OK 5k Mini Race Recap (19:30)

Ah yes, a 5k recap.   5ks are just not as fun to recap as say halves, because it’s 20 minutes of a race.  20 minutes that your legs burn and the last thing you want to do is amuse yourself because you are in that much pain.

With that I guess I’ll begin.  I ran my first mile in 5:49 (that is a Pr for me and it was on trails…so I know I can do faster on a track).   The course itself was not hilly in the slightest (a few dips and baby bumps but coming from the base of the Adirondacks…no).  What got me and took a toll were the amount of turns and twists.  Apparently that adds a lot of time from changing direction and whatnot, it makes sense but I never thought about it that way.

Either way mile 2 and 3, I was paced by a 13 year old kid (who beat me at my 10k two weeks ago and beat me again today).  I hit mile 2 at exactly 12:10 (meaning my second mile was a 6:21 pace).  I was not too thrilled about that, I kept thinking gah-what if I add 20 more seconds.  But then relaxed because I knew either way the next part of pain would only be about 6-7 minutes.

I was dying.  It was hot but honestly having someone running near me was comforting.  My thought process was just lost in my old little world the entire race and I preferred it that way. The final stretch was hard but I finished the race in 19:30.

I hoping my next road 5k will be even lower and closer to 19:15.  I can hope for many things.

This was my fastest 5k in close to two years (I literally PRed a 5k 4months after beginning running (19:15) and haven’t been anywhere close to that since.  I thought it was a fluke).  I still do until I break it.  But this was my second fastest 5k, first fastest on a cross country course and well just a well organized and great race.  Mostly because they had starbucks coffee at the end.  😉

Question for you:  What is your favorite race distance?