Lessons from the Wounded Part 1

In this month of not running, I have come to realize that I am more than an athlete.  It is hard to explain if you have never been in the situation but I am more than a runner.  More than a swimmer.  More than an aerobics teacher.  More than a student, sister, daughter, best friend, blogger, weirdo… I am a collection of things-random things-but lots of things.  I have really discovered a lot of life lessons  in this last month and mushy as you will I want to share them with you.  I used to do some sort of variation where I would share interesting facts about my life on Fridays versus food blogs, or blogs about athletics.  Which, now that my seasons are starting to gear up again, I guess I am more inclined to do more fitness related blogs.  But anyways-I’m going to bring back Factual Fridays, and bring to them more of inspirational people in my life that I fail to mention on the blog.

At the beginning of the summer-I sought out negativity.  True story.  I could tell you the 1 bad thing out of 100.  I just got 9th of 1000 females in a race, but it wasn’t 8th.  I’m top 16 in our conference but I’m not top 8.  I would do it with people too.  Oh she is gorgeous but she has a chipped nail.  You know, I’m a knit picker.  Not a good quality-I’ll be the first to admit.

But I think I have grown up a little bit-or maybe a lot. 


So thus, as Snoop Dog says in California girls, Greetings loved ones, lets take a journey”

And that is where we need to go.  Farther back then college and my high school days, we are talking all the way back to middle school.   Most of the time, I try and forget those days because they aren’t exactly highlightable moments, however, a couple months ago, one of my good friends D’Angelo reached out to me and made me remember the good times.  D’Angelo and I don’t need to talk everyday to know that we are close.  I can honestly say, if I were to pick a handful of influential people in my life, he would be in the hand. 

D’Angelo has taught me a lot in life and the last 8 or so years we have been close.  He never took anything too seriously, and I love it.  I used to be so freaking scheduled.  If you aren’t on my schedule.  Forget about it.  I am timely, I am organized, I do not deviate.  I run at this time.  Class. Swimming.  Secondary run.  Eat. Sleep.  If you can’t roll that way, then you can’t roll with me.

But D’Angelo is much different from that.  He was so carefree and never got his panties (presuming he wasn’t wearing panties…in a bunch).   He truly cares about each and everyone of his friends and I swear I could call him from school at one in the morning to chat about my issues and he would understand.  Like I said, we stayed close throughout middle and high school and I know for a damn well fact I wouldn’t be the same person if it wasn’t for him.  He doesn’t put up with crap and he’ll most certainly call you out on it and I love it because I do the same thing.

In fact, when I was chosen for senior homecoming court, I could think of no one else better to be my escort. 

Well.  Where does this all lead to?

Today I got brunch with D’Angelo and it was fabulous.  Although no pictures of food today I eased into the fact of my blogging.  I knew he would understand of course. I don’t tell too many in high school about the blog, because quite frankly I don’t talk to them.  But I knew D’Angelo would totally understand.  It might have been a little creepy though that I had said I already typed up a post all about you.  True life, makes you want to be my real life bestie.  Anywho-I had a black fin crab omelet.


So my blogging besties.  If you take any life lessons out of my blog besides pancakes fuel champions….Do not get your panties in a bunch.  Oh and a total quoatable moment from D because I love him.  “I’m so glad to surround myself with attractive people, now when I look in the mirror, I don’t have to say there is only one beautiful person in the room.  I can say two”

Question for you:

Tell me about an inspirational person in your life.


Ode to the Cav

Ode to the Cav and all it’s barbed wire glory.

The Cav closed on Sunday for the summer.  Yes, I do realize that it closes very early in the season as well as opening very late.  In fact, it’s only open for 7-8 weeks of the summer depending on the City’s mood.  I really love working there though (if you call it that).

This summer was no exception and possibly one of the best summers.  Why, well first, Anna was working there!  Speaking of Anna, also affectionately known as aDuBs, she is updating her blog again so I can stalk her when school starts and you should too.  True Story!

