Beat the Ball 5k Race Recap (19:30)

I owe two race recaps so I suppose I’ll work on those.  I’ve had my arms tied the last couple of days so I haven’t even opened my blog reader yet.  I hope everyone had a good New Year’s though.  🙂

This has been the first New Years that I have been able to watch the ball drop and been in the US since high school.  Weird eh I’ve been on training trips for college swim team the rest of the time).  Anyways-after doing a lot of research, I found a 5k on New Years Night.  By doing research, I mean I was casually browsing my running clubs website and saw there was a 5k on that.  Sounds good to me-it’s not like I have real life friends to celebrate New Year’s with anyways.  Oh wait-I do and they will all be running this road race.

This race was titled “Beat the Ball”.  It was a 5k that started at 11:35pm.  The goal was to race under 25 minutes and finish the race in time to watch the ball drop on the big screen they had outdoors.

So anyways, that same day one of my friends Tim came down and wanted to run.  He doesn’t live too far away so it wasn’t as strenuous as a drive from Upstate.   I seem to have a lot more guy friends as girl, as dad pointed out.  I think it’s because my guy friends will run with me.

Moving on-the race started at 11:35pm so we got there around 10:15 or so.  Beforehand was super stressful because my dog was very sick.  She had slowly been getting worse for the last week or so and they knew she had cancer.  We weren’t exactly how much longer she would make it (she was roughly 15).  Mom stayed with her instead of watching the race.

Upon arriving, we warmed up for about a mile or so and waited inside.  Not that it was cold (60+ degrees) but there were lots of fun festivities inside.   I honestly thought this was going to be a small race but there were 300+ people.

Then at the starting line, my whole world came crashing down.  Some man that I had never met before (I presume one of dads friends) came up to me and word for word says: “Your dad left.  Your dog died.”

Not your dog has passed away and you father left to take care of her.  No just your dad left, your dog died.  I lined up physically crying.  There wasn’t too much I could do but to know she was in a better place.

Then the gun went off and we went.  After the first .5, something terrible happened.  I was feeling awesome, and I felt something around my foot loosen the fall off.  My chip!  Ugh-I debated for a split second to stop but didn’t and kept running.  If nothing else-I knew the time I was going to run weather it recorded or not.

I hit my first mile in 5:55.  My first sub 6 minute mile ever.  That’s all I have to really say about that because I was so pumped.  I debated stopping right there and thanking the heavens but I didn’t.  Slightly inappropriate perhaps.

Mile 2 and 3 were a somewhat of a blur.  I was lost in my own thoughts about my dog, life in general, and my first sub 6 minute mile.  I remember looking at my watch at 16:20 and thinking hopefully less than 4 minutes to go but that is about it.

I finished the race in a time of 19:30.  It didn’t record (of course since I lost my chip).  I spent the next hour sulking but in my regards it was my own fault.  Then the nicest people helped me out and told the race officials!  The race officials were also taking manual times (way after crossing the finish line(More for places)), they caught a manual time for me of 19:44.  All I really wanted at this point was my award.  I actually got first female overall!

Anyways-I “beat the ball” and got to watch it drop on the big screen outdoors which was pretty neat.  They gave us champagne flutes and we celebrated the New Years with a glass of that and then went home only to wake up for another 5k 8 hours later.  🙂

Question for you: How was your New Year Celebration? 

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  1. COOL RACE! Great job on your time and minute/mile pace! Rocking ittttt.

    I’m really sorry about your dog 🙁

  2. God your quick. I honestly cant wait to see what you can do with Marathon… 🙂 Happy New Years Lady!

  3. All I have to say is you are fucking awesome.

    and sorry about your pooch :/ you can share rizzi with me

  4. I seriously can’t imagine hearing that before racing. I’m so sorry! From the sound of that first mile, I think you really channelled any negative energy that you had into the race, which is great! And your overall time and finish ain’t half bad either 🙂 I seriously think you are going to have a great year of racing and I’m so excited to be able to follow along.

  5. First off, I think that’s an amazing idea for a race, and I wish we had things like that here. All we have are 5Ks with very ugly t-shirts, and unfortunately once you have the ugly shirt you’ll get the same one every year you do the race because they don’t even change shirts year to year. Anyway…

    That has to be difficult racing when your dog died. Personally I’d freak out wondering why someone just randomly told me that at the start instead of waiting 20-25 minutes for you to finish and then breaking it to you… sounds like your race paces and times were amazing even if nothing else was, and congrats on “beating the ball”. Still can’t believe you did ANOTHER 5K that morning though! You are a running beast!

  6. So sorry about your dog!!

    But congrats on that time!! 19:44 (or 19:30) is a killer time! And I love the race idea… it gives you some incentive to run fast so you don’t miss the ball drop!

    I spent new years with my swim team. Great team bonding and a ton of fun! <3

  7. Oh Hollie I am so so sorry about your dog! That guy is rather insensitive… sheeshe!
    That is a really cool idea for a race though and woman, you freakin ROCKED IT! Such an awesome time… I hope to get there someday!

  8. So sorry Holls. My cat died in December from the same thing. She was 17, and it doesn’t make it any easier.

    I can’t believe your chip fell off and you won! Cray Cray! I couldn’t ever run that fast even if my life depended on it! You are insane woman! Congrats!!

  9. Oh Hollikins! I’m so sorry about your dog. You are fantabuloso though with your time! I love you everything will get better!

  10. im so sorry about your dog! that is so sad. Hope you are doing ok.
    I will say that race sounds like a really good idea, although I dont think I could finish before the ball dropped haha

  11. oh my gosh I am so sorry to hear about your dog, she lived a long time and I’m sure she is in a happy place! I know it’s tough, but keep your spirits high!
    Your speedy races right now are great indicators that you have a REALLY AMAZING racing season ahead of you! I am so excited to read about all of your success!

  12. That sounds like the coolest race ever. I would have fallen asleep while running. I am so sorry about Sushi, though. Just read the other post as well, such an inspiring pooch! I love animals (if you haven’t noticed). Geno has stolen my heart.

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