Oh haii College

Expect a vlog tour of my new ups sometime in the next week.  I know-you are thrilled to hear me ramble away and probably see a minute of my house and then 10 minutes of meaningless chatter.  One day I’ll get friends and you guys won’t have to listen to my chatter.

Speaking of chatter: Here I am driving the last 30 minutes to school (no it’s not 30 minutes) after my parents stopped at the hotel.  Living in a town with 16,000 college kids and moving in and waiting to book a hotel…well it ends badly and them staying far away. 

Other notable things of moving in:

I tried a new protein powder.  Caramel toffee fudge and it’s good.  I love Optimum nutrition protein powder and have never been disappointed venturing to different flavours and trying them.  I highly recommend their protein and it cooks well in pancakes.  Yeah-the last time I had a protein shake.

I’ll get back to you.

I also tried Vanilla Almond Milk in attempts to get more calcium.  Here are my quick and brief thoughts about it.

I don’t mind it at all and it’s pretty good but it’s not creamy enough for coffee.  At all.  I will stick to my cream for coffee  and take the hit for high fat and no calcium, most certainly.  I won’t look back on it either.  I will probably end up just having cups of this during the day.  I am not replacing anything for Almond Milk, I just need to be getting more calcium to speed up stress fracture healage.  (I was recommended to get 1500 mgs).  I like Almond milk, but I don’t understand why it’s obsessed about so much.  Someone please enlighten me.

Finally:  I officially have a supplement box.  Bahaha.  Please feel free to judge me but it’s easier this way.  I have to take joint lubricant pills, calcium/vitamin D supplement and of course my multivitamins (you take 2).  My housemate Julie has been judging me all morning about that.

This is for five days mind you.

Well a certain candidate was evacuated from Long Island yesterday, so I’ll be spending some time with this fella and dropping him back off in Syracuse on Tuesday am.   I was so excited when he called and said we had to evacuate and I booked a train to come see ya. True life.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       There is a breadmaker in this house.  Give me an EASY and good recipe.  I want to try it.  It must be for the extreme simpleton. 
  2. 2.       Do you like driving? 
  3. 3.       Is this Hurricane taking an impact with you?

It would be if I was back in VA! We got snowstorms up hurr.


15 responses

  1. 1.) I have no clue how to make bread. I just go to the grocery store. Haha.

    2.) No! I don’t! I blew out a tire a few months ago and then saw a car flip into the other lane (fortunately traffic was stopped) and the lady bust out of the window and crawl out of the car. She was okay, but I think I may have some mild PTSD from seeing it. I know that sounds wimpy, but ever since that happened, I’ve been slightly paranoid about driving unless it’s to work, to the gym, to the store, etc.

    3.) We had a storm from it yesterday afternoon when I was at work. But it was really bad for my friend- a tree blew down on his garage and his fiancee’s car is in the garage. Huge tree. They live maybe 10 miles from us but closer to the coast so yeah.

    Your supplement box is cool, I have something similar for my iron and multivitamins but that’s all I take, so I really don’t need it, need it, ya know? And I would love to see pics of your college because I like seeing other colleges and I haven’t seen too many other than the one I went to and a couple others.

    To me, vanilla almond milk is good on cereal and makes cereal taste almost like a dessert. Never had it in coffee but I usually drink coffee black so I don’t think I’d like it.

  2. Good luck this semester! My dr told me 1500 mg too… said every female should be on 1500mg actually lol

    You should try vanilla coconut milk…. amazing… seriously. They also have chocolate coconut milk. Mm.

    You should get the MTWTHF pill boxes like old people lollll that would be seriously amazing

    Driving and me… well we don’t get along so well. And hurricane? No impact… not here in CA anyways. :))

  3. hahah GIRL I TOTALLY DO A SUPPLEMENT PILL BOX TOOOO! so so so much easier!
    im glad you got to see your brother i am so close with my siblings too and i can only imagine how much you miss himm!
    and YES THE HURRICANE is coming att me in philly my parents are FREAKING that me and my brother who lives in philly too need to come home hahaha<3

  4. I don’t have good bread recipes. I only buy wheat bread and that’s it. Sorry, your loss.

    I love driving, but if I’m going on a road trip I’d rather have Mike drive. Actually if we’re going anywhere I’d rather have Mike drive. I think it’s weird if the guy doesn’t drive. The other day Mike was super sick though and I drove his car home because I made him drive there and then offered to drive home. I’m such a nice fiance.

    Third of all, I am hoping this bitch of a hurricane did not destroy the islands of the Bahamas or I will be pissed and punch that eye in the face. I have heard that the private island was damaged but I’m not sure about Nassau or anywhere else we are going. I’m just glad this bitch passed BEFORE we left for our cruise and not while we were on our cruise. I would probably curl up in a ball and die.

    I was concerned last night that our cruise ship might sink. I’m freaking out. First airplane ride and cruise ship. Mike then informed me and asked me if I had ever heard of a cruise ship sinking…and I have not. BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN IT COULDN’T HAPPEN.

    Have a lovely few days with your brother dear. 🙂

  5. Haha I love your vlogs. Never stop. I think I want to go visit Potsdam just because I want to visit you and it would be an excused absence from school. I have no interest in living somewhere that cold in the winter. Anyway, the amish make me uncomfortable. I’m guessing you were driving through pennsylvania perhaps? That’s where I always see the amish… but then again there is this one rest stop in NY that I always see them at too.
    Almond milk sucks in coffee. Ew. Just.. no. I like it in cereal and smoothies and stuff, but I’ll take the real stuff in my coffee.

  6. Heey I’m enjoying (stalking) following your blog 😉 don’t understand the almond milk obsession either, good old cow juice works for me! I live in Wales in the UK but hope you keep safe, that hurricane sounds nasty!

  7. You have got to try Silk almond milk! Its the creamiest most delicious variety EVER! I don’t know how they do it but its thick and delicious!!! Thats what she said. HAHA! Okay, but seriously, try it if you have doubts about almond milk!

  8. Haha yes, I do know that about you and that we both hate cold!

    How is that protein powder? I really need to find a thick one.

    Enjoy the country! Donkey… haha! Cuz its true…

  9. is the calcium/vitamin D supplement the big chocolatey tootsie roll looking thing?! that’s what mine look like and I lOVE them..and sometimes, maybe all the time, eat like three a day:) hehe and damn girl can’t wait to see the new crib! that’s so so exciting!!

  10. Hollie!! That boy is cute! lol..
    so i take these chocolate calcium disks that are supppper good and taste like chocolate and are 500mg a disk, so i take 2-3 a day 🙂 you should try them! the brand is adora! 🙂

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