But back to the Cav.  This summer was a lot of fun.  We didn’t have any major crisis as in previous years (because I run a tight ship).  There were of course rescues from kids who think they can swim in the 9 feet, and a few little children.  One girl ended up being pulled out unconscious but she was okay.  🙂

The most memorable moment was a few weeks ago when a pool came to the pool was a sword.  We are pretty sure he was on drugs, and earlier in the day he had chased a man down the street with the thing.  The police were actually looking for him, and he was immediately arrested in the field near the pool.

The Cav happens to be right on the way to my favorite mall and Anna and I thought, why not go see if people were hoping the fence at night.  They normally do, and do god knows what in the pool in the after hours but that isn’t my responsibility and I’m having a sleepover there to find perpetrators.  The police do a good job of that.

We took underwater photos.

How I managed to creep from so far baffles my mind.

And had hugh jazz farm fresh salads almost every day for lunch.  (That is legit where my paychecks went).

Oh and Anna and I thought it would be fun to climb in the turnstile that used to let patrons in.  Too bad it has been all shut up.  I wish I knew how to make it not on it’s side but I’m not that technology savvy.

But I mostly did a lot of this.  I am a true professional deck patroller.  I don’t know why kids thought I was scary but I’m pretty sure it was because I had reflective sunglasses.

peace out.


Question for you:

Do you enjoy your job? What do you do?

I ran and I liked it.

Forgive me.  I’m typing from my touch screen phone while sitting in a car.  I can’t even text on the thing. I will have more insightful posts soon…if you call them that.

To update you with my life I have run Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and hopefully today because I’m pain free.  Just 1 or so miles.  But it’s joyous. the first two were solo style, the second was with my dog).

Call the ostriches because they have their bestie back.  Oh and for some reason Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” song has been stuck in my head.  No-I did not kiss any girls.  But you can metaphorically somehow relate that to how I just started running and I can’t get enough.

On that note I am going to nap now because I’m hella tired.

This is the photo of how happy I was when I started running after my heel fractures. I haven't taken a new one so here ya go. I can't go double posting with no photos in either. (oh and FYI this is what I run in late March in Upstate. Yes it was about 35 degrees that day. Yes I ran about 1 mile and never warmed up. Oh the good times)

PPS: It just took me about an hour to type this.  #madphoneskill

Prediabetic Food Snob

Since today is practically my yearaversary (it’s like my long term boyfriend…) and considering I don’t quite broadcast every single personal detail on my blog but I have sorted hinted at things if you read daily, I thought I would share why last August I decided blogging was a good idea.

We have to rewind a little bit to when I was barely legal-as in when I was 18.  My freshman year of college was great.  In fact, honestly it was one of my favorite years of my life.  As I was telling my friend last week , freshman year of college changes you.  No matter what.

I didn’t quite change the beginning of freshman year or go crazy.  I got that all taken care of in high school.  Seriously I was more of a social college student in high school than college.  It was the end of freshman year that had more of an impact of my life.

It all started in April after my backpacking class.  I can clearly remember one day having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a bagel on campus.  PB&J used to b e one of my favorite quick lunches when I was between classes.  I essentially lived off of that and lucky charms freshman year.  (I know-not pancakes).

And then I got terribly sick a few hours later.  As in-I couldn’t leave my bed, I was so weak.  All I did was vom (sorry if that grosses ya).  I thought maybe it was food poisoning.

I recovered after getting about 16 hours of sleep and missing 3 classes.  I watched an entire season of America’s Next Top Model while laying in bed because I couldn’t sleep and just kept vomiting.

So the next day when I felt perfectly fine-I just chalked it up to food poisoning and went about my daily routine.  Class-gym-sleep.  A few weeks passed and that lovely night didn’t enter my mind at all.  I mean why would it-do you often think about when you get sick weeks prior?

And then it happened again.  This time I had pancakes (I know) with pure Vermont Maple syrup.  Three hours later, I was in the hospital-completely sick.  They were going to take me three hours south to Syracuse because they had no idea what was wrong and I couldn’t keep anything down and was half delirious.

But they didn’t.  This time since it was about a month after my previous experience and with finals coming up, they told me to monitor everything I ate.  They gave me a little journal and I was to write everything down and how I felt.  I saw a nutritionist and doctor weekly to make sure that I felt okay.  It felt strange but I did it and lasted throughout finals without any problems.

