I was tagged in this post about butterflies or something like that by Lactose Free Liz.  True life: In high school I was a fairy type thingy with butterfly wings so this is where it stem from.

Yes of course we always need random pictures on my blog.

1.       Name your favorite color: Yellow!  Yellow is obnoxious.  I am obnoxious.  I’m also partial to red but you didn’t ask for seconds.

Half my outfits are yellow!

2.       Name your favorite song: Fleetwood Mac: Landslide  Listen to this and your soul is soothed.  I have gone seven hour car rides only listening to Fleetwood and not gotten bored.

3.       Name your favorite dessert: Bread Pudding

There are certain things in your life that just deserve a hell yeah.

4.       What wizzes you off? A lot of things.  But people who are just point blank rude or people who cannot be straight up with me.  1. Don’t lie to me because I will find out.  2.  I’m not a naïve idiot.  Anyways.

6.       Favorite Pet? My donkey.  Enough said.

oh haii.

5.        When your upset:  I cry like it’s my job.

7.       Black or White? Black because I spill things like it’s my job.

8.       Your biggest fear? I read this when Tara posted it and it doesn’t shock me that we are similar.  I hate failure.  I hate to let other down weather it be relationships, friendships, running, swimming and generally pleasing people.

9.       Best Feature? My bootaay.  I don’t know where it came from.  I don’t ask questions I just thank the gods for giving me a nonflat butt.  (Do not fear.  I will not post any photos ;))

10.   Everyday Attitude:lolz.  That is all I got for you.

I really do wear this everyday.

11.       What is perfection:Don’t ask me as I don’t have it.  But I would say a balance of life that makes you happy and keeps ya mentally and physically well.

12.   Guilty Pleasure: Dancing at inappropriate times.  But I don’t feel guilty.


Um don't ask. Because I don't know.


Question for you:

Pick a numba any numbaa.


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  1. Hahaha botfrend has finally figured out after four years that I figure out his lies every time! And I love dancing behind the block!

  2. 1. Yellow is the best color e-vah!! 🙂
    2. That song is in my Top 5 list. I also re-discovered Fleetwood Mac my senior year of college. 😉 Many, many moons ago. Carolina in My Mind is my favorite because it reminds me of home.
    3. Key lime pie. My parents are from Florida, and my mom’s recipe is the best.
    4. Intolerance. Rudeness and hatred for no reason.
    5. Same. I hold it all up, and then will all of the sudden cry and not be able to stop. For like an hour.
    6. Where is number 6?
    7. Black, mostly definitely, because at least then people won’t know I’m wearing my food!
    8. Failure. Disappointing people I love.
    9. I am jealous of your booo-tay. I would say my smile or my legs.
    10. Balance.
    11. I can’t top the donkey. Dog and a cat.
    12. Singing in public and Bravo reality shows.

    Yes, I answered them all because I procrastinating doing real work like it’s my job… 😉

  3. You have a pet donkey???? That is awesome.

    I too fear failure big time — in so many areas of my life. Other than that I’m terrified of big bugs and spiders. I will seriously run out of a room screaming if I see a spider.

  4. Haha. You always make me laugh! I love these little award thingies because I love neat little facts. I was the one addicted to myspace surveys back in the day! Haha.

  5. You have a pet donkey? In high school my best friend and I made up a fake story about us buying a donkey! We named out fake pet Lucky, because we said he would only eat luck charms! I have since always wanted a real life pet donkey!

  6. Um yes failure is freakin’ scary. And dancing at inappropriate times is absolutely necessary. And I had no idea you had a donkey. My friend has a zonkey, which is a zebra donkey. It’s pretty sweet. Uhhhh and I’ve never tried bread pudding and I think it’s a problem. Everyone loves that stuff and here I am, a bread pudding virgin. Not okay!

  7. I love that you have a donkey! I remember when you did the post about your donkey, I was amazed..and it made me want a donkey! I wonder if Craig will go for that one…ha!
    My favorite color is purple…for obvious reasons 😉 but my second favorite color is orange…for the same reasons that you love yellow 😀

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