Rumcakes and Dancing Like A Fuhreak

Before I begin you all should know an important fact.

aDuBs’s 21 birthday.

Heres a photo of Anna and I you haven't seen in a while


Now that we are both legal we are going to live our lives in dance clubs, bars, and well actually mostly dance clubs because I’m secretly vying for a spot on the pole if you get my gist.

Okay no not really and please don’t believe that.  But I do like dancing.  Just look at this classy photo of me from freshman year.  I drank more the first month of college then adding the rest combined.

Here ya go. The very first party I ever went to in college.

PS: It took me about 5000 years to dig back into facebook to find these gems. 

and here is the second...on Saturday night.

At least I assume this is how dance after I drink because think there is a segment of about 20 photos from freshman year dancing like that.  Actually I distcintly remember that being my signature pose.

Okay so not my siganture pose but I clearly enjoy dancing.

and then bulldozing other people (who happened to be my asst swim coach the time)

I even managed to half ass the pose into a sitting pose (for when I was too awkward and clumsy to stand) too.  While wearing a toga.

Well now after that trip down memory lane let’s just say YAY for maturing and not feeling the need to drink anymore.  And can please talk about how those were 6 different parties that I rocked that pose. BAHAHA.

Yes here I have matured (as this is junior year). I am sober and can still do the pose. And hold up my dress. God I'm multitalented

This is why I’m not a drinker.  Because giving me one drink will produce these sorts of nights.  As if I couldn’t be captain of USS Cray Cray.

Well YAY for no more of that stage of my life which lasted a hot second… although maturing I’m not sure.  Although I am becoming more and more grandma like everyday.  

So anyways.  Enough of my signature pose and I’ll actually get on with the recipe.  I’m out with aDuBs tonight.  Personal time baby (it’s nice not having to worry about road races this weekend ;)).

Okay PPS: Wish aDuBs a Happy Birthday and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


Rumcakes Part 1 (Because rum has so many mixers)

I went with the pineapple variety (because that and coconut used to be my ultimate favs)
½ cup flour
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
(optional protein powder…which negates any alcohol duh)
½ cup pineapple juice
2 ounces (uh yeah I really do like the flavouring) of your choice rum
Mix and griddle it up.  (and yes, I have also experimented with beer cakes too).

Don’t worry-the alcohol cooks out and you won’t get drunk (ha believe me, I’m the ultimate one drink champion…). 



Question for you:
What are your quirks?
Uh-if you call them that, my poses, words, (alternate language)

If you are of legal age (or rebellious I guess), what is your favorite mixed drink?


23 responses

  1. My go-to drink because it’s pretty much found every where (including the race track and country music festivals) is Captain & Pepsi. Now if I’m at bar I’ll usually drink Cherry Dr. & Mountain Dew. Depending on the orange juice a screwdriver (OJ + vodka) is good. Kessler old fashions are good too. Ok I’m going to stop now before you think I’m a drunk 24/7 haha! I really don’t drink that much.

  2. Happy Birthday Adubs!
    Im am completely 100% normal. No quirks haha
    Favorite mixed drink is a seven and seven, but I havent had one in years

  3. Happy birthday to your friend!! I actually don’t drink alcohol often. It was never really my thing. I think I was a born again grandma. Although I do enjoy an occasional fruity drink or wine on holidays.

  4. that rumcake looks AMAZING.

    I really don’t drink either, and I’ve never been legit drunk–I’m crazy enough sober! I do have a trademark pose, though, which is kind of a side lunge with the arm that’s over the bent knee up and out, and the other arm down, so it’s a diagonal. And a gangsta chin lift. I have an embarrassing number of pics in “the pose”, as well…

  5. Happy birthday to Anna!! I’m glad I never really got into the drinking scene and i’m hoping to avoid it as best I can in college. I’m a pretty good dancer without it, I think it might just make me look sloppy… even beyond my dancing. haha. I love the flavor of rum, but I just use rum extract. Works like magic.

  6. This is adorable! I love that you still can do the pose without the alcohol…I never drank when I went out with friends, but I still had just as good of a time as they did! 🙂 Dancing makes everything more fun! Love it!

  7. I usually just have rum/cokes if I’m having a drink — I also really like Disaronno on the rocks — it is the perfect “dessert” drink.

    I don’t drink too much either because I turn into a nutcase (something I guess we share in common?) — I end up saying things I regret and I usually end up dancing by myself — whether or not there is music. So I usually stick with 1-2 drinks maximum if we go out or are celebrating somewhere.

  8. haha at least you can rock that pose both sober and drunk & still look good 🙂
    Happy B’day to your friend!
    For drinks I love white wines & cocktails (there’s this one called Fruit Tingle tastes just like the candy)

  9. Niceeee. I’ll try to rock that pose next time I go out if I think about it. I get this goofy wide mouth grin when I’m feeling my beverage. Not so much a grin as a look like I’m very happily squealing. Maybe I’ll find a pic.

    Whiskey sours are my clutch drink. Yummm.

    Happy Birthday Adubs!

  10. hahaha i love theseee hahahahahah im cracking up legit tho!
    happy bday a DuBs!
    fav drink= white wine, mojitos, and just vodka and seltzer water cause im cool like that

  11. Your pose is literally the same each time. Hahah. You owned it.

    I don’t drink. Well, I’m not 21, but I have no desire to ever drink. Unless it’s rum in cake. (;

  12. Happy Birthday to your friend. I have never, or will ever drink. It’s just not for me. You love pancakes as much as me!!!! I could eat them for all meals. Good stuff! 🙂

  13. This may be my favorite all time post of yours 🙂 I love that your tongue is red in all of the pose-a-liscious pix! LOL! I’m a vodka girl. My drink would probably be whippedcreap vodka & club soda. That seems to make me do my happy dance. Although I’ve been dabbling in tequila a bit more recently and liking the side effects of that.

    Somehow vodka or tequila cakes don’t sound that tasty. HAHAHH

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