Sunday Funday

Tonight was a good night. Last night was a good night.  Maybe because I didn’t bring my camera (it’s heavy) or maybe because my phone is forever dying.  Either way-I enjoyed some quality time with myself (and Anna)…and reached a whole new level of creepy with Anna tonight…but what else is new.


Anywho-I haven’t had a workout week in review lately because honestly the last few weeks that I could have done it, it just reminds me that I can’t run so I get very flustered when I look back at previous weeks and see how much I ran and that is now cut down to 0.

If that makes sense.

But I have been working extremely hard in the gym so I think I should at least admit that to myself and need to realize that my cardio base is not completely gone (running wise anyways).  What I haven’t been doing in running, I have been doing in elliptical to at least get my base of cardio in.



Arctrainer: 7.5 hours

Weight lifting: 3 sessions (this is a big step for me)

Swimming 2 hours

My goal for next week is to maintain my happiness and optimism and continue whatever it is that I’m doing.  I guess I’ll call it cross training and if I do it in spandex and on my toes it’s like I’m running like a whackass ostrich.  I mean.  Running.


Yesterday at work (because it was storming) aDuBs and I decided it would be appropriate  to be mermaids in the pool.  Want to come work for me?

I even cleaned off the bottom.


How I managed to creep from so far baffles my mind.


Well that is all I got for ya.  Clearly my weekend was filled with adventure.  I needed something low key I guess you could say and it was the

peace out blogging besties. Happy Monday tomorrow. 🙂

Question for you:

1.      What sort of workouts did you do this week?  What do you have planned next week?


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