When I got home my parents were worried.  We went to all the doctors in town.  I wasn’t lactose intolerant.  I wasn’t this.  I wasn’t that.  They kept narrowing down the list.  For a fun fact, I had to take about 5 pregnancy tests.  I know it’s routine but I would always banter back with no way in hell I’m catching the preggs.

Then they asked that question. 

Do you have a family history of diabetes?

And that is when everything came crashing down.

They do.  Every single one of my relatives on both my mother and fathers side have diabetes.  Lucky for my parents-it skipped a generation.  For both of them.  It skipped a full generation and came right now to me.  So anyways within a matter of days they had me prescribed to some of the best medicines known  to help.  Of course, nothing will ever cure or fully prevent me from becoming diabetic but the longer I wait the better.

When they first told me-I hated my doctor.  He gave me list after list of foods that were just “out of the question and would probably make me sick all the time as my body grew”.  Foods I would have to probably remove for the rest of my life.  Foods that I kind of loved.   I was a freshman (well now sophomore) in college.  I wasn’t worried about my healthy eating.  I was worried about how much sugar can I top my food with.  They told to severely limit most sugar laden desserts, most alcohol, most foods that were just concentrated in sugar.

Even with the medicines there are almost always foods that I can guarantee that will make me sick:

  1. Jams.  Normal jams and jellies and fruit preservatives will never sit well in my stomach
  2. Syrups such as honey, maple and other assorted sticky srup.  Once again, almost pure sugar
  3. Normal sodas-Honestly, I  cannot even taste the difference of normal sodas and diet anymore which is a huge problem.  I rarely ever order soda in restaurants anymore because I have had too many times (well 4) that the waitress has messed up and given me a normal coke or whatever instead of diet.  I get so sick at night and within a few hours I know exactly what happened.  I mean it’s honestly a common mistake and it’s not like they were purposefully doing it so I can’t be too angry.
  4. Fruit juices (mostly cranberry and weird flavors…orange juice isn’t as bad but I was never a big fruit juice fan to begin with)
  5. I know there are more things such as GU’s and gels with running but I won’t go into much detail because they just produce similar effects.

My medicines have given me the opportunity to continue some of my favorite foods though-thank god.

  1. Sugary cereals-I kind of love cinnamon toast crunch so it makes me extremely happy that I can eat bowls on end of cereal.  And not crappy unflavoured cereal and not for breakfast because that is what pancakes are made for.   I mostly have cereal for lunch or for a snack at night.
  2. Chocolate and ice-cream(Uh yeah.  At first they told me I wouldn’t be able too.  Hell. No).  They told me I should have sugar free ice-cream and I really just think that is like ice.
  3. Alcohol-So I don’t drink very often but I do have that option.

As I continued throughout sophomore year and to the end-people would often ask me about being prediabetic and what I had to limit and what I needed to eat lots of and I guess it fascinated them.  Some of friends from another website (holla Allison and Kristen!) even convinced me to start my own personal blog.  I would food blog all the time and wordpress gave me so many more options.  It was great.

I think this year has given me so much personal growth and acceptance about the whole situation.  It was almost like during sophomore year, I wanted people to feel sorry for me.  I wanted people to see that I couldn’t go out and eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream without spending a night in the ER.  I wanted them to be like oh Hollie that is terrible and blah blah blah.  During this year I have grown to accept that isn’t in the cards and I have slowly started removing more and more about being prediabetic from my food posts.


Because honestly, what I eat is working for me.  I don’t talk about being prediabetic because I don’t feel like it is the end of the world anymore.  I will talk about it when it comes up but I won’t spend countless posts rambling about it, because my life doesn’t suck.  In fact, it is quite awesome and I would prefer to focus on more happy and fabulous topics.

365 Days of Progression

Ha-Last night when I went about my business, I saw many girls wearing “crop tops” and so many more for sale at the mall too.  Apparently this is a legit big style and I just missed it.  Oh well.


Because I am going to celebrate my one year bloggaversary tomorrow with a post of why I began blogging in the first place (because I think .000001% of you know) I thought I would share some highlights of the year since last August 14th  in a somewhat timeline form.

In August, I went on a fancy date with aDuBs. 

I left for school.

I even climbed a mountain for cross country preseason camp.

