Social Media Whore.

Before I begin-I realized.

Where have the lol cats gone?

I’m sorry for my lagging this summer.


But this has nothing to with lolcats (although I should do a post about them).  More or less Being a Social Media Whore.  I hope the word whore doesn’t offend you.  It’s a bad habiI have using it all the time].

I am well aware of my social media usage.  I have a blog, twitter, dailymile, youtube account, facebook….I’m not really going anywhere if I wanted to hide.  I used to have a myspace but I sadly can’t figure out of the password.  How depressing.  I took a couple online classes this summer as well which meant I was spending a hell of a lot of time with my face glued to the computer.

Oh the good times.  Now that I am done with classes, I have taken up other noncomputer activities to keep my interests.  But that is not contributing to my social medianess as these guys-

Blogging-I put in about an hour per post and 30 minutes or so reading posts.  I always learn so many interesting things in the blogging world, so I think it’s normally 30 minutes well spent.  I have found so many great recipes or so many different ideas to spark me to create recipes, however, try justifying that to someone else.

Twitter-I am forever tweeting from my phone.  Tweeting is like the queen social media whoring for me.  If I follow you and you tweeted-don’t text me what ya just said because I know  75% of the time.  I actually find twitter fascinating because I can tweet the sporadic things that pop into my mind or humorous events of my life.

Dailymile-is my favorite.  Facebook of working out.  I enjoy (mostly) reading about people with similar interests  ie: running, swimming, working out.

Youtube-I post videos on my blog and I spend hours on end watching Glozell.  Well not lately but at school that was all my housemate and I did.  Netflix…yeah right. My life goal is to become a youtube sensation and meet Tyra Banks…obviously].

Facebook-I do have other real life friends I swear.  I try and keep up with my college and high school friends as well.  High school, I’m not so much close to anymore (besides you aDuBs!) but college I am.

Oh and here are some of my real life friends because I know you don’t believe me.


Question for you:

Are you a social media whore?  How much time do you spend infr

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