Friday Favs!

Happy Friday yall.   Have you ever noticed all the fun things start with F?  Food.  Fashion.  Fun.  Fork…

I like to save all my eats (or a few of them for Fridays).  Anyways, in theme with last week I have continued to keep my carbohydrates high and my protein lower (well lower than it has been in a while).  It has been working out well for me and who doesn’t like carbs?

This week has been pretty boring for me up here.  Just doing work and trying to get ready for Thanksgiving Break.  I’m pretty jealous of those on Trimesters who get out now.

Favorite noms of the week: (and yes they are only my favorites because I remembered to take a photo or ten).

I have been in a fruity pancake mood the last couple of days.

Blueberry Pancakes


Pomegranate Cakes

Broccali with cheese has become a favorite snack staple of mine

Never enough cheese (or salt for that matter).

Some random dinners for the week

Steak Salad




Friday fun facts:

  1. In one month I’ll be home for Christmas break for an entire month.
  2. I took glassblowing class two summers ago and loved it.

Question for you:

What are you doing this weekend? 

I’m running a prediction run tomorrow that is roughly 7M.  I can’t wear a watch or listen to music.  Sounds like quite the adventure.


15 responses

  1. Good luck with the run tomorrow 🙂
    I’m jealous you got to do glass blowing! Jimmy always wants to do that cause he loves stuff like glass haha.

  2. Pomegranate pancakes sound awesome. That’s one combo I’ve never tried. And it is true that there is never such thing as too much salt. I actually keep the salt shaker next to the computer since I usually eat and blog there and you never know when you will need more salt.

  3. GLASS BLOWING! That’s awesome. Everytime I see people do that I’m just like “it’d probably be terrible to suck in..”

    I want pomegranate pancakes! I feel like we should just hang out and eat.

    Umm this weekend I’m gonna be ON A BOAT. 😀

    Also, I emailed you 😀

  4. Hi, you have a great blog. If you’re ever open to talking about gaining weight, maybe you can shoot me an email? I’m struggling with some stuff, but don’t want to be a trigger or a bother. Thanks either way.

  5. Glassblowing, whaaa. And broccoli/cheese are an awesome combo. I used to do this hungry girl recipe where you put a box of it in with some noodles for some healthy “mac and cheese,” it was delish. I forgot all about it until just now, must do!

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