Last Thursday Night

Today at work, I sat there debating what I was going to post about.  Since I no longer need to bring my laptop to get internet (oh hii Droid), I didn’t type anything up.  I guess I could have on my phone but it would have looked terrible and be filled with lots of grammatical errors….not that my normal posts aren’t.

First-last night was lots of fun with Anna (affectionately known as aDuBs).  We didn’t go to crazy in that working at nine with the cray crays is not a good idea when you have had way too much. 

Incase you wondered, we have been besties for a solid ten years.

And yes-I do keep telling her to update her blog.  She is always “tired”.  Putting up with my crap is tough work you know.

Today was a really easy day at work though.  The seven hours went by extremely fast (well duh aDuBs was working) and I was able to give you guys a quick tour.  And basically tell Anna she was tired without her saying it.  PS: This was done completely on my phone.  My droid has taken me to an even higher creepy status.


I don’t know if I mentioned but I did an hour and a half on the Arctrainer (elliptical) today.  Since I cannot run at all, I’m supposed to simulate my running with elliptical, biking, and whatever keeps me on my feet.  This actually does not include swimming…go figure.  Swimming endurance and running endurance are pretty different (as to why I can do both sports at the same time).

I also lifted.  If I take photos of me lifting-it’s like I enjoy it or something.

On another side note-Instead of buying gas station I thought it would be genius of me to make my own in my magic bullet.

Iced coffees < hot coffees

But then I still bought some so it was a fail.


Question for you:

1.       What are your plans this weekend? 



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  1. You and Anna are way too pretty. Like. Why can’t my friends be that pretty. Just kidding, my friends are pretty, but we don’t have lots of good pictures of us.. mostly my fault. i’m the one who shows up in running clothes.
    I see that your lifting outfits are quite different from your running ones! I understand. I don’t think i’d want to hit the gym in spandex.. i don’t know about you but we have lots of creepers.

  2. Ugh 90 minutes on the arc trainer? I hope something good was on TV. Haha Hollie I love you pics… someday you’ll post a normal one and I’ll be sad.

    Gotta love the magic bullet- awesome if you throw in a frozen banana!

  3. hahah love thissssssssss….”and some little kid is running” hahahahahah i love your videos!
    and girl i never wear spandex at the gym either….im oblivious and my boyfriend came with me once and was like emily everyone is staring at your butt…and i was like shut up ryan your being stupid no they arent…then i looked and there was this creepy old man following me. ew. spandex= no longer gym outfit EVER

  4. Your days look amazingly fun. Especially where you enhance your creep/stalk abilities with a brand new phone. Lollll @ “my lifeguard’s on the stand and some little kid is running…” yep, this happens every day at my pool. Some kid is going to crack their head open… again!

    p.s. dear swimming bestie, i just finished my first tri.

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