In September, I had the best race ever and placed 3rd overall out of 200 girls.  That is only time I have ever felt I ever showed what I could really do in running.

Followed by having the most socially awkward swimming formal ever and another cross country race the next morning.

I was a pumpkin for Halloween.  True life: This costume is the highlight of my Junior year.

November marked the end of cross country season and I made besties at our championships.  It was held in an abandon airfield.  Some girl purposely tripped and spiked the $hit out of my leg.  I actually have a permanent scar from that.  Battle scar baby.

After cross country, I led the swim team (with Julie) in whack@zz cheers several times.

The first week of December, I swam in the most competitive race on my life.  I ou ttouched a girl in the mile by .08 seconds and qualified for our championship swim meet.  For my running besties, that is like out touching someone in the 5k by .08 seconds.  Thank god for touch pads.

When I was at home on break, I ran a poorly designed 5k with aDuBs and ended up running 3.8 miles.  My brothers cross country team got so lost that he ran over 5 miles and came in behind walkers.  It was in the trails during the snow storm that hit the east coast.

I had a training trip to Puerto Rico in which I swam four hours daily with my swimming best frienzz.

I also to lead off a relay which is never a good thing.

I’m pretty sure I had a blogging burnout in January. 

In February, I didn’t make it back to finals in a race I did so well sophomore year but I still had an awesome time and visited Niagra Falls.

I fractured my heels quite soon after beginning to run again and then was about to run for the first time on St.  Patrick’s Day at the local campus 5k race.  I think I ran around 23 after not running for a month.  I don’t actually remember, I just remember flicking a lot of campus off for their vulgar banter at the race.

The spring marked a pretty easy semester and I immediately got back into running.  I ran my first, second and third half marathons.  PRing each time.

And even scored a photo with the famous Katelyn at the Rochacha half.  (I plan to do that next year babycakes).  

In June, I watched my brother graduate.

July, I celebrated my 21st birthday and got a stress fracture all in the same day.

This August has been pretty uneventful but here is my favorite photo thus far.

celebrating 10 years of friendship<3

Well that about sums up my last year.  I have enjoyed 99.9% of it and I want to thank you guys for reading my blog.  I love each and every one of you.  Obviously a blog would be nothing without it’s readers and you guys rock my socks.  So if you ever in the VA/NY area.  Let’s be real life besties too.  


I must say my life has progressed a lot in the last 365 days and here is to another progression of 365 days.  That and I’ll be in my final internship.  Dear god, help the real world because I’m coming for ya.

Question for you:

Where has your life taken you in the last 365 days?

Blue Jeans & Dating Scenes

I think I have gone a little cray cray since entering the single world some short months ago.  No I’m not being promiscuous so please don’t get your panties in a bunch but I’m not wound up tighter than the creepy dolls in our spare bedroom right now.  I am just happy and living the dream.   I am taking everything one step at a time and not planning my life every single step of the way.  It is pure bliss my besties.

Anywho so my few day blogging break was stemmed on a thought while watching trashy TV the other morning.  On MTV there is a show called disaster date.  Basically an actor is payed to be the worst date ever to an unexpecting person and if the person can tolerate them and stay around (instead of ditching) they win money.  This particular episode the date was completely technology engrossed and even asked the date to smile for his vlog he was going to put on the blog.  True life. I literally nearly fell off the machine.

And then it hit me.  Although I’m not really trying to get into the dating scene or looking for someone whisk me off my feet-I assume that time will come again then I will find someone who is my jive.  How the hell do I tell them about my blog?  Do I hide it from them?  Or do I say, hi google my blog and by the way I’m Hollie.  Obviously-two completely different spectrums but each is possible.  I also don’t really feel the need to document my entire life.  Creepers are real my besties, I would know as I have a restraining order from a while back.  Oh the good times.

It just made me think that I did have a life a year ago (speaking of which my bloggaversary is tomorrow).  I love to blog-I do, but my life also exists outside of blogging. 

Enough sappy sap.  Today was a big accomplishment for me.

After 6 months, I put on jeans.  Yes.  Blue jeans.  I also rocked a crop shirt which was a first as well.  I had been on the fence about midriff shirts but I decided to go for it as I am living the dream. Incase you wondered, it wasn’t the worst thing of my world but I will not wear jeans for another six months. HA.

