Quiche and Crop Tops

Wahh.  I see the majority of you like two short workouts!  Twinnies!

Yesterday was just a really odd day for me.  I had to drive the brother three hours south to the train station and ended up eating breakfast at like 10.  I didn’t eat for four hours after I woke up, and if you know me I normally had to eat immediately when I wake up.  I was about to eat my car.  Yum yum metal in my tum tum.

I wasn’t hungry again until 3 when I ate lunch and then for dinner I just had ice cream.  At 9pm last night I was craving a late night snack of brussel sprouts.  If I understood my eating habits…I would let you know.


My blog posts have been sporadic since school because my mind has been just the same.  Let’s see here.  I’m starting the semester on a completely different major.  I have kind of gone from proofs and theoretical math to nutrition and health.  All boys to all girls.  Socially awkward to sorority sisters.  Eh-you get the point.  I mean I’ll still mix worlds a little bit (since I switched my minor and major) but 5 classes of 1 thing.  Good heavens.

I’m completely overwealmed-so I need to take these days nice and slow.  Plus, I’m finally starting to get into this whole college jive thing.  I can be the first to admit, that I have never really been a typical college student but I’m meeting a lot of new people in my classes which is lovely. 

Along with being busy, I have just lacked the motivation for blogging.  Kelly Rowland, you are not my motivation and it’s clearly not working. I think that is who sings that hit song anyways. In fact, this post was started a few days ago, but it has taken me now to actually finish it.

Since we spoke last, I have done many great things.

I have rocked crop tops.

You know since all my classes are within 2 doors of each other, by rights this is my personal mirror in the bathroom to take myspace photos with.

Eaten quiches like it’s my job.

And did 1 long run in which I felt decent.  I was told to run about 40 minutes very slowly and see where it took me.  I ran around town then construction was blocking my quick way home and had to extend that to 50 minutes.  I wasn’t wanting to be an overachiever by any means but I didn’t have any sort of other route home rather than the way I came.  Who knew my town could be so big.

Between you and me blogging besties, I feel completely out of shape and that all my cross training was for nothing during my injury.  I guess I know that isn’t true and I would just be in a worse state, but I’m pretty down in the dumps about it anyways.  I also know that I have had a rather intense workout week with cross training and my legs are somewhat dead as well.  I’m about to go into cardiac arrest running paces that were so easy a few months ago.  But what can you do, I want to baby my injury as much as possible because I do want to run the rest of my life.

Welp.  I’m off to the first swim team meeting of the season. Open swim starts next week again so it will give my joints a nice break I suppose.

Question for you:

Cross training.  Let me hear your thoughts about it.  I have a big old blog I’m working on dealing with that topic.


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  1. I think cross training can be really beneficial. It takes stress off your body so you don’t end up overusing muscles or joints, and, if you’re injured, it helps you retain some cardio or strength (though, I will admit, it won’t help you retain the exact same).

    Good luck for swim!!

    Question for YOU: What made you decide to change majors?

  2. Cross training is great. Actually, honestly it’s all about my mood for the day. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. Haha.

  3. I really have learned to love cross training. It’s never for nothing. I keeps you in shape and your body moving when you shouldn’t be running, swimming, etc. This week, I just want to be on the elliptical, but I just push myself to run. Some days I love cross training, other days I can’t stand it.

  4. I don’t think cross training is a bad idea. It’s good that you’ve been doing it even if you can’t run, it will keep you in shape, even if it’s not as fun. Plus, it keeps you from burning out on one sport or activity, too.

    That quiche looks amazing.

  5. Aah seriously I could write a BOOK on this!! It’s been weighing on my mind so much recently! I STILL haven’t got back to where I was pre-injury, but I am getting there! Your pace WILL come back, I promise! It has taken me a few weeks to get back to near it, but I know I can get EVEN BETTER 🙂

    And I felt the same about the cross training! But you’re right that at least we maintained some aerobic fitness, and it would’ve been much worse without it!

    Oh, and YAAAAY for running again!!! 😀

  6. I love your crop tops – I don’t think I’ve ever owned one!

    Cross training — I love it and yet I don’t do it enough. I’ve been focusing on running + strength training but I want to add something else in there, like bike riding or something like that. I just feel good when I’m not doing the same thing every day.

  7. For me cross training helped my “running” only becuase I’m nto super fast and speedy like you. My main issues with running are my lungs and mental state, so less running helps the mental, stepmill/incline walking help the lungs!

  8. Way to go you keep rocking the crop tops!
    Sometimes I get sick of cross training and just want to run. But overall cross training allows me to maintain a certain fitness level & reduces the amount of stress on certain muscle groups! So I suppose it’s kind of a win win situation if you want to try and remain injury free?

  9. I’ve been learning to love crosstraining. I’m not saying I’m a fan of the elliptical at all. I do however have an archnemesis named the stair stepper. It gives me one of the best workouts! I do however love swimming but it’s nice to change up the routine. Although if I was banned from doing something (like running) I might have a different opinion about cross training after weeks of doing it.

  10. Your major sounds really interesting, and I know what you mean about being overwhelmed! I just started Tuesday, and I feel overwhelmed with classes and homework already. Cross training rocks! I couldn’t run for a few weeks because of some stitches I had, and at first, I was so jealous seeing other runners. I actually enjoyed doing various x-training activities like more yoga, strength, and other types of workouts after a while though.

  11. I love cross training. It has seriously done wonders for me. Everytime I’m forced to cross train, I come back stronger. The first few days/weeks are hell though since my body just isn’t used to running. Your fitness is still there though, believe me. You were cross training way harder than I ever did, so I firmly believe that you just have to adjust!

    Now I really want quiche.

  12. I’ve been rocking the crop tops too lately! The one in the pic is cute!!!!
    I bet you’re really excited abut swim starting!!! Good luck girl!!! 🙂

  13. cool that you switched majors, but im sure its not too fun at the moment. Crazy how each major has a different group of people, but I guess I can see that.
    and yea for swimming to start!!! I always loved the first meeting with new people, and everyone is so excited

  14. Don’t worry. The cross training has def not hurt you and I bet you aren’t in as bad shape as you think. Keep your head high. Praying for you to have a quick recover. NOT BEING ABLE TO RUN IS NO FUN!!! 🙂 Hey, at least you can swim….i would drown. You have so many talents!

  15. I feel like I have no time to blog now that school has started so it’s nice to hear someone else feels the same way. I don’t think I can pull off crop tops but I can eat quiche like my job!

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