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I wouldn’t say my blog is the epiphany of great (by any standards).  I also wouldn’t say my sources are always accurate or that I was number one proofreader across the world.   I’m not an English major (and didn’t inherit my moms newspaper editor skills), my brain thinks faster than I type or talk and I don’t spent countless hours on the Microsoft word perfecting my blog.  I am a sarcastic spitfire though so I hope that keeps you around. 

I would say that I do enjoy blogging and it’s an outlet for my dumb witted remarks that I don’t always make in real life because I don’t want to get beat up.

I have gotten several questions lately about how to make your blog grow and how to find new readers….ect.  I’ve compiled a somewhat short and sweet list of easy to do (and most are obvious) things.  (Who has real life friends anyways these days?)

1. Read and Comment on Many Blogs

BUT don’t add meaningless bullshit when it’s clear you didn’t read the post.   

I’m not saying that you must read word for word every post every single person in the blogesphere because that would burn you out in five minutes.  All I’m saying is reading and commenting on posts is a great way to get your name out there.  Reading and then commenting, “oh that is great” or neato won’t exactly add much to the conversation though .  Finally commenting when you have only read the title is probably not the best idea either (and 99.9% of the time) obvious that you didn’t read anything other than the title.

2.  Write for you.

We are all guilty of this.  Asking what our readers want.  I mean I love reading all the blogs I do, but I do no wake up in the morning thinking “OH my god, if so and so doesn’t write and this today…I’m clicking unsubscribe”.  Write what comes natural and in your natural style.  If you aren’t serious…don’t try to be.  If being funny is not for you…write about informational topics.  If you are super awkward, embrace it!  Don’t cry if you can’t post on the regular.  Your readers are subscribed and it is 100% understandable if you need breaks.  (it would be weird if you didn’t).

3.       Photos. You need to find that golden line of interest that works for you.

Don’t post 1000 photos in myspace style form photography.  I don’t care if you turned your face 1 degree, it’s the still the same damn picture.

Zero photos makes me feel like I’m reading a book for class and therefore won’t. This goes along with 10000 word posts.  No.

4. 500 Posts daily on the regular. 

Most of us are not able to keep up with the daily 500 posts you do.  Unnecessary and how the hell do you have that much to say?

5. You are boring. 

If you never post pictures of you and your real life friends or you outside of your computer webcam, I can guarantee you will not keep my interest.

Question for you: Biggest advice for bloggers?

Why Running is Not My Number 1 Form of Excercise

Because I can’t scream over  a microphone.

Because I can’t teach 50 year old ladies how to pop, lock and drop it.

I digress. 

One of the reasons I started this blog was to ramble away about aerobics classes.  It dawned on me that a lot of my newer subscribers (or not locals) don’t know that I teach aerobics over the summer and breaks.   Step aerobics and weight lifting with step to be exact.  It is actually MY FAVORITE (yes it tops running…bite me) form of exercise.  I mean who doesn’t want to jam out to grimy rap music while lifting weights and me yelling.  To give you an overall tone of the class, I normally greet the ladies with what up bitches.  I pretend like they like it.

I digress.  I used to be very much into weight lifting.  I loved these classes, but sadly my stress fracture prevented more than just running, it prevented teaching these classes (due to basically dancing with 10lb weights) so that was another upsetting consequence.

But back to aerobics.  I teach two different classes.  The first is step aerobics.  Since I can’t put a video tape of me stepping and talking and yelling and screaming vulgarities into a microphone, I’ll leave you with this photo.

Words cannot even discibe how happy I was google brought me to this image bahaha.

The second class I teach, is actually a step class with weights.  I begged them to get this class because I wanted to show woman that you can lift and be toned and not scary.  I love lifting.  Anyways.

I have compiled some of my favorite lifting weights exercises which I find more beneficial to me and the class in general.  Since we are pretty mobile, dumbbells work the best for this situation so I’m kinda a dumbbell master.

