Elizabeth River 10k (42:07)

Okay I lied yesterday-I decided to post a recap today.  Not that it really matters. 

This previous weekend, I raced my first nonhalf marathon in god knows how long (close to 6 months!).  It was a weird, very hot experience.  I promised that I would take my summer races “easier” to allow to peak appropriately for cross country in the fall.  That is easy enough because I don’t have to try it’s so darn hot.

Anyways we (dad and I) got to the race around 7:00 I warmed up with the young kids running club.  (I help coach them periodically when I’m home).  They were racing the 1 miler.  I helped pace a female who ran a 7:25!  I’m so happy for her.

Anyways after the 1 miler, I quickly changed shoes and got ready the 10k.  It was already extremely hot but I was over it.  (This was the most I’ve warmed up for a race in well…at least 6 months because I don’t warm up for halves and 10ks are pushing my warmup factor).


As per usual race start, I needed to get up front to chat to all my friends.  I NEVER go to the race start without chatting a bit.  (Saturday mornings are my big dailymile social hour).

The first mile I ran with a pack of four other females.  We were fighting for the spots 3-8.  (The first two ladies were god knows how far ahead! )  By the second mile it was me and two other woman and we were somewhat separated.

By the middle of the race I had sweat through my entire singlet (I’m not a big sweater..ever).  There was a water hose and I took full advantage of running through that.

This is where I caught up to the next female who had separated herself.  We are both rather small (meaning we don’t take up the entire two lane road between us), but she was running up my ass.  I wanted to pass her but she continued to cut me off (nearly tripping me several times).  Literally she would swerve in front of me and 100% prevent me from passing.

I’m not aggressive-at all (in life or running) but she about drew my last nerve.  I started to surge and then hault, alternating between 6:00 min and 7:00 min pace.  I ran to her left and then to her right.  Honestly, I was just trying to be as annoying as possible.   I like to get under people’s skin and this seemed to be rather annoying her.  She was trying to beat me and my antics were not amusing her…

Finally around mile 5 during one of my surges (I knew she was dying), I took off.  Downgraded and got my tempo going.  I ended up beating her by about 45 seconds. 

I was fourth female overall and first in my age group.  I’m certainly content with that.  Of course I’ve gone faster in half marathons and harder courses, but the heat is no joke and I’m not about to race like a moron. 

You might actually think I’m legit or something here…

Take away from this race:

Heat forces to you to slow down (good for my peaking for XC in the fall)

Question for you:  What are your optimal race conditions? 

More Graduation Talk

As promised, I would actually talk about my graduation versus post photos and call it wordless Wednesday.  Really it should be called Lazy Wednesday because that post takes like 5 seconds to do.

Also grades hadn’t officially come out, so I couldn’t blatantly say I finished all my classes.  (I just let you assume…).  This semester, I struggled with one particular course.  The teacher is notoriously difficult (half the class was not passing going into the final), and the course is only offered in the spring.  Meaning me failing would mean taking a semester off of school (I wouldn’t need to frill my schedule  with courses for an entire year…) and then coming back Spring 2013 and taking that one class.

So yes…it’s good I [barely] passed. 

Right then.  I can’t really say commencement though was anything to thrilling.  In fact the one day that is 88 degrees with no shade in Potsdam was the day that we were wearing black robes.

So needless to say it was a sweat box.

Another glorious thing of my school is that you don’t have to sit in alphabetical order.  So I could sit with my housemate Julie.  Then we could walk up together and be obnoxious…well…together.

So we listened to a few speeches, they first announced all the music school graduates (my college is a prestigious music school).  Then the arts and sciences.  Community health is a science don’t cha know.

In front of my favorite building ever Dunn Dungeon.  I only nicknamed it the Dungeon because I never left...ever...

Then as fast as much time as we had spent to get ready for this occasion-it was over.  My parents, brothers and I took a few photos and we were back on the road (both of them had airplanes to catch down in Syracuse).

Moving on to my post college life.

A lot of people have asked if I’m going straight into my internship and that is a negative.  Since I’m working on a college campus (not mine), my internship goes along with (somewhat) with the school year.  I have most of the summer off to prepare a few programs that I’ll be working on and start that in early-mid August. 

I’ll also be doing a bit more research on high protein diets for a side project with one of my professors. I’ve really learned a lot about the importance of fats and protein into our diets and how you can survive with minimum carbohydrates (I’m not taking minimum calories-but carbohydrates).  My personal opinion is that we will be seeing some major changes to myplate and the food pyramid and nutritional guidelines in the next 10 years.

I must say, throughout the semester I’ve been working on this bonus work and I’ve actually learned a lot.  The one thing I’ll miss about college is learning learning learning, but I suppose I can do that in real life.

Since not one person answered my question yesterday,

How was your graduation?

What do you miss most about school? 

I miss creating so much drama and being a mean girl…

Run from the Sun Half Marathon Recap (1:30.18)

So I may or may not have broadcasted that I was running a “half marathon” last Saturday.  *You know what they say, if you don’t blog about it-it doesn’t exist in real life. My parents and two of my brothers were able to attend graduation, so my older brother, dad and I ran a race nearby.  (Doug ran the 10k and dad and I-the half…Matt couldn’t run because he is still recovering from his stress fracture).    

Adorable family race photo.

