Friday Favs

Somehow in the last few months, I fell off the photography bandwagon.  Maybe it’s because my camera died and my cord was under my bed.  Who really knows.  Anyways-I promised myself on Thursday morning, that I would document a good amount of my eats so I can actually add new photos to Friday favorites.

But first in honor of Friday, I decided to dress like a real girl…lumberjack.


This weeks Friday favorites are a little different because I have been more or less eating different things.  Change is good.

I’ve taken a liking to eggs.  A lot of them.  I’ve literally had at least 2 eggs daily.  Right now-eggs are a big protein source for me.   For now, I’ve stopped completely using protein powder.   As in none.  I have been using it for 3 years daily, so it’s a big change for me.

Oatmeal-it’s nomtastic.  I can add an egg in there too.  Then get complete sources of protein as well as nomtastic carbs.  I used nomtastic twice in one paragraph.  I’m a toolbag.

Oatmeal pancakes, just because.

Lots of sweet potatoes.


Other favorite things of the week include this sweet shirt that I found at Walmart for a dollar.  Why I felt compelled to buy it-I don’t know.


Fun Facts of Friday:

  1. It has been 30, 70, sunny and sleeting all in one week here.
  2. I got my hair chemically relaxed and I can’t wait for it to grow out.  I miss my curly hair fo real.
  3. Well I’m off to go jog my cross country course and prepare for our championship race tomorrow.  By prepare, I mean the broski’s team is also going to be there and I’m picking his ass up for adventures.

    Minus his hair is all chopped off.


Question for you:

1.       Best oatmeal creation.  Go.

2.       Tell me a fun fact about you. 

18 responses

  1. oatmeal w/ pb and a banana of course! I have never heard of putting an egg in there though….um…

  2. pumpkin oats, just add a 1/2 cup of pumpkin after your eggy with some cinnamon and nutmeg! mmm. (and almond butter).

    Fun Fact: I drive like a man (legs open) and yesterday I had a dress on for the first time in a looooooong time. Driving like a man + Dress + Truck driver pacing next to me = Gross. This is why I shouldn’t be allowed in public with anything other than sweatpants.

  3. Eggs are my favorite – just so easy and quick and delicious.
    Fun Fact: A friend from New Zealand is coming on Monday to visit and stay for 2 months (it’s her summer vacation – yes, she is skipping her summer and coming here for winter, aka 2 winters in a row.)
    PS: I like your blog’s new look and the pictures up top.

  4. I was wondering about chemically relaxing hair! So weird.. I was thinking that I wanted to do it… did your hair stay straight all the time?

    I am loving all the foodie pictures! Happy weekend, and good luck at the race woo woo!!!

  5. I’ve been all about eggs lately too! They go with everything. And they’re super easy and fast cooking. I’m actually eating eggs right now.
    Best oatmeal creation is oatmeal cookies. No bowl of oatmeal can match that.

  6. I eat about 1 1/2 eggs a day for breakfast. I find the protein keeps me full. I’ve never have oatmeal pancakes but am thinking that might be the best thing to use oatmeal for, otherwise I’d say oatmeal cranberry cookies! Yum!

  7. I love oats with pb and yogurt, looks all messy but I love it! I have been eating eggs in everything lately, once I start I crave them all the time!!

  8. That shirt is funny, I actually saw it in walmart awhile back and when I see things like that, I think of my friends who are grandmas and if they would like it (yes, I have friends who are, haha, including my grandma friend who runs 5Ks and places 1st in the 60-70 division!). But I decided both of them are a little too classy and cool for the shirt.

    Your egg sandwich looks delish! I don’t eat eggs all that much though.

    I love your real girl pictures :). And you don’t look like a lumberjack in the plaid flannel shirt!

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