Annual Campus 5k

I was debating if I would write a race recap for this particular 5k because I  strictly did it for sentimental reasons. Then I got tagged in a bunch of photos and when I have photos to share, we all know it’s blogging time.  Partly, because I am constantly forgetting to take photos or I just don’t….

 My college hosts an annual 5k (which ends up being 3.2 miles) and I would be dammned if I would miss it.   

Even when I ran a half marathon three days before.

Even when it was 80 degrees in Potsdam.

Even when I felt like utter crap.

But I would still go and at least jog or run…whatever.  I was going to run the miles anyways-might as well run it with friends.

My ultra marathoning runner bffer Justin. Please enjoy the brightness of the sun.

Anywho-it’s nice that the race fell on a day when it was hot (so I can tan).  It’s also nice to see my college so active and it’s just me running around like my head cut off.

The 5k itself was long (closer to 3.25 miles) but I mean it’s casual.   I wasn’t too concerned.  

I don’t have too much to say about the race itself.  It hurt like a beyotch because I’m recovery from my half.  The time itself was 22:10 and for the race distance equals a 6:51 pace.  Not sure how I pulled that out and I’m pretty sure I won’t be running anything less than a 9 minute pace for the next few days.  I’m 100% okay with that. 

Look at us go.

Anyways-back to the race.  I’ve run these loops countless times.  When you can run a 7 mile loop around your entire town (and that is pushing it), road races in my area on home ground.

 I’m pretty sure I took the first mile out in around 6:30 then straight up died, but I looked fast because everyone died (per usual for people who don’t normally run 5ks).  Actually I am 95% sure I finished the race at perhaps an 8 minute pace.  Oh well. 

I never really have much to say about 5ks because it’s about 20 minutes of mindless running.  I either think a. I feel so good or b.  This is painful and sucks.  This race was a b choice.   I like to stay postive though and smile my way through races…maybe it’s because I’m a weirdo or always smiling.  God knows.  I normally throw some peace signs up at every photo op.  It’s not like I’ll take good race photos.

Anyways after finishing, I chilled for a bit and ran back home.  (Mostly along the same race course that I had just run…) and went to class.

Like I said-I love running with my friends and classmates.  It jazzes me to see other people so active.

Question for you:  Have you ever done a fun race, paced someone else in a race, or anything that does not involve racing as hard as you possibly could? 

I honestly think there is more to running every race to PR.  Sure it would be nice but it doesn’t happen.  Sometimes just going with the flow is so much more fun!  (or most of the time ;))

Shamrock Half (1:33.30)

Well I have finished my fourth half marathon and I could not be more pleased of how it went.  I finished in 1:33.30, which was not at all what I was expecting (like I said somewhere…between 1:35-1:40) would have been fabulous.   I got my A (1:35), B (<1:40) and C (finish…duh) goals.

But I did better.

I was obsessed with wearing the finishers hat...I'm not even a hat person.

Anyways, I didn’t put on the blog much about my knee and IT Band the last week (until Monday), but they had been acting up a lot.  So much so-that I was at 50/50 running the race…the morning of the race.  Although-they felt okay in the morning, they didn’t feel amazing prior and I didn’t want to be injured even more so.

But I decided to run it and immediately into mile 1-I realized I had no pain and was running quickly.  So I was happy. 

I also decided to run it in my trainers because this wasn’t the race I was trying to PR.  I was just trying to finish successfully and have some sort of base to kick back on.  Having more support was so necessary. 

Dad and I woke at the ripe hour of 4:30.  Left the house by 5:15 and were at the race by 6:15.  I was almost late for the start because I had to check my bag in (the race started at 7).

I didn’t warm up at all…unless you count walking to the race start which was about 1 mile.  I don’t really warm up for half marathons and it’s struggle to get me to warm up for most races. 

Then at 7am, bright and early the race started.   I was in corral one and we all went on our ways and speeds.  So many people started off so quick (it was super nerve racking per usual).  I just kinda let my legs go their speed-cautious and not pushing anything.  It ended up being a 7:05 pace.  7:05 pace into the wind.  7:05 pace up hills.  7:05 pace down hills.  I literally hit all my miles between 7:04-7:06 pace.  *I don’t have a GarminI just had nothing to think about and math is fun to do while your running

Until mile 10, when it got hot and I slowed down to a 7:10 pace.  I was somewhat sad-but then I realized I was still going to be under my goal of 1:35 so I just let it all be what it was.

