Fear Foods Conquered.

I suppose I should preface this.  I am in the complete healthy BMI/weight/life range.  In fact, I’m nearly square in the middle of it.   Of course, I strive to eat somewhat healthy but I think most people in the blogging community do.  Please don’t read if you think it might trigger bad thoughts. 

With that being said, one year ago my swim coach asked me to gain weight.  I’ve probably said this a lot, but runners and swimmers don’t exactly have the same body type in which they excel in (and yes I know that everyone is different…)

When he asked me to gain weight, (I was still in the healthy range) he said my swimming would improve.  It was only the first month of season, but it was already looking like a rough season for me.  I was also always getting cold in the pool.  They keep it at roughly 75ish degrees (I think….maybe I’m pulling that out of my ass) anyways-it’s cold and a few practices I had to get out early because I was shivering more than actual swimming.  I never warmed up while being in the being doing HARD practices for 2 hours (and I had plenty of body fat to keep me warm).

At this 2 mile swim, it took me close to an hour to warm up afterwords

It was very hard for me to start actually putting the plan into action.

Because I wasn’t a rail but with swim practice you are burning roughly 1000 cals per practice and we were doing 8-9 of them weekly.

So saying gaining weight was hard was the understatement of the year.

He also suggested that I do it somewhat healthy (aka don’t booze it up and eat fried crap every five seconds and expect to gain weight and feel great in the pool).

He wanted me to eat a lot of eggs.

Five eggs for breakfast...that day still makes me vomit.

And a lot of peanut butter.

Fried platains+peanut butter+sprinkles. I basically had this for snack everyday.

And a lot of protein powder. 


With my healthy weight gain, came better times for swimming than I would have probably had at my lower weight but it was still an overall not great season.  That is a story for another day.

After I gained the weight, I didn’t touch eggs or peanut butter for a very long time.  I had so much (think 4-5 eggs daily) and the look of eggs made me vomit.  I also (in my mind) equated eggs and peanut butter to why I was so unconfident with my swimming. 

It’s hard to explain but basically for the last year I have had nothing to do with either peanut butter nor eggs.  It’s a shame because both are so healthy for you.

Until last week when I began slowly integrating them into my diet (I had been talking with people…shout outs to you about the benefits of them).  Before last week, I had maybe a dozen eggs since last January.  Maybe.  I had not bought them myself or sought after them for my own refrigerator.  If they were in food I ate on campus and at restaurant so be it-but I didn’t cook them myself.  In fact, most of my protein came from protein powder (not purposely but it seems that is just where it came from).

Here is where you can be shocked about my life.  I haven’t had protein powder in over a week and I’ve been eating a lot of eggs and a lot of peanut butter (not together though lolz).

I’m also not dead.  It took some getting used to and telling myself “Hollie you aren’t even swimming anymore, why do you avoid these foods.”  I never avoided them because I was afraid of them per say, I just ate them more than most humans saw possible and grew sick of them.

I think I cycle in and out of food.

So here is to you eggs and peanut butter.  New staples in my diet.


Question for you:

1.       What foods have you grown tired of and then liked again?



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  1. Awesome! Glad you got the tummies back in your life 🙂 I used to live brussel sprouts and then I got sick of them.. And I still don’t like them..but I haven’t had them in a while so I should find out haha!

  2. Welcome to two of the best foods ever.

    Seriously I love them both.

    For example I had french toast (1 egg, 2 egg white w splash on vanilla flavoring+ cinnamon wisked) with peanut butter and jelly on it for breakfast.

    Talk about nomage- SO FREAKIN GOOD.

    I need to study wtf am i doing blogstalking

  3. Wow! kudos on the 2 mile swim! it’s certainly much better exercise than running, easier on the joints too 🙂 for my answer to the question, i have to say peanut butter. I used to get sick of it pretty fast but then once in a while i still crave it lo! 🙂

  4. I hear you on eggs. I had a bad experience with them at Girl Scout camp and can’t touch them now. And I have a love/hate relationship with peanut butter. It was one of the few healthy “fattening” things I allowed myself during my bad spell, so I still get sick of it every now and again. I’m glad you are enjoying new foods, and while I know your coach meant well, it bothers me that “weight” is so much a factor in sports. We all fluctuate SO MUCH during any given month or even year. When I met Tim, I had this notion that my “healthy weight” was this narrow three pound margin. He’s taught me it’s not. There’s a reason BMI is a range and weight is a range…we need to give ourselves the flexibility to find our centers at different times.

