Flower City Half Recap (1:29.39)

So about Flower City half marathon.  I needed a day to let this race simmer-in fact I didn’t even write a race recap until now (12:30pm).  I’m not really sure why the race itself bothered me so much, but it did.  I don’t even know what I was expecting to do but whatever it was-I didn’t do it. 

So anyways, about the race.  I went down to Rochester, NY the Saturday before.  Picked up my race packet…all the jazz and was in bed by 10pm.  I ended up driving down with Justin (awesome 50ker), Shannon (a cross country teammate of mine…her first half!) and Justin’s friend Evan.  It was such a fun car ride (all crammed into my car…with gas station coffee of course).

The morning of the race, I was feeling good (not great) but a bit tired and groggy.  We got to the race around 7 am (and it started at 7:30).  Somehow the rest of my party (ie: the boys…ran off past Shannon and I and we never even saw them till after the race).

The race started and I threw off some shirt and began.  It was quite cold, so I had to bring my first ever throw away article of clothing.  It ended up being yellow so I looked like a giant lemon between my yellow shorts and shirt (poor wardrobe choice)  I felt pretty good for the first mile (a bit stiff) but I hit mile 1 at 6:40.  Immediately, my thought process spiraled downhill and I mentally checked out of the race…at mile 1. 

I knew the hills at this race were going to push some of miles ABOVE 8 minutes (and they did).  I knew it wasn’t a PRing race (and it wasn’t).  I also knew there was another female very close to me and it just put me in a state of anxiousness (if I’m being honest…).

So with that, I hit the second mile in exactly 13:00.  Then I kept a rough 6:30 pace until mile 7.  At mile 4, they told the other girl and I we were number 9 and 10.  (I literally could not see any other females AT ALL…and I could see about 2-3 min up).  (Come to find out-an elite running group came and the first 6 females finished below 1:24)

So with that, we entered Highland Park.  A brutal couple of hills.  It climbs about 200 feet within less then half a mile…then flats and turns around and climbs an equally as painful hill.  It hurts but I am a hill runner and I like to drop people on hills.

And I did.  I didn’t see that girl again and my mind was put into ease.  At mile 9, the 1:30 pacer paced me and it was honestly devastating.   I didn’t even think I was going above a 1:30 pace, but it just put me more mentally down.

(Come to find out they finished the race in 1:27.5X!)

The rest of the race was a bit of a blur actually, I couldn’t get my gel open and it legit exploded on my face.   I was just focused on finishing and getting this race done with.  It wasn’t a race that I wanted to last forever (like last week).  It was just a race that I wanted done and over with.
When I could see the end of the race, I picked it up as best as I could and ended up finishing in a 1:29.39.  For the hills, this is a good time.  For racing last week, this is a good time.  I’m not thrilled with it but I’m willing to accept it and move on.  Not every race can be your favorite.  *I don’t need anyone to tell me to be ecstatic with my time or something along those lines and please don’t.

But on a side note my (brother’s that I stole) flats developed a hole on the side.  lolz.  

Questions for you:

Do you like hills? 

How many miles do you put on your running shoes? 

Plattsburgh Half Recap (1:27.19)

I don’t really know where to begin-so I will start here.  I was very nervous for this race but if I wasn’t nervous that wouldn’t be fun to write about. 

Beforehand with one of my XC teammates Sara

The race itself was on Sunday, but we left on Saturday afternoon so we wouldn’t have to hustle around and drive 2 hours to the race in the am.  That wouldn’t have been so fun to do in the am.

I got there 45 minutes before wearing my new favorite racing outfit.  LOLZwhoisabumblebee?

The race itself was not in my favorite running conditions.  Coming from the Shamrock half last month in warm and sunny weather to this:

35 degrees, snow on the ground and cold…well…I’m a southern girl at heart to say the least.

Honestly though, bitching about the weather wouldn’t have done anything.  Was I just not going to run because it was cold and miserable.  Uh no.

I checked my bags but was still wearing long sleeves and a sweats and couldn’t go recheck them, so I did what any sane person would do and hid them on some random persons porch about one minute before the race.  (my friends still make fun of me because after the race I was like…uh got to go get my clothes from this random persons porch) If they weren’t there when I finished…well that was gods way of telling me to stop buying so much crap (but they were).

But I tell you-the national anthem was one of the coldest minutes of my life.  With that, the race was off and I was too.

I was staring at a scary sea gull. I'm not joking. I really hate birds.

Mile 1 was downhill and with the wind and I hit it in 6:40-I was a bit worried because I knew that didn’t give me much playing room to break 1:30.

I can always pretend I'm happy by closing my eyes and peacing. duh.

Mile 2 was the uphill and into the wind.  It was a miserable mile and my second least favorite (Mile 12 was the same stretch only more windy). To be as sappy as possible, some little girl yelled high five bumblebee as I ran by (she was about 6) and I gave her a high five.  Honestly, if you are to in your “running zone” to give a little girl a high five…well then…we aren’t the same type of person.  My race was already made.

By mile 2, I had pretty much warmed up (because I didn’t before the race) and my legs fell into a trance only to be awoken by random people telling me I was currently the top female overall (but I knew number 2 wasn’t too far).  Also being woken up by some college soccer boys hitting on me at water stops and asking why I didn’t put my phone number on the bib (because my name was…men are so creative…).

