on rest days. It I hard but I try to balance the calories out.

    Foods I eat everyday are Almond Milk, apples, eggs, berries, nuts, carrots, hot cocoa. 🙂

  2. That is a LOT of eggs. Props to you! I like having two half-boiled eggs and just slurping them down mmm. Had salmon for the first time in a long time today, and I’d almost forgotten how delicious it was.

    I definitely try to get lots of veggies in daily, and lots of meat – any kind, really. I’ve been loving duck and pork lately so those have been staples, especially bone broths. I eat lots of nut butters and dairy (yogurt, milk) and eggs too.

    On rest days I find I’m as hungry as normal days… maybe because my body’s in ‘recovery’? I don’t know. But I find I eat about the same amount though I tend to consciously limit the amount of carbs I eat (i.e. less rice, less fruit).

  3. Coconut cashew quest bar for the win! 😀 I agree with you, it’s by far the tastiest haha
    And I’m the same way with regards to eggs– I think I could eat them with salsa for every meal and be a happy camper

  4. I try to eat less on rest days because I know I am not burning as many calories for that day.

    We are still tweaking my diet some but I typically eat 2-3 hard bolied eggs for breakfast at the begining of the week, Mon,Tues, Wed to get more protein at the begining of the week. Th, Fri, and Sat I replace the hardboiled eggs with oatmeal to get more carbs. In my oatmeal I put honey, cinnamon, blackberries, and a banana. Almost daily for breakfast during the week I eat greek yogurt from Trader Joe’s and an 8oz Soy Protien shake, and then a mix of fruits such as apples, pears, and bananas. For lunches its typically steamed chicken breast, carrots, sugar snap peas, and hummus. If I have a workout after work I will pack a sandwich made of Ezekiel bread, turkey, arugula, spicy mustard, and swiss cheese.

  5. Eggs have to be one of the best foods ever. Can’t go a day without ’em!
    Loving the salad – never thought to add salmon and strawberries 🙂 I’m the same way with rest days – lots of napping and slim to no appetite.

  6. BIG fan of eggs, I definitely eat at least 2 a day, but if I include whites there’s definitely a lot more. I really like your high protein diet, it makes sense to me and you seem to balance it pretty well!
    I think I eat more on rest days, actually! Haha, The time I would normally spend working out is used for eating!

    Foods I can’t live without: Nut Butter (&Eggs, obv)

  7. I eat less on days I don’t work out also, for the same reason. And also I usually work out in the morning so I’m awake more hours of the day. If I don’t wake up early, I’m just not up as long so don’t eat as much. I love eggs, but never eat that many because I just don’t think about it.

  8. omg that salmon looks amaaazing! I try to eat it at least 3 times a week for sure. I also eat greek yogurt every day, not even trying its just so good haha.

  9. Waitttt. You mean you don’t eat steak all day every day? And I am a little surprised the salmon isn’t with the eggs. Maybe a biscotti trip would change that? 😉

  10. Your salad looks freakin’ awesome. If you like eggs, you should try goose eggs.. They’re like the size of 4 eggs or something ridiculous. I split one with my mom for breakfast with egg whites this morning. 🙂 I have greek yogurt, oatmeal, and some sort of fish every day. I eat the same every day I think.. lolz.

  11. I finally got over my ridiculous fear of eggs last year and flippen love them now! My favorite is dippy eggs with buttered toast… so simple and so fantastic, well to me 🙂 Thanks for the info in this post Hollie, I am always interested in hearing more about your diet as a kick ass athlete 😉

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