Here I am lifting by myself since I couldn't with class. Lame stress fracture.

I could lie to you, but working ticeps and biceps are my absolute favorite.  I don’t know why but a lot of the class is focused on upper body.  (Well that was per request).  I hate working legs but since this class is advertised as Upper body, we can somewhat negate the legs and do such things as lunges and squats and call it a day.

In a 55 minute class (+5 for stretching) we pretty much cover 1-2 sets of all of these.  (set in my case=8-10 reps).


Bicep curls

Hammer curls

Alternate curls


Tricep Extensions (one arm and two arm)

Tricep Kickbacks (The easiest to incorporate into any step move)

Tate Press


Dumbbell Row (one arm and two arm)

Arnold Press (my least favorite)

One and Two Arm Press

Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Raise

Side Lateral Raise


Dumbell Flys


Now this class is specially tailored to the people that come.  A lot of whom this is their only strength training weekly or whatnot.  A lot of whom, (shout outs to you guys) are middle aged.  Although I do love my outlier youngins or males that come to class too.  I can see a difference in arm toning for every single one of the ladies that stick with me over the summers.  You may be asking if this is too much and because we aren’t maxing out (for instance-when lifting by myself I do 3 sets of 25lbs for dumbbell curls…here I do one set of 10 lbs) this isn’t hurting any of my ladies.   Got more questions ask on my formspring or send me an email at

So there is my commercial-go join a workout class.  Preferably mine.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       Do ever take classes?  Do you like them?
  2. 2.       Favorite song ever to work out too? 
Weekend Fun

I hear that it is like snowing in Northern New York.

On the way to the gym.

Reasons why I love not going to a school in the same state as I go to school.  

I digress.

I suppose you might want to know about my weekend?  Or if you don’t, well I’ll still ramble away because I’m highly fascinating.

Let’s see here as I mentioned in my last blog, Justin came down to visit and run a 50k.  So we drove (by we, I mean me) drove Lorraine down from college to home (a 12 hour drive).

Along the way we got some salmon that was cooked in guiness!  Yeah…we stopped at an Irish Pub while lost in Pennsylvania.  It was like I was destined to get lost there (if you know me I like one and one beer only…take a guess ;))

I swear I'll stop taking photos with my phone...well uh no I don't.

We stopped along the beach and went for a lovely run (I guess there isn’t those in Upstate New York).  In easy runs sometimes we stop and take photos.  Duh.  Justin wore his garmin and we trucked along at roughly at 8:30 pace.  Not too shabby for stopping and taking photos and wondering a beach.

Wild hair...I don't care. After 11 miles of joy.

Like I said yesterday, Just did really well for his ultra debut.  4:07 in a 50k which is fantastic.  This was a real kick off to his new training so he is super happy.


After a year long nap (um..I was more tired from my 18 miles than Justin was from his 31), we went to go look at Christmas lights along VA Beach boardwalk.  You drive along the beach boardwalk with festive lights.  Please enjoy my terrible photos.  True story.

The neverending lights.
antitan camera flash.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       What did you do this weekend?
  2. 2.       Have you ever had friends come visit you from school? 
Unplanned 18 Mile Jazz

Hello blogging bffers.  As some of you may or may not know-one of my buddies came down to run a huge 50k in my area (no I did not run that dear god) and so I have been playing good hostess (or at least trying to be).  I’ll write up a weekend post sometime soon.  🙂

I have to say that my blog is becoming very running focused lately, but in all honesty that is what I’m doing currently right now.  So that is how the cookie crumbles.  I’ll post other random things too…eventually.  Anywho-

Enjoy this photo of me pointing to VA after my long long drive home.

Today I ran 18.23 miles and yes that .23 is important.  I went to spectate the Seashore 50k (the race that my friend from school Justin was doing).  He finished in 4:07, but that is for another blog.  Since I wouldn’t really be able to watch the entire race, the dad and I thought we would do a run out there while Justin was running.  It was only supposed to be between 10-15 miles (well that is what my day called for) but the daddykins had other plans.