    And I’m the odd runner that performs better heavier. Since I’d halved my mileage, I’ve lost about 10-12 pounds. Just naturally. The way I’m built, I guess. Trying not to be scared when that number goes up again.

    Anyhoo, what I’m really saying is that it’s super complicated, and that I understand.

  5. I think everybody grows tired of certain foods once in a while. Gosh I don’t how you managed to eat 5 eggs for breakfast…this would make me sick too! Milk was something I grew sick of. But that’s only because I used to go over board with my milk consumption. I used to have copious amounts of breakfast bowls, milk & cookies, numerous glasses of nesquik/milo.
    Those fried platains & pb look delicious 🙂 Sprinkles makes everything better!

  6. That is too sad. I love eggs and peanut butter, but then again I do not eat them everyday.

    I have gotten so sick of frozen grilled chicken. This is what you are supposed to eat if you are “trying to get toned.” High protein meals and lots of veggies. Needless to say I am spent on the grilled chicken. I ate it for lunch and dinner today and I wanted to vomit. Literally got nauseated eating it.

    I need a new high protein source.

  7. I hate it when food takes on some negative meaning because of things like that. Ensure shakes. Oh my lord. Disgusting. Not that that is a normal food that I need to bring back into my diet, but I would never want to have another one after having to drink them to gain weight. I’m glad mine wasn’t peanut butter or eggs, because those are glorious foods. I’m glad they’re back in your life!!

  8. Ew, ew, ew, eggs. I cannot stand the sight or smell of them without wanting to hurl. Bad experience when I was 11. Although I did re-try them and they are still disgusting.
    Anywho, I’m really glad you introduced them back into your diet! 🙂

    I know coaches talking to athletes about weight seems to be a very controversial subject… But seriously. It’s simple physics. People perform better in certain sports at certain weights and body compositions. I’m glad you seem to do what’s best for yourself and your health regardless! 🙂

  9. Ahahah meeeee too. My father and I both do that. It’s either a shit ton of eggs, a shit ton of yogurt, a shit ton of beans, a shit ton of peanut butter…you get the idea. Literal phases. I think it’s cause I’m a really extreme person, I don’t really do moderation. Like if I get goat cheese and freak out and love it, I eat it like every meal for a week and then don’t eat it for a month. Weird but I lyke it.

  10. I’m really proud of you Hollie! If there are 2 foods that are incredibly healthy, it’s those too. Haha they’re often incorporated to LOSE weight! But I know what you mean about learned fears.

    But with the eggs–aren’t quiches made with eggs…? Or was it more when you had to prepare it yourself?

    I just found a new Dietician for me, Hollie, and I’m so excited to work with her!

  11. I definitely go through cycles with my food…there are certain things that are staples in my diet but the rest kind of come and go as I want them!

  12. I always go through phases. I’ll be obsessed with something, eat it almost everyday, and then be so sick of it I don’t have it again for months.

  13. A few years ago before my wedding I was on a very high protein diet. I would grill veggies and chicken before every week and eat a ton of it. I have to say that plain grilled chicken breasts still make me want to hurl. They taste okay when I actually eat them, but thinking about them I still feel nauseous! Glad you are finding a way back to certain foods- but I wouldn’t feel too much pressure to eat anything you don’t like. There are lots of healthy fat alternatives to peanut butter and also other great sources of protein other than eggs 🙂

  14. I’m glad that you’re starting to eat eggs and peanut butter again! It’s a terrible thing when you connect food to emotions/memories and you no longer want to eat them! I remember I went on this 3 week diet and it said that I had to eat zuchinni, squash everyday at lunch (along with other things), and after those 3 weeks ended, I didn’t touch a zuchinni or squash for about a year and a half. Thinking about them would make me gag!

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