PS: I have another doctors appointment tomorrow so we shall see how it goes.  Maybe they will tell me I can run.


Question for you:

How do you approach the topic of having a blog? 

I’m pretty upfront about it, I just feel it would be super awkward on a first date (not that I’m already super awkward).  I don’t really food blog all too much when I was dating or out that much unless it’s aDuBs and I.  I also  don’t go around broadcasting my blog.  If people ask, I tell them but I don’t go out of my way to let people know I have a blog.

& if you don’t have a blog what is your most awkward first date?

Back in high school, my ex, two good friends and I went bowling.  Um lets just say they threw me under the bus quite a few times and got completely trashed.  The ex and I ended up driving them home and getting to know each other  because he was their friend not mine.  I wonder why you don’t see them on the blog or in my life in general…

If Your Name Was Hollie and You Ate Pancakes

Then we would be ultimate twinnies eh? But anywho-

Maybe I’m secretly glad most of ya think you are social media whores too.  I don’t feel as online ridiculous…real life ridiculous I can handle I guess.  Not that I am saying I’m not.  Anywho-I know this is way late but I am way late.  Last Wednesday, I posted a proposition if anyone could figure what my acronym meant.  Well I have decided on a few winners because really all of them fit and none of them were lies and I wish I was as creative as you guys.

So please email me at and I will send you some pancake mix.  I plan on sending orange zest but if that isn’t your jive please let me know.  I mean I guess I can accept my favorites-aren’t everyone elses.  😉  And hopefully I will get arrested for sending white powder through the mail.  Uh anyways.


So I am back this week on the What I ate Wednesday Jivey Jive because I have nothing else to post about.  Just kidding-my life is oh so thrilling.  So here is what I ate/did/wore.  Basically if your name was Hollie and you loved pancakes welcome to my life.

This morning I woke up at 7:30 and made myself a chocolate waffle with peanut flour using this recipe.  Topped with yogurt and syrup, it gave me some energy for great workout at 9:30.

I actually wasn’t very motivated to workout today at all.  I went to a legit swim practice last night (go team go) and so I was tired as fuuuuh (pancakes).  So I put on my special hot pants and went to the gym.  I wear them when I need extra motivation to get my booty to the gym.  I don’t normally look cute at the gym because I’m not trying to impress anyone but this is as far as I go.

That shirt incase you wondered says “protect this house…I will”.  I kind of love it.

Everyone should have hot gym hot pants. True life.

An hour of Arctrainer+weight lifting+Abs and then I called it a day and went to Farmfresh to get a salad.  This salad weighs 2.14 pounds.  And I dominated it.  Filled with fake crab, onions, lettuce, corn, everything from the Greek bar, mozzarella cheese, and possible some veggies.  I’m not really sure if you can call it a salad but I just know it’s the

Grape leaves deserve their own personal photo.  I’m seriously addicted to these guys.

After lunch, I needed to run a few personal errands for the mom.  Not going into work at the Cav generally means running around and still never really sitting still.  I love it though.  No buys for me today though-not like I need anymore clothing.  Sadly.  Although-I do owe you guys a blog about all my back to school shopping.  I have gotten a good amount of random things to make me more realgirlesc.

Then after errand running, I just chilled at home and relaxed and painted.  I’m actually working on a large 3 feet by 3 feet canvas.  I’ll post pictures eventually.

Dinner tonight was at Panera with aDuBs after some shopping.  Anna seriously keeps me in check.  I mean anyone that would tell me this shirt is okay (even if it was only 5 dollars) is straight off USS Cray Cray.

Reason number 5000 Anna and I besties is that she won’t beat around the bush if the clothes don’t look good. It deserves a fuhh no.No really. I hear men did this peacock shouldered look.

Well I’m ending early because the mom just asked if I wanted Coldstone and that is most certainly a yes (insert a few four letter words at your leisure).  Peace out.


Question for you:

What did you do today?  What would happen if you wrote a blog timetable of your day?

What is your favorite flavor at Coldstone?

Um not a flavor-but birthday cake remix with extra cherries and brownies and no fudge.  I have been getting that combo since I moved to the US and I will never convert.

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