You see the real plan in his mind was to run two loops of an eight mile track.  I was going to switch into my flats at mile 8 (granted I felt okay), have a gel and delayer.  Perfect-I thought so. 

We watched the start of the 50k at 8am, and then went back to the car and got ready for our run.  The first few miles were uneventful-I just told dad about my last few weeks of school, he asked me if I had a new boyfriend yet (as he always does) and he talked about home life.

Around mile 4, we decided to go a different loop and kept going straight in the park.  No big deal because we could still loop around.

Around mile 6, my dad in his glazed eyes said “are you feeling good today?”

“Decently,” I replied.

“want to run to the hot tuna and back?” (the hot tuna is a bar on the oceanfront which is about 9 miles away from where we started”

“Let’s do this shit.”

And that is how it happened.  We ran the 9 miles there and back.

Things I did during this run:

  1. Ran the last 3.1 mile stretch of the race I got my stress fracture at.
  2. Drank an entire bottle of Gatorade without getting sick.
  3. Hit a huge wall at mile 16.
  4. Saw the leaders holding a  7 minute pace for a trail 50k.
  5. Had a 70 year old man tell me I had a nice ass.
  6. Never delayered and ran the entire run in my Newtons
  7. Jogged the entire area where my 20k will take place in January (the one I’m gearing up for)
  8. Saw many of my DM friends do awesomely.

Oh and yes this was my longest run to date (previously 16.25 miles).

Where does this take me in my running now you ask?

I’ve had 3 back to back 65+ mile weeks (this week will be closer to 80 actually).  That means I am taking a cut week and running between 30-40 miles of easy running to let my little muscles regrow and blossom.

Maybe I’ll get into the pool but that is a big maybe.

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       Do you take gels?
  2. 2.       Do you ever spectate races? 
Injury Chat and 73 Miles

Last night after calculating my miles (because I’m a little behind schedule and didn’t calculate last week), I realized this…


It’s kind of a big deal in my life, so much so I decided to post about it.  Pre July 12th (ie injury..), I ran every single run as hard as I could and ran roughly 50-55 miles weekly.  Every run was at a 7:10-7:30 pace weather my body liked it or not.  Want to know how I accomplished such a feet?

I did a lot of runs on the treadmill where it didn’t matter weather my body wanted to go fast or not.  My ass would be flying off the back and smashing glass if it didn’t.  I began to love the treadmill (but only because it forced me to run fast).

Even though I was running (count this 20 LESS miles) weekly than I am now…I was more tired.   As a running n00b, I learned my lesson with that injury.  Don’t get me wrong I won’t sugar coat it and say I didn’t cry every other day, but it did teach me a lot of life lessons.

Not every run you do needs to be a PR (in fact wouldn’t that take away from PRing?).  Your body only possesses a certain amount of energy…no need to waste it all in practice every single run.

I know a lot of my blogging bffs are injured right now, but I promise you-you will get through it and you will run/swim/cycle to where you once were (and faster).

It may suck now (believe me, I spent a solid month crying), but you will get through it.  It’s 1 or 2 months of your life.  The average life span is roughly 78 years (it was on my exam today ;)) and 1-2 months is not going to make a difference, I promise.  As you may know, I have been racing again and not gone personal bests yet, but I am very close to honing into them and feeling the best I have ever felt in 99.9% of my runs.  I can guarantee you if I were to run a half right now I’d PR that thing like it was my job. 

Getting injured was probably a pretty good thing for me, because it showed me more and faster is not always better.  I can run 2 miles in 20 minutes or 2 miles in 12 minutes, and the thing is…I’ve still run 2 miles.   I’m still going to improve and most important, I’m still going to be happy.

Just thoughts that entered my mind today when I ran.   Stay Strong my friends and listen to that awesome body of yours, you will make it through your injuries. 

Question for you:

  1. 1.       Have you ever been injured? 
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