The course was notably long (it’s hard to make a loop course the “exact” right distance.  It ended up being a 13.33 mile race, but I wasn’t too concerned.  I was doing this as a family affair.   My training won’t expect any PR’s until the Fall but I’m okay with that.

It was fun and I really enjoyed the race either way.  Anyways-the morning started off with me forgetting my running shoes…all of them…in the hotel room We arrived at the race at 7:00am (it started at 8) and drove back to the hotel and got there for real (and ready?)  at 7:45.

Then at 7:55 amI found out that there would only be 2 water stations (for a hot half!).  So I decided to carry (yes bootleg style) carry a water bottle with me.  I don’t regret that.

The race itself was hot, hilly and long.

There were no terribly steep hills, but enough rolling hills that it wasn’t going to make it a PR environment even on a good day.  The thing was though, the rest of the course was in 1-2 mile stretches (so you could see a mile up)…so you had to watch for about 7 minutes coming closer and closer to this hill.

The straight aways (heat boxes as I called them) were just hot.  I got a lot of people saying on dailymile (and it kind of pissed me off-honestly) that told me I had no idea of the heat when I posted that it was 65 at the race starting point.

Well-it was 65 at the racing start and 83 at the finish.  There was 100% no shade because it was in corn fields.  It was hot, and honestly a bit dangerous of race conditions in my personal opinion.  So the sun was beating straight down on youThere were 2 water stops for the entire 13.33 miles. 

So yes it was hot.

And yes there was someone that passed out because of the heat (at the end).  That is why I ran with a water bottle. 

Anyways-I finished the 13.33 miles in 1:30:18.  That is a 6:46 pace or a 1:28.40 for a 13.1 mile race (roughly) 

Question for you:

Have you ever run a first year race?  Was it organized?

Have you ever (would you) run with a water bottle?

Summer [Racing] Plans

As summer draws closer for me (I know most people are already done for the semester), I can’t help but think of my exciting plans and goals.  I mean…who knows, this could be my last summer at home! 

I don’t talk about schooling much, but if you followed my blog a year ago you know I switched majors (math and education to community health).  It was the best choice of my life-though switching majors your SENIOR year of college isn’t optimal. 

That being said, I’ll be done with all my undergraduate courses and will be interning (something required of my health major) next fall in downstate NY.  Well-downstate forme-central NY in Syracuse.   I also have no idea where life will take me after December.

So this could be my last Summer at home.

I want to enjoy it all.  I don’t really have too many plans but living the dream.  I’ll be working at The Cav (you know…my pool that has a barbed wire around it…has it been a year since I blogged about that?  😉

No this is not a prison-it’s my pool Yes it has barbed wire around it. Ha

I’ll be racing the first part of the summer…simmering down through August. 

I wrote out a brief racing schedule and traveling schedule because that’s all I know so far about this summer.  I’m pretty casual so I tend to make last minute plans (I know…not my most quality feature).

But at least for my sake I can refer back to this.  It’s not optimal for me to think that I’ll be running *fast* races in 100 degree weather, but races are fun and I love meeting and hanging out with people regardless if I have a fast race or not.

And that is why I race a lot.   (mostly because it’s the only time I see my friends…as dad says)

May 26: Elizabeth River 10k VA

June 2nd: ZOOMA Women’s Half Marathon (this will be my last half for at least 6 months?!)

June 9th Local 5k VA Beach

June 16th Traveling to Syracuse for a wedding! 

June 24th Jack King 1 Mile Open Water Swim VA Beach, VA

July 4th Mount Trashmore 5k

July 12th– My 22nd Birthday (let’s hope I don’t celebrate like my 21st..ie stress fracture!)

July 15- Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run.  I won 2 years ago, got my stress fracture last year…if I want to do anything it’s dominate this race.

Was this really two years ago? Oh my stars

July 31st Memorial Scholarship 5k

August 4th: Beach 2 Mile Open Water Swim CT 

August 11th Mud Run 8k

August 19th: Internship time!  Wahh-summer over already?  😉

There will be, I’m sure, changes to this, and I don’t really know what to expect but I love seeing all my friends at races.  LOLZ!

Question for you:  What are your racing plans this summer? 

Senior Year Throwback

It seems like almost yesterday that I began my college quest.  Maybe it was because I’ve been doing this series of college blogs all week.  It’s like I got to relive my youth again…

Moving on.

Senior year, oh senior year. 

Most ya’ll have traveled this path with me.  (My blog is nearly a toddler at two!?)

Filled with running highs.

Running lows.

eh beginning of senior year. ie: stress fracture.

Quitting swimming.

but still going to the swimming formal the day after… (and remaining close with the team!)

Narrowing my focus of my major to nutrition and wellness with college students.

Meeting new people…

All in all, I would say this has been a fabulous year.  My last year of college, I learned that you really aren’t going to make everyone happy and you need to put yourself before other people.  You cannot allow people to walk all over you.

From my schooling, I learned that not everyone will like you, your writing style, your personality…whatever.  You have to deal with it, maybe change your objectives and move on.  I had a very tough course that I chose to just drop hints about.  I’m a relatively good student but in that particular course, I was JUST hoping to snag a 2.0 and pass it.  It wasn’t that I didn’t spend time on that class, as you heard me complaining about the 50 page paper I had to write…but these happen.

Question for you:

1.       What did you learn senior year?

2.       Have you ever had to work with someone you just didn’t mesh well with? 

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