I hit a serious boredom wall at mile 10, but then some water hander outers screamed my name (it was on my bib) and said looking good.  I don’t know why but it made me say-hell I can do it.

At exactly 1:31 into my race, I heard the marathon go off.  I silently wished my dad good luck and thought of the good fortune he had taught me to really enjoy running.  My dad is my idol.   

Then I finished at exactly the same pace that I had been going.  I haven’t done enough long runs lately to develop any sort of kick for a half marathon.  So I knew that was not on my side . 

This was a great race for me.  I had gone in, hoping to be around 1:35-not expecting to be anywhere faster and came out better.  I really hope it sets the tone for my next race in Plattsburgh, NY on April 22.  I want to be under 1:30.

Obsessed with the hat? maybe...

While waiting around for the marathon-I crossed into one of my favorite bloggers- Alyssa!  It was finally nice to be able to chat for more than a hot second!   Can you believe how awesome she looks after running-I look like I’m about to die.  Good thing she snapped a photo because I’ve been failing miserably at that.  😉

Question for you: 

What is one of your most memorable races?

Race Fuelage

Today while lying at the beach, I came across an interesting article in Runner’s World.  I still read RW whether or not it is geared towards the running I want to doI find that you can normally find some interesting articles in any magazine and who doesn’t love to learn more knowledge about running. 

One of the little blurbs that I wondered about (and somewhat have for a while) asked Miles the following:

What did Runner’s fuel with in longer races before all these fancy gels/GU/Gatorade/ect?

Maybe I (personally) was looking for a mystical answer-I don’t know.  They essentially said they got through marathons and such WITHOUT any sort of fuel and LITTLE water. 

Champ status? 


It got me thinking to my evolution of running and my reliance on gels and Gatorade and such.  (Keep in mind-I have never run a marathon.)  My longest training run was unplanned and 18 miles and unfueled).  The first and only 5k I ran in high school (for funzies and because the gym was closed on thanksgiving ), I needed water at both water stops.  I was going to die if I didn’t.

Die I tell you, die.

Took me a while to dig this beauty up but here you go and yes I did run in abercrombie sweat leggings. Judge me-I dare you.

I proceeded to take water from most water stops at local 5ks (they don’t have them during cross country races…rude) .  During my first cross country season -I realized that I could save about 30 seconds per stop if I didn’t take the water.  I would literally stop-shoot the breeze with the people, drink and go.. Then when I realized I could finish not only a collegiate 5k but a 6k with no water breaksmy mental block of needing the water was released.

Then I moved into my love of half marathons in the Spring after proper training (2011).  Now keep in mind this is just my personal liking, but  I never felt like I needed a gel at mile 6-7 as most people did.  I kept a gel with me and normally took it around mile 10.  The thing is though-I have never really bonked out of a race either so I don’t quite know if the gel helps me or not.

So that is how all three of my half marathons went.  Gel at mile 10.  Water at most of the fuel stops that I was close enough to grab some.

Then at my 20k (12.4M)-I got to the race and realized…

I didn’t have any power gels.  It was close to a half distance and I needed these gels to survive.  Without the gel-god knows I would peel over and die right at mile 10.01.

But that never happened and I ran my way to a great time.  (so anti-climatic I know but I didn’t even think about the gel)

So although I think gels are handy-I don’t really think I’ve mastered the trick to using them or Gatorade very efficiently.  I have really gathered my thoughts on the amount of gel and fuel that is needed for a race and I understand it varies (a lot per person).  I’m curious to hear other’s thoughts.

What are your thoughts/opinions of fueling during races? 

Racing (5k=20:20) and Training

Just in case you wondered, I made it back home safely for Spring Break.  I walked off that plane in Southern VA, and it was 73 degrees.  

Anyways-it’s going to be a fun break-I can already feel it.

I decided to step back from the blog for a few days and become mysteriousNo really-after all my typing for papers, I needed a break.  Anyways-happy Sunday my friends. 

This week was a (somewhat) successful training week for me.  My legs are finally starting to catch up to the mileage I’ve been putting in, so I don’t feel too bad when running (by bad I mean little aches and pains that come from upping your mileage). 

Running: 50 miles

Arcing: 5 hours

Swimming: 0 hours

Lifting and Core Sessions: 4

I wanted to swim-I did, but my schedule did not work well with the pool schedule.  My pool at college is only for a few short hours daily, and during most of those hours I was working on my paper with my teacher or studying.  Oh well, all good.


