Shopping but not on intervals.

Okay so true life.  You guys are so fabulous.  Thank you for your words of encouragement yesterday.  I haven’t really come to terms with why I got my stress fracture and when I’m ready to post in on the blog I will.  Sometime in the next week or so.  I’ll just help you out and let you know that it reared it’s little ugly brokenness on my 21st birthday but I didn’t realize until that following Saturday during the race. 


To fill my time with not running, I have been going back to school shopping.

Why…I don’t know because I don’t need anymore clothes.  Real girl clothes or running clothes that is.  I’m actually trying to update my clothing wardrobe a little bit.  I am no longer an Abercrombie and Ftich exclusive wearer and I haven’t been since high school.  But seriously.  Those clothes never wear away and somehow still remain to be half my wardrobe.

Or shoes.

Before I left my house, I made myself a list of things that I will probably still buy that I just need to realize I don’t need anymore.  I even took photos to remind myself at the store.  No matter how cute they are not coming home with me (uh similar to men at bars).

  1. Shoes.

These are just the ones at home. I have twice this many stored at college. Problems? Tyra wouldn't think so.

  1. Jeans (The last time I wore jeans was when Julie made me in March so we could go to the Casino…).  I have six pairs that get worn maybe once a year each.  No need to buy more because it would mean I have to wear jeans.
  2. Hoodies.  I have so many team sweatshirts that I don’t need to go buy more.  Like race t-shirts.

FYI-dresses will never be on this list.  Ever. 

In another news, now that I have got my shopping on.  I also got my eating on. Shopping is a great cross training workout you know.  The mom and I went to a cute little sushi buffet in VA Beach.  Actually-dirty lie.  It’s huge and I love it.


And speaking of cross training.  I have gotten a few emails of how I have stayed positive with my injury.  Well first, I’m not going to whine about it on the blog.  Honestly though, if I wasn’t able to do anything that resembled running, aka any sort of elliptical I guess then I might be more upset.  But right now I can do elliptical which is what II did way before I ran.

I normally do a routine of an hour (just like I ran an hour daily).  Intervals and trashy TV keep me motivated the most though.  Intervals are what make me work harder than just a steady state of boredom.  For instance, doing a speed interval on the track is no different then doing intervals on the elliptical or with swimming.

Us swimmers are so used to intervals seriously.  _____ on _____ and you should be getting _____ rest.  Gee thanks.  I normally don’t say gee thanks.  It normally involves some four letter words when coachy coach reads them to us.  He loves me for it I’m sure.

This post as rather sparatic but it’s Monday so I get a free pass.

And today is real girl day 8 and my first day wearing a maxi dress. I love it. That is all. (Jim you would be proud ;))


Question for you:

1.      What are you “not allowed” to buy anymore of?  What do you own too much of?

2.      Intervals?  What do you think about them?

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