If Your Name Was Hollie and You Ate Pancakes

Then we would be ultimate twinnies eh? But anywho-

Maybe I’m secretly glad most of ya think you are social media whores too.  I don’t feel as online ridiculous…real life ridiculous I can handle I guess.  Not that I am saying I’m not.  Anywho-I know this is way late but I am way late.  Last Wednesday, I posted a proposition if anyone could figure what my acronym meant.  Well I have decided on a few winners because really all of them fit and none of them were lies and I wish I was as creative as you guys.

So please email me at and I will send you some pancake mix.  I plan on sending orange zest but if that isn’t your jive please let me know.  I mean I guess I can accept my favorites-aren’t everyone elses.  😉  And hopefully I will get arrested for sending white powder through the mail.  Uh anyways.


So I am back this week on the What I ate Wednesday Jivey Jive because I have nothing else to post about.  Just kidding-my life is oh so thrilling.  So here is what I ate/did/wore.  Basically if your name was Hollie and you loved pancakes welcome to my life.

This morning I woke up at 7:30 and made myself a chocolate waffle with peanut flour using this recipe.  Topped with yogurt and syrup, it gave me some energy for great workout at 9:30.

I actually wasn’t very motivated to workout today at all.  I went to a legit swim practice last night (go team go) and so I was tired as fuuuuh (pancakes).  So I put on my special hot pants and went to the gym.  I wear them when I need extra motivation to get my booty to the gym.  I don’t normally look cute at the gym because I’m not trying to impress anyone but this is as far as I go.

That shirt incase you wondered says “protect this house…I will”.  I kind of love it.

Everyone should have hot gym hot pants. True life.

An hour of Arctrainer+weight lifting+Abs and then I called it a day and went to Farmfresh to get a salad.  This salad weighs 2.14 pounds.  And I dominated it.  Filled with fake crab, onions, lettuce, corn, everything from the Greek bar, mozzarella cheese, and possible some veggies.  I’m not really sure if you can call it a salad but I just know it’s the

Grape leaves deserve their own personal photo.  I’m seriously addicted to these guys.

After lunch, I needed to run a few personal errands for the mom.  Not going into work at the Cav generally means running around and still never really sitting still.  I love it though.  No buys for me today though-not like I need anymore clothing.  Sadly.  Although-I do owe you guys a blog about all my back to school shopping.  I have gotten a good amount of random things to make me more realgirlesc.

Then after errand running, I just chilled at home and relaxed and painted.  I’m actually working on a large 3 feet by 3 feet canvas.  I’ll post pictures eventually.

Dinner tonight was at Panera with aDuBs after some shopping.  Anna seriously keeps me in check.  I mean anyone that would tell me this shirt is okay (even if it was only 5 dollars) is straight off USS Cray Cray.

Reason number 5000 Anna and I besties is that she won’t beat around the bush if the clothes don’t look good. It deserves a fuhh no.No really. I hear men did this peacock shouldered look.

Well I’m ending early because the mom just asked if I wanted Coldstone and that is most certainly a yes (insert a few four letter words at your leisure).  Peace out.


Question for you:

What did you do today?  What would happen if you wrote a blog timetable of your day?

What is your favorite flavor at Coldstone?

Um not a flavor-but birthday cake remix with extra cherries and brownies and no fudge.  I have been getting that combo since I moved to the US and I will never convert.

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