It’s my first (and probably last) What I ate Wednesday Post.


Because well-it’s not even what I ate today and it’s not even everything.  It’s just highlighted eats from my traveling to NYC for my race last weekend. 

Before we left I stocked up on 3 pounds at the Farm Fresh Greek Food Bar. I ate it all in the car. I was basically in love with Greek baby all eight hours of the drive.

 They had this adorable Build Your Own Salad Bar near my hotel at the West Nyack Mall.  Go to New York City and go make your own salad.  I bought two-one for lunch and one for road lunch.

Spinach, corn, sundried tomatoes, chicken, feta cheese. If I had a favorite salad it would combine these things.

This was at a buffet. I had no idea how to eat it. So I didn't....I did take a picture. But don't worry mom-the daddykins and I were good and we didn't play with our food. He just sat there.

I knew I had some pasta and marinara somewhere in there too to fuel for my Open Water Swim

Okay now to the best part.  I may or may not have mentioned I lived in Japan for 2 years (The daddykins ran some ships off the coast of Okinawa, Japan).  It made me love sushi.  Like love.  There was always this little restuarant that my parents loved to go too and my brother (when he was about 5) nicknamed the “Sushi-Go-Round”.  Oh to this day we still don’t know the name.  But anyways the sushi goes around on a conveyerbelt and you just grab what you want.  The price depends on the plate, like blue plates were 3.00, red 4.00…ect.  Well we finally found one in the US.  I had to stop.   Actually that is a dirty lie the daddykins asked if I wanted to try it and I was like hell yeah.  4 letter words were common in our car ride adventures.

I'm so sneaky...I snapped this from the balcony.

Oh and PS: If you can figure out the last part (or close) of the acronym in my title (it does use a phrase I use quite often), I’ll send you some delish pancake mix that I have errrday so we can be twinnies.  I hope it doesn’t look like anthrax.


Question for you:

Sushi: YAY or NAY?

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