WIAW: Lowering those Carbs

As promised for WIAW, here is a post (I believe last Thursday) of everything that I ate.  This was a pretty optimal day for me, I got in a lot of protein and fat, and minimal carbohydrates.  On this particular day, I also didn’t eat any ice-cream or sweets (which I do maybe every other day…every two days).  With that being said here is what I had that particular day. 

And to answer you r question Chuck, I do infact know how many carbohydrates I have daily.  I have an entire spreadsheet devoted to them to email back and forth to my nutritionist.

For breakfast I had peanut flour pancakes.  Peanut flour has saved me from ever having protein powder again (and for having pancakes).  I have pancakes and have my protein+fat+a few carbs.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without it…actually on days I don’t-I normally have eggs.

Who would take a guess that these had 42 grams of protein.


Lunch (my lunch is normally exactly at 11…I can’t wait past that..I’m starved!) was this pretend omelette I made.  Pretend because my omelette flipping stinks so it becomes scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese in it.  I really like to have a lot of eggs daily, this post might not show it but for me eggs are like liquid gold.

Topped with some red pepper and ketchup (duh)

Snack was Chobani Greek yogurt+2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

I should have put the peanut butter at the top so you would know I wasn’t a dirty liar.

I liked it so much, I had a bonus round again 2 hours later.  (You can refer to the photo above for ease…)

For 5pm Dinner, my mom was making crock pot chicken (my absolute favorite).  I opted for the nonrice and bread version and as I explained in a previous carby post I added kale+mushrooms+garlic gloves+egg plant (why not?).

For 8pm dinner (why not?) I just found some left over steak and corn and ate it with ketchup.  Because who doesn’t love a bulging protein belly at 8:30pm?

I hope that entertained you as much as it did for me.  😉  If you have any more requests, feel free to email me at lolzthatswim at gmail

Questions for you: Do you eat at night?  What time do you eat dinner? 


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  1. Eggs really ARE liquid gold. I’ve been enjoying them half-boiled in a saucer; I poke the yolk and drink the thing. It’s messy and neanderthal but WHO CARES when they taste so good.

    I eat a LOT at night. Mostly stuff like milk, rice crackers, peanut butter, fruit and a LOT of nuts. I’m talking 1/2-1 cup servings of nuts spread out throughout evening till pre-bed time, though I don’t count and really just snack on them mindlessly. But nuts = lots of fats = lots of calories though so I’m hoping it’ll induce weight gain heh.

  2. I eat all day everyday! haha But in actual truth, my biggest (and most carb-y) meals are at night, at 6pm which I guess is dinner I have a massive meal. It’s awesome

  3. haha protein belly–too funny. dinner kind of varies for me but I tend to eat later because I exercise in the evenings…so I usually do dinner no earlier than 7 and sometimes it’s around 8….unless of course I have night class that goes from 6 to 9pm (boooooo!) and then I eat right before I go

  4. I typically eat dinner around 7:30-8:00pm, then a snack halfway through the night (insomnia sucks). I probably don’t need the snack, but I’m usually going out of my mind once it gets so late and tend to eat out of tiredness and frustration.

    You had me with this menu right up until the steak as an evening snack 😉 It’s probably healthier than the sugary crap I get through though! Thanks for sharing a whole day on your new regime.


  5. I also eat lunch around 11, and have lots of snacks throughout the day. We try to eat at 5:00 (early bird alert!) because that’s when the kids are hungry, & it gives us time to do homework (the kids + we help), baths (again, same as homework, although I’m sure the husband would love it if I helped him ;-0), & bed time. Having kids has turned me into a total early bird.

    I do eat carbs, but feel much better when I keep them to a reasonable amount per day. I’m also far less hungry & can stick to my calorie goals when I focus on vegetables/fruit/& protein

  6. Those pancakes are making my mouth water and you’re making me think I need to invest in some peanut flour… 42 grams of protein!?!? Holy cannoli.
    I also love the double dinner. Gotta do whatcha gotta do!

  7. entertaining indeed! Eggs are indeed liquid gold – probably the *one* thing I would have to really work to give up if I went vegan (random…).
    I’ve always been a nighttime eater – I can’t sleep if I’m hungry! I try to eat a later dinner, usually, or else have some easily digested protein-y snack closer to bedtime.

  8. I loooooved peanut flour so much before I became allergic to peanuts. It’s so great! I eat a lot at night, it’s like my hunger switch just turns on. I am trying to eat more spread out though.

  9. I tend to eat a small meal around 4 or 5 and then again around 9 (this usually falls around my shift at work which makes me starving).

    I need to get some peanut flour because I’m technically “allergic”/sensitive to wheat products. Also, my mom is always getting on me to lower my carb intake, but I never really figure out how to do it the right way.

  10. Eggs are straight rocket fuel- I love them! Sounds a lot like my diet except that I have more fruit and starchy carbs like sweet potatoes and winter squash, but again, like you, some days I don’t. I all depends on the day. I’ve also been using a lot of coconut milk which I love!

    And sorry about question, I hope it didn’t come out wrong and that I didn’t upset you! This actually got me thinking about reviewing my carb intake with my nutritionist as well!

    And some pertinent reading:

  11. dude peanut flour is a life saver! I like the idea of protein powder but every time I eat it my stomach is like “wtf is this? i don’t know what to do with this!” lol. also your crock pot chicken /veggie plate looks AWESOME and perfect for summer!

  12. I definitely want to try my hand at chefin’ these peanut flour pancakes for sure, especially when I start my gym routine. I’ve yet to try peanut flour but it sounds amazing.

    I have a foodie/healthy lifestyle blog I’ve recently started I’d like anyone here to take a look at, hopefully you find it interesting 🙂

  13. I miss peanut flour!! Definitely prefer eating low-carb. Once you get past the first week or so it feels sooo much better!

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