Let’s Get On To the Next Month

Let’s not beat around the bush here-January was not a highlightabale month for me.  It’s easy for me to pick out the best day which was January 7th when I ran the 20k. 

Then when I went down to Atlanta I had such an awesome time with Laura!

But besides those five days or so-the entire month has been rather rough.  (The five days though made it go up from a rating of 1 out of 10 to 4 or 5. 

I searched sad in all my photos and this is what I came up with...Yes that is me on the left sad and cold.


I had some serious knee problems that made me cut miles.  Really-I haven’t been running too much since the beginning of the year.  (which=sad Hollie oh wahh)

Why yes I would love to run again and wear this outfit..

I broke my arm.

I went back to Upstate from the lovely VA-hard but not the end of the world.   I’m close with my parents, it’s cold up here, the idea of run is staying inside and laying around…you know basic things I don’t like to do.  (and there are no close malls gah!)

case and point of my mornings. Ice scrapings.

Honestly-lots of little things just kinda piled right on up to make my start of 2012 to be not well…not the greatest.

But that’s okay-because I’m *so* determined to make February my pivotal month. 

Why and how?

I’m in Upstate now-that much isn’t going to change.  It’s not bad and I’m having lots of fun, yes the cold sucks, but weather is weather.  I’m staying busy (even with the arm) and I’m hanging out with all my friends of course to keep my mind off things.  I really think having a good attitude is what keeps you sane.  If I was all woah is me, my life sucks…then it would.  But my life never sucks because incase you wondered-I’m always living the dream.

I broke my arm?

It will heal duh.  It will heal in February and then I will run again. 

Out of running shape?  I’ll get there eventually-as my coach always says…I’ll have the longest running career because I’m always injured due to random things.  All good in my hood.

So there you have it-February will be my month.   How are you making it yours?



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  1. Glad you’re making the best out of breaking your arm. I know it sucks but hey, it’s only a few weeks and you can just do other things. Plus it’s uber cold there anyway and you’re in good shape so it won’t take you long to get back to where you were. Love the pic of you in your room!

  2. So sorry about your arm – that really sucks. I’m pretty sure we should wrap you in bubble wrap and tell the world to back off so you can go live your daily life without getting hurt. I hope February is a better month for you… at least it’s only 28 days. But it could be 28 days of awesomeness.

    I’m studying my butt off to make February my month to get my nursing license! I hope!

  3. Where do runners get those teensy tiny shorts from? I’m always like – are those boyshort undies undies or tight shorts? 😛 Haha, but you can pull them off (especially with the pose and facial expression – love it).

  4. I like your coaches view of it!! We can set some old lady marathon records together and be featured in runner’s world, okay? I’ve pretty much had a similar start to the year.. in fact I’ve only really had one run this month. But I think it’s made my desire to have an epic come back even stronger!

  5. The whole longest running career because you’re always injured thing is totally true. You will be running until you die! I love you 🙂 I can’t wait for our date and your year will get better! 🙂

  6. Definitely stay positive! Everything will work out in time I hope February is my month too, I have a lot of school work to do so I’m hoping I get good grades hah i’m such a nerd!

  7. January was just testing you and your commitment to making 2012 AMAZING!…you will have a better February and it will snowball into a better March(and so on..!!!)
    Lets think of it as you getting your injuries out of the way EARLY in the year, and now being able to stomp major-booty in your races and upcoming halts!!
    I’m always cheering for u, and we will run together this year!!

    • “halts”=HALF’s!!!…sorry I’m leaving you love through my phone and its beautiful predicted text…I don’t want anything to HALT with you!!! xoxo!

  8. A good attitude makes all of the difference dear! You are staying positive despite everything else around you! I’m very proud and know that February will be your turn-it-around month!

  9. You have the best attitude ever. Also, that picture of you in the pool reminded me of the shit swimmers say video when they complain about being cold and nipping. haahah oh swimmer probs. or should I say retired swimmer probs.

  10. Holy cow I missed a lot! You broke your arm?! Are you ok? I hope it (and your knees!) heal up pretty quickly. I love your attitude about February, though!

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