Hobble Gobble 10k

Saturday came and my race was near.  I slept through my first alarm at 7:30.  Well not slept through-woke up turned it off and went back to sleep. 

Do I regret it?  No not really?  I’m not even sure why it was set that early the race didn’t start until 11. 

Anyways after making myself some breakfast around 8:15, I casually ran around town for 20 minutes or so and warmed up.   Since the race was only 2 miles or so from my house, I could just warm up around town.  Lovely eh?

Our neighboring frat was just finishing up a party around 9:00am as I ran by.  Real life? 

So anyways-Jenna picked me up and after getting lost to get to the race (how you do that in my small town…I don’t know).  We made it.   

Ready to go!

When we got there (think we had to park in a grass field with hay) we noticed how hilly and windy it was.  No matter-we grabbed our stuff.  I didn’t realize my small country town could get any more country until I went to the west side.

The race was a 5k or 10k predication run.  So you guess how fast you are going to go and cannot wear a watch, phone, ipod or anything that will tell your time.  I predicted 44:30 for the 10k because it was a really hilly course and also quite windy and I really don’t even have a good call on my 10k pace yet so 7:10 or so seemed good to me.

The race started so that the 5k and 10k were together for the first mile and a half.  It was somewhat annoying because I didn’t quite know how to pace myself since there were so many people flying by me doing the 5k and I had no idea what sort of pace I was on.

Then the 5k people turned and we went straight.  That is when I realized I was actually in 4th or so for females, since you could see about a mile up and the next mile was uphill.  I was feeling pretty good so I kept at the same pace. 

Around mile 2, I told myself I’d start to make my move around mile 4.  (Yes my move…who am I?).  Mile 3 and 4 were by far the worst of the race because it was so windy.  I thought I might blow away…

But then I got to mile 4 and literally said okay lets go.   (In my mind I said…time to drop bitches).  I went for one girl and charged up a hill.  I will always be strong at uphill running. Not downhill, but uphill I am good at.  The second girl took me a lot longer to catch (how about the rest of the race).  She was pretty far in front but I kept my eyes on lockdown and just ran.

I ended up outkicking her and got second female overall!  (Can you believe that…I never EVER outkick anyone).  I finished in a time of 44:00 which meant 30 seconds off my prediction time.  The people who won the predictions were within 3 seconds! 

It was certainly a fun run and it made me realize how much I do love running.  It doesn’t have to be fast or slow, timed or not, it’s all enjoyable. 

So excited to be done

My next race is on Thanksgiving and it also a 10k. 

I hope they have more turkeys for me to pose next to.


Question for you:

  1. When is your next race?
  2. How was your weekend?