Blue Jeans & Dating Scenes

I think I have gone a little cray cray since entering the single world some short months ago.  No I’m not being promiscuous so please don’t get your panties in a bunch but I’m not wound up tighter than the creepy dolls in our spare bedroom right now.  I am just happy and living the dream.   I am taking everything one step at a time and not planning my life every single step of the way.  It is pure bliss my besties.

Anywho so my few day blogging break was stemmed on a thought while watching trashy TV the other morning.  On MTV there is a show called disaster date.  Basically an actor is payed to be the worst date ever to an unexpecting person and if the person can tolerate them and stay around (instead of ditching) they win money.  This particular episode the date was completely technology engrossed and even asked the date to smile for his vlog he was going to put on the blog.  True life. I literally nearly fell off the machine.

And then it hit me.  Although I’m not really trying to get into the dating scene or looking for someone whisk me off my feet-I assume that time will come again then I will find someone who is my jive.  How the hell do I tell them about my blog?  Do I hide it from them?  Or do I say, hi google my blog and by the way I’m Hollie.  Obviously-two completely different spectrums but each is possible.  I also don’t really feel the need to document my entire life.  Creepers are real my besties, I would know as I have a restraining order from a while back.  Oh the good times.

It just made me think that I did have a life a year ago (speaking of which my bloggaversary is tomorrow).  I love to blog-I do, but my life also exists outside of blogging. 

Enough sappy sap.  Today was a big accomplishment for me.

After 6 months, I put on jeans.  Yes.  Blue jeans.  I also rocked a crop shirt which was a first as well.  I had been on the fence about midriff shirts but I decided to go for it as I am living the dream. Incase you wondered, it wasn’t the worst thing of my world but I will not wear jeans for another six months. HA.

PS: I have another doctors appointment tomorrow so we shall see how it goes.  Maybe they will tell me I can run.


Question for you:

How do you approach the topic of having a blog? 

I’m pretty upfront about it, I just feel it would be super awkward on a first date (not that I’m already super awkward).  I don’t really food blog all too much when I was dating or out that much unless it’s aDuBs and I.  I also  don’t go around broadcasting my blog.  If people ask, I tell them but I don’t go out of my way to let people know I have a blog.

& if you don’t have a blog what is your most awkward first date?

Back in high school, my ex, two good friends and I went bowling.  Um lets just say they threw me under the bus quite a few times and got completely trashed.  The ex and I ended up driving them home and getting to know each other  because he was their friend not mine.  I wonder why you don’t see them on the blog or in my life in general…


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  1. I have the same thoughts on it… I even hesitate letting dudes I meet have my facebook becuase I get “omg are you a model? Why are you so fat now?!” … yeahhhhhhhhhh. Complicated!!!

    Most awkward first date… blind date… he drove a scooter… and lived 3 floors above me… I ended up lying about where I lived and prayed he never ran into me in the lobby ahahaha

  2. I’m the same way when it comes to my blog. I feel ya about being single. It took me almost a year to tell my boyfriend of FOUR years about my blog, and even then I felt self conscious. I don’t ever promote/mention my blog, but if they ask I’ll tell them I do. But the sad thing is, when I do say I blog it’s always accompanied by weird judgmental stares. And people wonder why I don’t share the fact that I have a blog…

  3. I was thinking the same thing if I find myself blogging a lot more. It seems like such a weird thing to bring up… This person will be able to see my struggles, weirdness, and embarrassing pictures. I mean… the faces I make in my pictures… Let’s come to our senses about how desirable I look. Haha!

    Most awkward first date… I must say I went to the movies with a guy one time during high school. We weren’t really sure whether to even consider it a “date”. We kept counting ceiling tiles making a joke out of it but we were trying to get together on/off in high school. Now he’s one of my best friends but that night was SO weird. Haha!

  4. I decided to be social today and go out and not blog. It was nice. I was with my family and best friend — they all know about the blog — so I didn’t hesitate to take pictures of food or discuss things related to it. I don’t really tell too many people about it because my dad is super neurotic about it slash I don’t want people in my school to know about it. My best friends do, and I don’t know how I’d tell someone that I’m in a relationship with… I’ll deal with it when the time comes.

  5. I haven’t told my family I blog yet. I have only told my boyfriend. I feel awkward telling people like oh Yeah by the way I blog about my boring everyday life… so yeah I’ve just kept it on the DL for awhile

  6. Happy Bloggaversary and great jeans! I tend to not advertise my blog in person usually but let people find their way there on their own. The only exception is if I think it has info that might help someone. Otherwise, I feel it does come off a bit odd.

  7. Your whole outfit rocks! I haven’t actually told anyone I blog since I’m still very new at this…I’m pretty sure my brother knows I have a blog though (not that I really care. He has his own blog) I have no issues telling people I blog, I suppose it depends on how it comes up in conversation.
    First awkward date in High school- movies, he spent half of the time looking over at me before finally reaching over to hold my hand 🙂 lol

  8. Hmmm I don’t usually broadcast about blogging (not on FB lol) but if someone asks I’ll tell 🙂
    You wore jeans!!! Yay for midriff shirts as well 🙂

  9. My BF knows about my blog but a lot of my friends don’t. I’m kinda okay to tell people about it but I don’t tell anyone the first time I meet them.
    Love your outfit by the way! You rock those skinny jeans girl 🙂

  10. I’d have to say that if I was still dating, which I havent done much of in my entire life, that I probably wouldn’t tell them until we really got to know each other or we thought it was going to be more serious that we initially thought. When I told mike, I was nervous but he was accepting and thought it was really cool because he thinks I am a good writer because I am able to portray things he never thought was possible. So he was super supportive and I think if you were to find the right person, which you will, they will be super supportive as well. 🙂

  11. GIRLL I love your outfit. I’m so into the cropped tops! Hah, but since I’m chronically single, I just recently started taking life a lot less seriously and really enjoying my time at the bars with my besties…hahah. If I were to go out on a date (which I probably won’t because, being 100% honest, I’m a commitment-phobe), I probably wouldn’t say anything about my blog. It is a secret from my friends and family! I’m not ashamed of it, but it just goes into some aspects of my life that I don’t necessarily share with everyone (my eating disorder) and I’m not ready to be the girl who used to have an eating disorder around my friends, although my parents are aware that I had an eating disorder they probably wouldn’t like to know that I share my life on the web haha.

  12. So weird, I was just thinking about this! I justtt started my blog so like…if my friends find it? Weird. Those jeans look so good on you ps!

    Most awkward first date–just walking around the mall, feeling too awks to shop and actually try things on so legit just walking and walking and walking. Limited conversation. Ah, those were the days.

  13. Right now I’m fairly confident that no one knows I have a blog. No one has asked and I haven’t told any one. I also avoid linking it to my Facebook so people can’t find out about it that way and no one I have actually met knows I have a Twitter account except my parents (because I tell them about my creeping on Delana Harvick).

    Most awkward first date…meeting someone you’ve never seen before but talked to on the phone. Um yea, I had to eat dinner with this guy I thought was a creeper since he would hardly talk to me in person. Awkward!

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  15. No one I know in real life knows I have a blog… Not even my husband… My brother told me I should have a blog though…

    Ps. I am a secret creeper of your blog (sorry)!

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