5k Race Recap:

So some of you may/may not know, but I ran my first race in a couple of months on Saturday. I went into this race having NO time goal at all (and didn’t time it with my watch either).  I like the extreme old school of not knowing your time until you can see the clock in the distance.  I know that may put some of ya’lls panties in a bunch not know your splits, but I personally don’t care.

The point is, I needed to start creating an official base line.  I could lie to you and say this wasn’t scaryI would have to accept the time I finished with.  I have been avoiding this whole timing myself thing (partly because coach knows it will make me go crazy), but partly because I don’t want to know where my baseline is.  I have a bad habit of running from my problems (pun intended).  Anywho-

It was extremely windy and chilly on race day.  I was very undressed, wearing just spandex and a short sleeve cotton shirt.  Thank goodness the dad had an extra pair of gloves because I was already miserable before the race even started.

The race was similar to my last 5k with Laura, with no chips and it was done on that number board type thing.  I don’t really mind but it meant having to be towards the front when the gun went off or my time would suffer.

The gun went off and I ran.  (thanks for that obvious statement…).   The race was pretty much a blur for me though.  It was super windy in some spots and not windy in others.  I was probably averaging about a 6:20 pace going with the wind and a 6:45 going against it.  I honestly felt comfortable the entire race which is a good sign, I wasn’t dying.

My final time was a 20:20 or 6:33 pace.  I am pretty happy with this and it certainly sets a good mood for next week’s half marathon.

Speaking of my half marathon (The shamrock half, in VA Beach), coach has asked if I make three goals for myself.  These are realistic goals for me right now.  Next month is a different story (I hope) but right now these are good goals for this race.

A goal: Under 1:35

B goal: Under 1:40

C goal: To finish (this should always be your C goal because finishing a half is no joke!  Actually-too many serious runners take finishing any distance to be a joke, but finishing any road race is a big deal…anywho a topic for another day.).

Question for you:  How is your training going?  When is your next race? 

Would you rather know or not know certain details (like my baseline thoughts?). 

Blogging VS Real Life

I couldn’t think of a better time to post this blog-seeing as I have recently put a link on my facebook.  It isn’t that I purposely hide blogging because if you know me (in real life) I frequent talking about the blog, or frequent making references to something.  I’ve had a blog for a year and a half now so I don’t hide it and it’s not like I don’t know people don’t google my name and find it easily.   I ramble about blogs I read if they are relevant to my conversation…it happens.

I also don’t go out of my way demanding people read my blog.  This isn’t grade school-if it doesn’t interest you, don’t read it. If it does interest you-read away.

I’m not here to hide my life (which is humorous from some of the emails I get in regards to more aspects of my life).  I’m also not here to share every personal detail of my mind (um-my awkwardly mile a minute chats are more than enough for most people to handle). 

Needless to say-I’m not hiding anything but I’m not the type of person that will ramble off every detail of my life unless it’s relevant.  You ask-I tell, that is how I roll.

Anywho-with telling people I blog (especially about training/fitness/food) at least one, if not all of the questions are asked:

1.       Why?

2.       How do you have that sort of time?

To answer both of these more direct questions, I love blogging.  It gives me an outlet that isn’t hindered by anything.  I basically have the freedom to ramble away with anything I want.  I want to talk about cats.  Okay I like them.  My hatred of birds the next day?  Fine…. The second question is easy, you can physically make time for anything you love to do.

And here come the ones that annoy me the most (which is basically my point of this blog anyways).

3.       Do you have some sort of problem with food (ie: implying I eat too little for much…)?

4.       Do you have a problem with exercise? 

To answer both those questions because I know if you aren’t asking me directly-you ask.

No and no.

I run (swim…exercise) because I love it (most of the time).

I eat more than you and your family. 

I may eat pretty cleanly about 95% of the time, but you better believe when I say I eat enough for my training and what I am supposed to be doing.   I could not physically run 10 miles followed by an hour of swimming on 1200 calories-nor do I want to attempt that.  EVER.

I find it really funny when people tell me about my lifestyle and how they believe they know oh so much.  Oh yes, did I forget I was on a reality TV show and you were following me around 24-7.   People see a glimpse of something and think it justifies them to give you advice or tell you they know about X,Y,Z

So hello real life friends who journey over and hello blogging friends (both I love dearly).

And to answer your 1 million questions about LOLZ making a facebook page…it will happen…one day and it will be full of more socially awkward musings and fitness joys.

Questions for you:

If you blog, how do you go about talking about it?  (if you do) 

If you train hard, what do you tell people when they ask?





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