So Much In Blog Cleaning to Be Done

Hello blogging bffers. 

So much in house cleaning to do-

First, thank you for all your support in my last blog post.  I quite shaken by this experience but I’m glad I have so many friends in the blogeverse to send me their love.

Second, from two posts ago-I got a spinal tap when I had a serious migraine and they thought it was a possibility that I had meningitis.  I was delusional when being escorted into the ER and could barely see and hear (like a serious hangoverX10000) and was showing all the symptoms on meningitis (which can be deadly).  So they did the tap and found that I didn’t several hours later.  I wish I had a blog then so I could have said “hold on, please pose with the hugh jass syringe for the bloggy besties.”  Sadly, I was not internet cultured like I am now.


Furthermore, Happy First Day of December! 

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest people ever Laura

Let’s recap November shall we right quick?

Here is a quick month of review.  I quit swimming.  I ran 229 miles.  I became happier.  I lifted a little bit.  I ran my championship cross country race.  Then I ran a faster cross country race two weeks later.  I began a cooking show which I have yet to be inspired of what to cook next (so tell me…I’ll be willing to try as long as you don’t mind my failures ;)).  I tried new things (peanut butter and eggs).  I ate lots of good food.  I lost a friend.  I discovered pinterest.

That’s about it.


In December I plan too…

Run a 4 mile race.  Balls to the Wall my finals.  Go home.  Paint some more.  Take lots of photographs.  Celebrate Christmas with as many family members as possible.  Have a photoshoot. Visit my youngest brother.  Run a 5k.  Run another 5k ten hours later.  Run 230 miles.  Lift more.  Become a core whore.  Oh and enjoy break a lot.

Anywho, enough rambles.  I think my blog is clean…now to clean my room.

Question for you:

  1. What are you up to during this lovely Holiday month? 

13 responses

  1. I would love to see more of your paintings! they are awesome. Happy Decemeber

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, twinnie! Love the outfit!

    I am going to make you a core whore in January–just wait!

    I’m looking forward to my trip to Asheville this weekend and starting my Pilates training, tons of dinners out with friends, Christmas with my family, a visit to my hometown to see high school friends and my godson and best friend and then a cruise with the in-laws.

  3. Yay for becoming a core whore! Hahaha. I just learned about meningitis in microbiology and I learned that one of the ways to test for it is to do a spinal tap to see if the spinal fluid is clear. If it is cloudy you have meningitis. SCARY! I would have been so afraid, but I’m glad you didn’t die 🙂

  4. Good luck with finals! Always chew gum. It helps. Seriously… they mythbusted it… well I guess not busted it since it was true but…. yeah. gum helps.

    Very sorry to hear about your friend. :/

    I seriously want an Advent calendar… not going to lie… I think it would bring joy to every day. haha

    And now I’m sick 😐

  5. A spinal tap. DAYMN girl…that’s rough. 🙁

    Check out my recent post to see what I’m up to this month! 😉

    BLOGGER MEET UP SOON?! We’ll go get Pancakes with Allie K Smith! 🙂

  6. Lots to do in December (is that good grammer?) I’m in my pre-marathon training training plan (ramping up to the start of my marathon training plan in January!) December is my favorite month of the year. The other 11 months seem so hectic, and December always seems to wind down the chaos and enjoy the good things. Just need to reverse that! Sorry for your loss. Keep running and blogging.
    Ty (

  7. I need to become a core whore this month too. Wish I was running back to back 5k’s – you for got to mention that you are going to run fan-freakin-tastic times in those 5ks. I’m just hoping to get back into running this month!

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