OK 5k Mini Race Recap (19:30)

Ah yes, a 5k recap.   5ks are just not as fun to recap as say halves, because it’s 20 minutes of a race.  20 minutes that your legs burn and the last thing you want to do is amuse yourself because you are in that much pain.

With that I guess I’ll begin.  I ran my first mile in 5:49 (that is a Pr for me and it was on trails…so I know I can do faster on a track).   The course itself was not hilly in the slightest (a few dips and baby bumps but coming from the base of the Adirondacks…no).  What got me and took a toll were the amount of turns and twists.  Apparently that adds a lot of time from changing direction and whatnot, it makes sense but I never thought about it that way.

Either way mile 2 and 3, I was paced by a 13 year old kid (who beat me at my 10k two weeks ago and beat me again today).  I hit mile 2 at exactly 12:10 (meaning my second mile was a 6:21 pace).  I was not too thrilled about that, I kept thinking gah-what if I add 20 more seconds.  But then relaxed because I knew either way the next part of pain would only be about 6-7 minutes.

I was dying.  It was hot but honestly having someone running near me was comforting.  My thought process was just lost in my old little world the entire race and I preferred it that way. The final stretch was hard but I finished the race in 19:30.

I hoping my next road 5k will be even lower and closer to 19:15.  I can hope for many things.

This was my fastest 5k in close to two years (I literally PRed a 5k 4months after beginning running (19:15) and haven’t been anywhere close to that since.  I thought it was a fluke).  I still do until I break it.  But this was my second fastest 5k, first fastest on a cross country course and well just a well organized and great race.  Mostly because they had starbucks coffee at the end.  😉

Question for you:  What is your favorite race distance? 


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  1. favorite race distance? all of them!! but i especially like 30km

  2. I cannot believe I missed a local race that served Starbucks at the end. Jealous! Nice work racing! That first mile especially was killer 🙂

  3. Starbucks at the end is always a bonus. And amazingly speedy! The only distance I’ve raced is a 5K so I guess I’ll say that, but I think I’ll very much enjoy longer distances. You know, more time to suffer and all that.

  4. congrats on the PR, omg Im envious starbucks at the end, not fair, I see why you did a PR hehe… I’m sure you will keep on impoving! 🙂 My fav race distance is a 14km road race = the city to surf in Sydney, it’s one awesome race, and it’s a perfect distance… mostly though I like 10kms other than that race! 😀

  5. oh my goodness gracious, a sub 20 5k…I can’t even imagine! the only distance I’ve ever done is a 5k so I guess that would be my favorite

  6. I really like 10Ks but would love to do a 20 minute 5K, that is just amazing that you can, especially on a trail. I want to get into doing more halves now that I’ve moved to an area that has more of them. Congrats on your race and looks like you enjoyed your starbucks!

  7. wooot congrats on a 2nd fastest and trail/xc pr!! changing direction really does screw with time too, especially when you’re not expecting it. next time kick that teenager’s butt! Also, i love the nike shorts, that’s an awesome color combo! 😀

  8. Congrats on the race! Changing direction is a killer, especially because you can gain distance easily on them by running a few feet outside of the inside of turns. I loooove your shorts! My favourite distance is the half. But 5k’s are cool too 🙂

  9. Way to bang out that first mile!! I personally love 5k’s, but I can only compare it to the 800, 1600, and 3200, and they are worse in comparison in my opinion! I can’t wait to try some further distances sometime.

  10. Holy SCHNIKIES you are a freaking speed demon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone run a mile that fast! You must have just been a BLUR. Wow.

    Fave race distance? 50 yards. HAHAHA. I’m a decent short-distance sprinter. Surprised? hha

  11. Great race Hollie and great time! Next time you should definitly trip the 13 year old, while no one is watching of course! I do believe you are going to have a fantastic cross country season 🙂

  12. Marathons are by far my favorite race they are just so much fun to race. Congrats on a great race. I have no doubt you will run a faster 5k this summer. Are you racing CHKD?

    1. No for CHKD, I wanted too but I’ll actually be at a wedding this weekend. I’m running the Independence Day 5k at Mount Trashmore though.

      Thanks for stopping by Justin! 🙂

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