My Mind is About as Spazzy as This Post

I know this is a great title eh?  I wouldn’t lie to you guys, I only speak the truth.

Guess what.  I’m still not packed and leave for school tomorrow.  My things are not in Lorrarine, because come to find out-I have terrible and quite dangerous breaks so she’s at the shop.  Please get that fixed before I leave.

Before you read my words of wisdom check out these girls:

This blog is more or less a collection of things racing through my mind at this current second.  Today I retired off USS Craycray for the day and boarded The Cray Cray Express.

So I’ll just going to ramble away about them all.  First, I have woken up the past few days feeling great.  I feel so much more confident in myself lately.  I don’t where it came from but I have woken up looked at myself and said “wow I feel awesome.”  Everyday this week. Considering it’s day 3 of the week, I think it’s a good start. 

I have also started compiling a list of races I want to do in the Spring.  For me right now, it makes me realize that running happens all the time.  Although I’m not doing it now-I will be able to in the Spring and there are plenty of races then. 

I haven’t updated you on my injury progression lately so we will start there.  Actually, I’ll start at the beginning because I never really explained it.

I have had 4 xrays and 2 mri’s done since my injury now.

The first 2 xrays and MRI showed nothing.  The doctors diagnosed me with severe tendinitis and that I could begin running again.  So I did and I wasn’t in pain so I was happy.  It felt stiff but not bad. 

Last Saturday, I got an MRI done (to clear me for cross country) and it showed that I had a stress fracture.  How all the other Xrays and other MRI missed that…I don’t know.  It’s my luck you know. 

So today I had a followup to a cardiologist and bring on another xray.  I was afraid that they were going to tell me, I refractured my tibia and would have to wait another  full 8 weeks to recover.  Since I mean, they told me I could run slowely again, and I did.  Running on a stress fracture is like playing with fire and stupid. 

But alas, that isn’t what they said at all.  They said that I am at week 6 of an 8 week healing process and my bone is almost completely healed.  He said if he had seen me and caught this when it happened, I would have been casted right on up for 4 weeks and probably would have healed faster.

Coulda and shoulda, I’m not complaining.  Life happens and I’m nearly healed and could still potentially run.  Have the best season ever?  Well it’s my second one so I don’t have much comparisons eh? 

And yes the Earthquake was centered about an hour and a half north of me and didn’t effect anything in my life, but today I had bigger fish to fry as my parents BMW SUV was rear ended (while I was driving) and that is the car I bring all my crap up to school in…tomorrow.  No it’s my fault but please don’t text and drive and don’t hit on me when you totaled a 60,000 dollar car.  (Yes-Chuck that is why I never drive that thing..these things happen)

When they asked if their were any injuries my dad proceeded to tell them about the turtle whose cage was completly smashed in the backseat.  To a tee he said “Well actually there was a turtle in the trunk and we thought he had passed since his cage was thrown to the back seat.  You’ll be happy to know he went into his shell and came out safely.”  Please don’t wonder where I got my sarcasm from.

Been in a car accident?  Chat me up about it. 


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