Trail Me Thursday Week 1 (Home Edition)

I have been posting an assortment of blogs and vlogs but no daily blogs about what exactly I’ve been up too?( I know you care so much).

Why because I’m boring.

Just kidding, I’ve been using my time to catch up on some random things and just packing to go back up school (which I’m going back tomorrow wahhh).  I hear it’s like -10 or something up there but I’m not looking at Upstate NY weather. 

Anyways-I’m starting something called Trail Me Thursday, where I feel the need to put you (the blogging world) into my back pocket and take you on a journey through my day.  Keep in mind this is my last day in the South so it might be a tad different than usual. 

I’ve mentioned on Dailymile but not so much here, I’m taking this entire week off of running.  My knee has felt really squirrelly and I don’t want to do anything rash so I’m just chilling and Arctraining.  I’m really upset about it but I’m not going to sob all over the interwebs.

So instead I did an hour on the Arctrainer in the morning.

I got lunch with aDuBs as Panera.  I *needed* to get my salmon salad again before I left.  Of course it didn’t disappoint per usual.  I love salmon and I love salads with feta cheese. 

Afterwords-I finished packing and cleaning and then drove up North (45 mins) to meet aDuBs again (near her school), this time for froyo.  Bffers got to do what a bffers go to do.   I needed to see my babycakes again. 

Please aDuBs just pose with this froyo....that's what food bloggers do and stuff. You know, pose with ice cream.

We had an awesome time and I actually didn’t have as much froyo as I would have liked this break.  I guess being busy got the best of me or something ha.   No matter-I had lots of gas station coffee and hot cocoa so I guess it was a good trade off.

And then I pumped my gas for the 12 hour drive in the morning.  I know…I live the dream. 

Love me some gas pumping...

Anyways-I’m off to school in the morning.  (wah 12 hours straight north).  Catch ya’ll on the flip side.


Question for you:  What did you do today on Trail Me Thursday? 


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  1. Yes – look forward to COLD weather. In VT, it’s been in the 20s outside, but the “feels like” temps are -2 or something crazy like that. It takes me forever to layer up for the few runs I’ve done outside!

  2. Do you not have panera up at your school?! I think that’s one of my requirements for college. I will not be okay without panera, I’m sure of it. I can’t imagine the weather up there either. Good luck moving back up there!

  3. Sorry you have to deal with that cold weather when you go up north (then again you already live in Va., but I guess your area of Va. is still considered the South… don’t really consider NOVA the South even if it’s in Va. sorry). Plus 12 hours on the road is crazy anyway, be safe on the way up and with the weather in case you run into any crazy weather or crazy drivers!

    Froyo is amazing and from what I heard today at the mall our machine should be fixed tomorrow… yippee!

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