Jack King 1 Mile Recap

Okay so on Sunday I did my first open water swim of the season.  I tentatively plan to do a 1m, 2m, 3k and 5k race this summer.  PR in these sort of things?  No, but they are fun.  Anyways with that being said,  today was still a lot of fun.  I love being a state of mind that I enjoy swimming and it doesn’t have to be fast. 

Plus, open water swims are always so much more fun because they start so much later.  10am race start?  YES please.  This year was also the first year my brother Matt, decided to do an open water swim with Dad and I.  He was nervous but did awesome.

fabulous…I know…

We got to the race a little over an hour before the start.  Just in time to meet Courtney (who it was her first open water swim as well and she did awesome.).

We chatted for a bit and just kind of hung out with her fiancée (one of the top runners in my area…and who took the majority of photos-THANKS JUSTIN!), relaxing and taking in the sun.  Then they called us for a safety meeting.  There seemed to be a lot more people here then I remember but who doesn’t love open water swimming.

This particular race is also different because it’s an in water start.  You don’t have to clumsily run into the ocean tripping and falling…I get to do that when I get out.

After they sounded the airhorn, we were off.  I pretty much zoned out the entire time.  I was literally in my own world for the entire 23 minutes.  Swimming is different (for me) from running in that I’m never really in pain when I swim.  I just zone out and when I see the next buoy I decided to speed up.

Which is what I did…I sped up when I saw the only other buoy and realized I was almost done.   I hit a couple of rough waves the last couple of minutes but it nothing to make me drown (salt water in my throat…yes…but not drown).

I swam until my fingers hit the bottom then ran out to the finish.  Erg…frolicked apparently.

oh hey!

Just so you think I finished on a serious note…

I wish I had more to recap on…but swimming in the ocean you stare at the bottom (which you can’t see) and are stuck in your own thoughts.  I have done this race for 6 years I believe and have been first overall (for females) been under 20 minutes, been over 30 minutes so I’ve seen the only spectrum.  I do always enjoy it though and spending time with my friends and family…swimming is so much better on your personal time.

My dad posted his fastest time ever for this race (and he has been doing it 10+ years) and my brother debuted in 27:0X.  For a mile swimming in the ocean?  That is seriously awesome.

all done

Question for you:  Where is your favorite place to swim (recreationally or competitively?)

Training and Stuff

Ah yes my last training week.  It was a powerhouse training week, no road races and very high mileage as well as speed work.  Enough to make me tired 100% of the time.  Okay 99.9% because there was that time I had coffee and felt good for a minute or two.  I also was able to dig up some more race photos…because it makes blogging more fun…

I’m somewhere in that mix. Pink spandex.

I kid-it was a very productive training week with the high temperatures and the busyness of my life.  I’ll talk about the rest of my life in another blog but I’ll just ramble away at my training this week.

I was going to race this weekend, but decided not too again.  Good thing I didn’t sign up either because I found out my pool inspection was that morning.  (And it passed!). 


Uptempo 11 miler at 6:52 pace.  It felt easy and effortless.  I ran on trails.  I honestly am so proud of this run.  This was on trails, uneven terrain and it just felt easy.

3X1 mile speed workout

2.5 miles coaching

25 miles recovery (between 8:30-9:00 minute pace)

15.5 mile long run.  I literally lost 8 pounds of water during this run.  I’ll be 100% honest and say I don’t really have abs (or really care) but I could not believe how much I sweat out.    Keep in mind this is also right after I had drank 64 ounces of water.  Aren’t dehydrated fake abs fun?  Okay anyways.

23 easy or untimed miles.


5800 meters

1 open mile RACE!  (I’m probably doing that right now if you are reading this between 10:00am-11:00am on Sunday!  If I don’t blog tomorrow…I drown…)


3 p90x sessions

This was a perfect training week for me.  I got exactly everything I needed to get done, done.  It sucked sometimes…it felt amazing other times…but I peaked and hit everything I needed too…even in the heat.

Next week I have on tap:

Some swimming.  (Who knows how much?)

Hopefully between 70-80 miles again of running

I am also racing another cross country 5k on Saturday.  I am trying to get in as many cross country trail races as possible.  More then road races…sadly.

Question for you:

1.       Have you ever been severely dehydrated?  Not during this run, but I have passed out before due to blood sugar imbalance and dehydration.

2.       How were your workouts this week?  Are you racing anytime soon (BRAG!)?


Happy Birthday to My Mom

No humorous musings from me today as I need to save all my energy for celebrating my fabulous mom’s birthday.   That and I need to go to Coldstone and pick up a cake (because let’s be honest here…I couldn’t bake one even if I tried).


