Holy Hills of Hell

I wanted to post this last night but couldn’t get ahold of the photos until today.  I was so sick Friday night before the race.  I layed in bed from like-oh I don’t know 7pm until 5:30am.  Yeah, I’m okay with it though because guess whose bod was well rested.

On a side note-who says bod these days.  Where the stars did I pick that up.

I did have to scrape my car off because it was all frosted over at 5:30 in the am.  Rude.

The bus ride was rather uneventful, we got to the race 2.5 hours early.  Why?  Well there was supposedly flooding on the roads from the Hurricane.  Too bad that was 3 weeks ago and it was finally gone from the Mountains.  Then the girls race was delayed an hour.  So the race did not start until 2pm!  That means watching what I ate until then.  Rude.

Incase you wondered, I had pancakes (which I made the night before), a vitatop and a bagel.  It kept me fueled for the race though and I wasn’t sick.  I hate afternoon races.  More time to think about it. 

The race course itself is terrible-point blank.  In the course of a 5k, you change in elevation from 0 to 450 feet and back to 0. 

While running up many hills, I thought to myself…is this real life? 

I wasn’t racing though, once again.  Just jogging it out to keep my NCAA eligibility.  I did well though, so I can’t complain.

I really do run sometimes...

I was blessed that I got my splits too.  I guess this shows how hilly it got:

Mile 1: 6:41

Mile 2:14:52 (8:11)

Mile 3.1: 22:45 (7:08 pace)

Dear god-are those the most ridiculous splits you have ever seen?  The thing was I felt awesome at that first mile, it’s not like I just completely died.  It just got to be more hilly than the dickens.  I literally debated walking up one of the hills because I thought it would be faster.

My spikes were god's gift to this race. That is all. Minus I look a hot mess but I'm over it.

No complainants though, it was a lovely race and I had lots of fun.  My legs are sore from it but I’m over it.

Horray for it being done. 🙂

Um yes.  Hills.  I need to work on those.


Question for you:

Is it hilly where you live?  Do you like down hills?

It is not too hilly on any of my running routes. My area is full of rolling hills though that I should be practicing on.  I need to just continue to build my miles though before I integrate hill workouts too.  I am planning on doing long runs (like yesterday…I ran 7.66 miles) on these rolling hills to become used to it.