Lessons From Freshman Year

Looking at my college life is rough.  I cannot believe (cliché I know) that I was getting ready to graduate high school four years ago.  Now college?

Who am I?  Who have I become?

I was an entirely different person a year ago-let alone four.

 I thought because I know a lot of readers and bloggers are going to college for their first year in the fall, I’d do a series on things I learned from college.   

Starting with, of course, freshman year.

Freshman year was an experience for me to say the least.  In “real life”, I’m probably not as loud and annoying as you think.  I’ve actually always had social anxiety (think chlaustrophia when around a lot of people).  I had not been planning on swimming, I didn’t even know how to make new friends…all I really had at the time was my roomie.

Kierstin (my roomie) and I then!

Freshman year, my biggest epiphany was be a risk taker.  No one knows each other as a first year in college.  You won’t look dumb trying to meet and hang out with people.  Meet people in class and through clubs…You can go to parties on Friday night and not drink and still have a good time(though I will admit-freshman year I did drink a lot more then now).  If I had this blog freshman year-it would have probably been called FueledbyFRIDAYNIGHTBEVERAGES…anywho.

I mostly got my exercise via dancing…

My particular niche was found when I started swimming.  That is how I made my base of friends.  I wasn’t even going to do swim team,, but my roommate convinced me to come to the interest meeting and there were boyss on the team (co-ed team? YES).  I could meet men and have friends?  Perfect.

That and I instaclicked with the team.  When you find a solid niche, you just know.  

The rest of freshman year went pretty similarly.  I worked my tail off to make it to our big championship meet (you had to qualify)-I did the very last meet.

Swimming training trip to Key West

Since I went to a liberal arts school, I took a lot of different but interesting classes my freshman year.  Backpacking, modern dance, human sexuality, calculus and European history was just one of my semesters.  I enjoyed all my classes and learned so many new and interesting things.  My dad told me before I left that I should take full advantage of college and try new things weather I thought I would like them or not.  (Backpacking was one of those things…but I loved it!)

Making Forts in my room!

So in short.  Take many different classes and meet many different people.  You may think you know what you “want to be when you grow up”

Backpacking champion tent pitcher…yeah…

I thought so too…back then…but I don’t swim, I’m not a math major and I’m just 100% different then freshman year.  Because I was a risk taker.

Question for you:

If you have been through freshman year, what is your biggest piece advice/what did you learn?

If you are going to be a first year…what do you want to know?