My fastest mile split was a flat one (mile 8) going with the wind and I hit that in 6:05.  I hit 9 miles in 1:00.15 and trekked up the bridge hill on mile 10.  I took about half my gel at this point…which I didn’t really need but I don’t have the balls to not have a gel.  (mental>physical)

My least favorite mile is between 11-12 because you reenter the starting line and can see the finish but know that there is no way in hell that is 2 miles away and know you are going back to face the wind (and uphill) one last time.  Right after mile 12 was the nice uphill against the wind climb.  My eyes were watering, I was instacold again and yelling but I knew I was almost there.

So I continued along my journey to the finish and finished in 1:27.15 as the top female overall.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.  Plus I got this stunner trophy to hold more things in.  Or drink from at the bar…I can’t quite decide what.  So I guess this can be my new favorite race.

I also got a trophy to hold all my muscle milk in. So I tell myself.
Flax Meal Pancakes

It was requested I share my latest pancake concoction with you. 

My flax cakes as I dub them.  (I know-I’m so creative…use flax meal and call them flaxcakes.)


1/2 cup flax meal

¼ cup flour of your choice (wheat, buckwheat, white…)

1 egg (not needed but I like the extra protein)

1 tsp baking powder

Sweetener if you are into that

(then whatever flavors you want…I’ve added a half cup of pumpkin or greek yogurt, both grand choices).

Mix ½ cup HOT (this is important) water with the flax meal.  The flax will soak it up and be more flour consistent if you use hot.  Otherwise they won’t stick).

Then let it sit for a minute or two and add all your other ingredients + water if you want it thinner (it does not matter the temperature).

Then eat.  I’m going through a flax meal craze right now since it’s such a good source of fat and plus the egg, these pancakes offer a really good amount of it.

Question for you:

Do you use flax?

What is your (current) favorite type of pancake? 

Lifetime Training Peak Weak

I was asked if I would do a day by day breakdown of my runs and workouts this week with paces.  As you know-I don’t really keep track of a lot of my paces because I find it helps me, but here you go.


5.1 Mile run.  Easy (untimed) in the rain.

AM: 18.9 Mile long run @ 8:32 pace (3:41.30).  This is my longest run ever and the only reason I timed it was to make sure I was keeping it easy and not pushing the pace.

PM: P90x Chest and Back


Easy 8.2 mile run.  No watch…no anything.  Just easy.  Felt good.


AM: 6.3 miles with a teammate of mine.  Still easy.

PM: 6.3 miles (again).  I had planned to do this also as an easy run, but alas stress and life got in the way.  I quickly knew when I started running that I wanted to change it to a tempo run.  Good thing I started my watch.  6.3m @6:32 pace=41:15.  I’m very happy with this run and it served as a good motivation, now if only I can keep that pace through my half next weekend.  😉 (no).


AM: Easy 12 miler, solo and without music.  I forget if I’ve mentioned but my stupid ipod stopped working so I’ve had to be a “real runner” and run without music…until I buy a new ipod.

PM: P90x Legs and Shoulders + Ab Ripper X


11.75 miler.  I was just running by myself, but ended up seeing my assistant swim coach (around mile 7) on the roads and ran a few extra miles (around 10-11min pace) with her.  My overall pace was 8:05, and I felt strong running a sub 8 pace on the 10 miles alone.


AM: Tempo 4 miler.  This one was rough but I reminded myself tempos are good for the soul and racing myself means I’m the ultimate victor.  I have dubbed my tempo runs the Pancake Series.  The winner gets free pancakes…Well considering there is one person and that one person is me…you know where this is going.

PM: Easy 10.2 run with my assistant swim coach again.  It was her first double digit run!

Total 83.5 miles

This is my lifetime highest mileage week.  The best part was-they were quality runs.  I had 2 tempos and a long run.  The rest were easy and recovery.

All in all it was a very solid workout week.  Very solid.   Next week, I’m going into taper for my half next Sunday.   I get to significantly cut my miles in hopes to run a sub 1:30 half.  I can’t wait. 

I know I have a couple speed workouts (Wednesday and Thursday) to get my legs in the right mind frame, then off to Plattsburgh.

Questions for you:

How was your training week? 

What is your favorite workout? 

Do you like to workout in the AM or PM? 

Bloggers Exist in Real Life Too!

It all started at 6:17 am Monday morning.  Why  I woke up I don’t really know-my alarm clock goes off at 6:30.  I think I was just super excited to have breakfast with NikkiAnyways-the wedding was lovely (maybe I’ll have some photos in another post…no it wasn’t my wedding.)

So anyways-Nikki and I were meeting at The Biscotti Café located right near her in PA. 


I was super excited because come on…who doesn’t love going out for breakfast?  Or meeting really cool bloggers?  Or having breakfast with Nikki?  Gosh could this day get any better. 

We met right before 8:00am and I automatically knew it was a place  I would love.  They had chocolate chip biscotti that came with the coffee.  I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to dip the biscotti in the coffee but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

And it was.  HA!  I wanted to get more of those guys to go-but decided I would probably be eating poorly on the road so decided to let me taste buds experience other places along the road.

Anywho-for my breakfast I had “Nova lox (salmon) with poached eggs on a muffin”

And a fruit cup because I feeling healthy. 

So anyways-back to my meet up with Nikki.  She is so awesome and absolutely hysterical.  We traded terrible swim stories, chatting about life and had such a great time.   I honestly can’t wait to hang out again.   If you don’t follow her blog (you should) she is a great athlete and downright awesome and most interesting blogger.

Question for you: Tell me your favorite blogging adventure. 

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