Wisdom from the Peanut Gallery

You should remember a lot of things about running.  In my mind it can easily be broken down into three points.  You may have more-but I am of the simple type.  (That is why I like to keep my blogs below 500 words…400 of them being unnecessary rambling). 

Point one: Running should make you happy-when it doesn’t…you should take a break.  You will see how happy it makes you again and perhaps fall in love with it again.  Then it will become enjoyable and not like a chore.  I’ve been on both sides and taking a break was sucky at the time-but it made me crave running again. 

This was fun

Numero does: You will have another race eventually.  So you couldn’t train as hard as you wanted for a particular race-there will be another one.

Or two

Or ten.

We are young…road races are only becoming more prevalent.

There is a race every weekend somewhere…don’t forget that. 

Three:  Your body is an amazing healer.  You get injured…it will heal-rest and give it time, I promise!   We all know I attract injuries like it’s my job and I make it through them.  Sure there is always crying and whining, but I eventually get over it and let myself heal.  Running in pain is no fun anyways (which loops us back to point 1).

My body went from no walking at all-to running-all in 8 weeks! 🙂

So I leave you with my words of wisdom.  😉

Question for you:  What do try and remember about running (your sport of interest…life)?


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  1. I like those and totally agree! Also remember the same races occur every year, so if you have to miss one, it will happen next year and maybe you can catch it then :).

  2. LOVE THIS! And I whole heatedly agree with all three points! Especially number one! I am kind of in the stage right now.

  3. I try to remember that each day is a gift. Each run is a gift as well. Neither may be good at times, but it’s my choice of making the best of it! If I have another day or another day to run then I am blessed. 🙂

  4. hehe your ‘peanut gallery’ is very wise!
    love your words girl! an injury is not forever, and running is not forever so do what you LOVE while you can, and stop when it’s no longer LOVE simple as that! 🙂
    I try to remember that running and racing is just an enjoyment and extra spice in my life, and that my running doesn’t define me…so I should over-stress a workout or race because there will be 58593 more races! 🙂
    I hope you’re having a great week!

  5. You are such an amazing runner and inspire me to run better! I like the thoughts on you can always train for another race if you want! So true! I’ve only run a 1/2 marathon and want to run another one to improve my time, although I usually just run for fun and the thought of running to beat my time is stressful!!!

  6. I’m a big fan of numero dos. I really need that right now. I was just getting all upset about how I’m not gonna have a single good race this season but the truth is it doesn’t matter because I have tons of races ahead of me!!

  7. I try to remember to keep it fun, that I don’t NEED to run everyday and that if I don’t have time I shouldn’t feel bad that I didn’t get a run in.

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