Heres an oldie but goodie of us from high school prom.

Question for you:  How do you celebrate birthdays?  Do you bake cakes?  (Can you give me a good but easy recipe? I know-asking a lot here) 

Training Week with My First Speed Workout

Training bo baining, fe fye fofaining…training.

Seemed appropriate….This week of training isn’t exactly what I would have liked but life had me busy again and life>training.   I also wish I had some interesting pictures from a race or something but alas, I don’t.  (Lame).

I’ll use this recycled photo of my “prerunning days” when the gym was closed and I wanted to be active on Thanksgiving. I did that 10k in 71 minutes with dad.

Monday: 10 mile run in my neighborhood.  The infamous Tim came to visit this week, so the pace was moving a bit more then I would do solo (but not too much because he raced a rigorous trail 13-14 trail race the day before…so I could at least keep up).


AM: 10 mile bonus round in a flat state park.  I actually felt worse from my 5k on Tuesday then today but managed to take it slow.  I actually rolled my ankle during this run and was icing like it was my job.

PM: P90X Shoulders and Arms workout and ab ripper X.  I’m really focusing on cross training here.

Keeping it casual swimming..those are taper tights FYI (I don’t have a leg disease)

Wednesday: 12 miles easy, I had planned something else but I ran out of time or energy so just did a long slow easy run.


        AM: 5.5 mile easy run

PM: My first ever track workout.  3X1 mile (and 2 more, 1 to warmup and 1 to cooldown).  It went really well and I cannot be more thrilled!


AM: 5.5 Easy run

Insert 6 hours of driving here. 

PM: Easy 5 miles of shakeout.  When I got to Pennsylvania, it was quite hilly.  It was good for me, and instead of 8:00 min pace on pancake roads, it was 8:48 on hills.  No big deal.

Saturday: Easy 10 mile run in PA.  It was once again on hills.  It was a start to the morning because it was such low humidity.

Sunday: Easy 10 mile run in PA.  About the same as yesterday.  The important part of adding speed into my new plan is to make sure the rest are easy.  Injury free=happy Hollie.

Total: 73 miles and 1 p90x workout

I would have loved to do more cross training but traveling got the best of me.  No big deal though because this was the last weekend I’ll be traveling-so my workouts won’t be so scattered and be more routine.

Goals for next week:

1 speed workout/1 possible race (I haven’t decided).

Also an open water swim, so I should probably get in the pool sometime this week.  **I do these open water swims to finish, not to place.  Placing in swimming is something that used to be important to me…but not anymore.  🙂

As you read this, I’m probably driving the 10 hours home.  Lamezies because we all know how much I love driving…about as much as I like biking.

This is what I look like when I drive and had short hair…wow that was a while ago…apparently old photos on the blog today.

Question for you:  How were your workouts this week?  What do you have planned next week? 


OK 5k Mini Race Recap (19:30)

Ah yes, a 5k recap.   5ks are just not as fun to recap as say halves, because it’s 20 minutes of a race.  20 minutes that your legs burn and the last thing you want to do is amuse yourself because you are in that much pain.

With that I guess I’ll begin.  I ran my first mile in 5:49 (that is a Pr for me and it was on trails…so I know I can do faster on a track).   The course itself was not hilly in the slightest (a few dips and baby bumps but coming from the base of the Adirondacks…no).  What got me and took a toll were the amount of turns and twists.  Apparently that adds a lot of time from changing direction and whatnot, it makes sense but I never thought about it that way.

Either way mile 2 and 3, I was paced by a 13 year old kid (who beat me at my 10k two weeks ago and beat me again today).  I hit mile 2 at exactly 12:10 (meaning my second mile was a 6:21 pace).  I was not too thrilled about that, I kept thinking gah-what if I add 20 more seconds.  But then relaxed because I knew either way the next part of pain would only be about 6-7 minutes.

I was dying.  It was hot but honestly having someone running near me was comforting.  My thought process was just lost in my old little world the entire race and I preferred it that way. The final stretch was hard but I finished the race in 19:30.

I hoping my next road 5k will be even lower and closer to 19:15.  I can hope for many things.

This was my fastest 5k in close to two years (I literally PRed a 5k 4months after beginning running (19:15) and haven’t been anywhere close to that since.  I thought it was a fluke).  I still do until I break it.  But this was my second fastest 5k, first fastest on a cross country course and well just a well organized and great race.  Mostly because they had starbucks coffee at the end.  😉

Question for you:  What is your favorite race distance? 


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