Friday Favorites: Nike Frees Review

Okay so I might as well post this-even though I’m currently not running, I was running in the shoes before I broke my arm so it’s only best that I write a review while it’s still fresh in my mind.  

First, for those who don’t know I have run in Newtons for 90% of my running career.  It isn’t that Newtons are BAD shoes or that I hated them, in fact it’s quite the opposite and I like Newton’s too.   I still frequent running in them.  I just run extremely far on my toes-so far that I was NOT putting the lug technology to good use at all.  If a shoe doesn’t work with your stride-it doesn’t.  Similar to a significant other you will eventually find one that works well for you.    

When you are running high mileage weeks, you need to make sure you are spending money on something you are getting full use out of.  That being said, I’d still recommend Newton’s to people.   If you want to chat more-don’t hesitate to email me (  If enough people want-I can write a full review about Newtons  It’s really not that I don’t think they are an awesome shoe, I just don’t get the benefit of them like many people do because I literally could do point ballet with how far I run up on my toes.


Moving on to the Nike Frees.  If you know me in real life-you know I’m obsessed with everyone and anything Nike.  Nike spandex.  Nike socks.  Nike Track Jacket’s.  My racing flats and racing spikes are both Nikes.  I’m literally a pretty big Nike brand whore.  I would like to point out when I swam-I loved all the backs of Nike style suits.

So I thought in my quest of trying new shoes-why not start here?

With the Nike Frees.

I honestly bought these shoes because they looked pretty cool, I knew I needed a lighter shoe and I liked Nikes.  That was my champion thought process.

What I like:

  1. Everyone always complements me on these shoes (call me a fake runner if you want but that is important).
  2. They are light.  They don’t weigh a ton and they are really a great minimalist shoe
  3. If you are not wanting to take the plunge to five fingers or barefoot (that’s me), then these are a great alternative for light running.  A few of my friends that run in five fingers or even barefoot also wear these in the cold arctic tundra of Northern New York.

Drawbacks thus far:

  1. I don’t really feel comfortable running more than an hour in them.  The bottoms of my feet get kind of sore.  I guess that is to be expected with a minimalist shoe (and I run halves in flats) but I’d prefer to have more support in runs longer than an hour.

My final verdict:

I like my Nike Frees a lot and will continue to use them in runs less than an hour and for cross training too.  Certainly a good alternative for the five fingers for those looking for a little more support but certainly good for those looking to decrease the weight of their shoe and roll with a minimalist shoe.

*I would like to point out neither Nike or Newton sponsored this post.

Question for you:

  1. 1.        Ever tried Nike Frees or Newtons?
  2. 2.       What shoes do you run in? 


16 responses

  1. I love the look of the frees! Unfortunately I’m the total opposite of most people in that I need a hefty, supportive shoe. Luckily I don’t heel strike, so bigger shoes really aren’t a problem. I’m still jealous though because they are always way uglier than the minimalist shoes!

  2. I love anything and everything Nike too! I run in the Nike Frees and I absolutely l love them! They’re the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever ran in. I have the black and purple ones 🙂

  3. I’ve never tried the Nike Frees… I really just don’t care for Nike running shoes all that much. Never even seen a pair of Newtons or know anyone who wears those outside of the blog world.

    I usually wear Mizuno’s, but I just bought a pair of Brooks a few weeks ago with a gift card I got for Christmas, and I really love the Brooks! I think I might be converting to a Brooks girl now, lol. But I’m glad the Nike frees are working for you, I do have some of the Reebok RealFlex which are a light shoe, just because I won them in a giveaway. I’m sorta scared to try running in them though… I’ve just always worn really supportive shoes!

  4. I’ve been alternating between running in Free’s and VFF’s for almost 2 years now, Compared to the VFFs, the Frees feel like running on marshmallows. I don’t get sore at all running in them. I’m trying to find a shoe that is in-between the two. Looking right now at the NB Minimus or Merrell Road Glove. Training for my first marathon in April! (madrid RnR)

  5. I have a pair of Nike Free’s and I tried to do a 9 miler in them .. not a good idea! Now I just use them for short distances or just walking around campus!

  6. Also a huge lover of the Nike 😉 Sometimes I just look like a walking (running?) advertisement for them, with shoes, socks, shorts & shirt all Nike, haha. They just make some seriously great stuff!!!
    My current shoes are Nike Lunarglide, and I’m pretty happy with them. I used to run in Asics, and they were ok too. I only have one pair of running shoes since all I do is running around my neighbourhood and very rarely a track.

  7. I’ve never been a nike running shoe fan but I’ve never tried them, I get my shoes from runnners depot and they evaluate you and give you the best shoe, I’ve had brooks,asics and muzunios but right now I am running in soucounys which are pretty good!

  8. I used to be a runner… but its been a long time since I pulled out a good run (is it sad I pretty much died on a 2.5 mile run yesterday?). I run with Nike Pegasus. Love, love, love Nike shoes!!! And I definitely love swimming in Nike brand suits- their cut out backs are amazing for tanlines!

  9. Ooh Nike Frees! Recently I had been looking at those! But now I run in my Saucony Kinvaras and I am too in love with those to stray away right now! I TOTALLY used to be a all-Nike chica too, but now Saucony has my heart haha! To be fair, 99% of my running gear is still Nike though 😉

  10. i actually have only had bad experiences with nike shoes – sprained ankles, shin splints, foot pains…the list goes on.
    I only run in saucony shoes now – I’ve never had a problem with them and I went to a specialty running store to get my feet fitted.
    I also love my vibram five fingered “barefoot” shoes!

  11. Nike Structure Triax is what I run in and love them! Also there are the Nike Pegasys for a more neutral running form. But I wear structures for support. 🙂

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