Carbohydrate Questions Answered

As promised, here is to answering all of ya’ll’s questions about lowering my carbohydrates for me.

Did you go through a lethargic period?

Yes, I answered this last week as well but it is so important.  For a few days, I couldn’t even get 1500 calories (when running 10+ miles daily) to sit well in my stomach.  I fully expected that.  I did not force more food down my throat.  I ate 1500 calories, ran, still felt full and moved on with the day.  (Under calories by a lot) Then 3-4 days later, it’s like my body just 100% adjusted and I became hungry.  So hungry.  In the fact that I ate probably over 4000 calories (So over calories by a lot).  I was just eating, eating, eating.  I didn’t ignore that either.  Then finally after a week of crazed eating, my body adjusted and I eat about 2500 calories daily.

Did you go cold turkey, (meaning straight to 150 grams in one day?)

I slowly eased into it.  So my body wouldn’t feel shocked.

I know you said you didn’t lose any weight, but do you think it’s possible to lose weight doing a high protein/low carbohydrate diet?

I know a lot of people that have lost a lot of weight eating high protein/low carbohydrate.  I think the key is getting a lot of fats and staying full.  I personally eat more calorie dense foods, but there are plenty of ways to cut calories and stay full while eating high protein.  There are plenty of ways to cut calories with a “normal diet” too…whatever that is.

Will you be doing a daily eats post? 

Yes, on Wednesday-it’s all typed out.   🙂

Were you nervous about putting it on the blog?

So nervous.

Honestly, I could have been yes.  I’ve gotten countless emails that I’m underweight and should eat this or that (I’m not underweight and eat enough to fuel myself).  I also hate talking about food/weight in general because everyone is different and what works for me will not work for everyone else.

Do you think this is something you could maintain on the off season?

I’m not sure when my actual off season will be (HA! 😉  But I do know that the majority of people that eat a low carbohydrate/high protein and fat diet are not athletes so yes.  I might even be able to lower my carbohydrates even more!

Does your family approve?

Well, I’m 21 years old.  My family is always supportive of me, I don’t know why they wouldn’t be.  I normally eat family meals with them.  Instead of having noodles and chicken, I’ll have more chicken over vegetables.  It’s actually really easy to make swaps and not call so much attention.

Perfect example…steak and kale…

If you have more questions ask away, feel free to email me at lolzthatswim at gmail.  Or ask privately here.

Question for you:  Does your family approve of your food choices?  (I thought that was an interesting question.)


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  1. thanks for answering these questions! It’s tough to talk about what you eat in the blog world sometimes cuz people are super critical about weight/calories/whatever (usually means they’re just insecure/uncomfortable about what they’re eating so they have to overanalyze other people…), but you obviously look healthy and run like a pro. I can’t wait to see your day of eats! I like how you mentioned eating with family too. Everyone in my family eats a little differently and its not a big deal. My parents eat no carbs and I eat really high carb, but I just eat the meat/veggies my mom cooks and then make myself a single-serve bagel or quinoa or whatever to go on the side and no one cares haha.

  2. This was definitely an insightful post. Right now I’m just eating more carbs than usual to gain weight, though I’ve already cut down on carbs and upped the fat and feel great, after which I’ll probably cut out starches totally and see how it goes. My mum’s also with the camp that says “gain weight and then you can eat whatever you want and I don’t give a shit” so I’m happy with that. 😉

  3. that is an interesting question about the family…I know my family kind of struggled with me when I came home from my first year of school and all of a sudden was interested in nutrition. I had never cared before in high school. I just became a lot pickier about what I would eat–turns out we had a lot of “healthy” food in the house that was actually junk and they had to adapt to me not eating those things anymore. I think it gave my mom fits trying to grocery shop, and I would go with her but that just gave her even more fits because I could spend over an hour just looking at food ingredients on everything! haha

  4. Love this post =) I do much better on a very low carb/moderate protein/high fat diet myself. And you’re right, if you’re quiet about it no one really notices as long as you’re still eating a decent amount of food.

    My husband’s family is always interested in what I’m eating & trying to get me to eat more, but my family could care less as long as I look healthy.

  5. It’s a process for my family. My mom didnt blink when I sat down and picked the shreds of cheese they mistkenly put on my salad the other day… my dad always bitches about my eating. You can’t please everyone!

  6. That’s really cool Hollie. I want to try lowering my carbohydrate intake in terms of bread and noodles. And swapping in more vegetables and protein so we will see how it goes. You can expect texts from me! But this post was really informative 😉

  7. Gah, I can’t wait until Wednesday! 😉

    I’m in the position of needing to lose weight (while not compromising my ability to run and maintain higher mileage weeks) so I’m really hopeful this might help, particularly as I have such trouble with sugar and cortisol levels (including sugar from fruit).

    My family don’t care what I eat as long as I’m happy, and that happiness only happens when I’m not carrying around so many excess pounds.


  8. That’s a good point about many non athletes eating that way. South beach is basically just eating protein and a lot of people go on that…it’s a little too much for me. No fruit for two weeks? Nah, I’ll pass.

  9. I love how our bodies just naturally adjust – I can imagine it was very uncomfortable eating lots of fats and protein since they take the longest to digest.

  10. I totally understand why you were nervous about posting it on the blog.. I get nervous every time I post a WIAW! I’ve gotten nasty emails from people telling me that I should eat more and that I’m underweight.. And I’m like, “Do you even know me..? I eat 24/7, I just get bored of picturing everything I eat”. This post was great Hollie! I tried to lower carbs and couldn’t eat a lot of food, so I freaked out and went back to normal. I might try again now for longer to see if I can adjust/if it works for me!

  11. I’m too much of a fruit and veggies girl to do low carbs, but I do find that when I eat less breads and pastas, I feel a LOT better. Plus you still get to eat some carbs, so I guess it’s okay. My family pretty much supports my eating habits, I think they realize I eat fairly well even though I’m pretty much vegetarian.

  12. I tend to think I eat this way as well. I usually eat under or around 150 carbs. I guess that changed when I lost weepight before but I don’t mind it!

  13. Not many people agree with the way I eat… My family included. But wr don’t do family meals or anything so I just go grocery shopping with my mom and get what I need and nobody really cares/comments ecause they don’t even know. We all eat differently in my family.

  14. I think everyone secretly loves food posts of what people eat. I know I do. I don’t compare myself to them, but it makes me feel better when others eat like me. I eat a lot. No shame in it. I probably don’t eat enough, but it’s whatever.

  15. I never really went through the depletion phase… One of these days I’m going to actually count my grams, but that would involve weighing and measuring all my food. Do you do that?

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