A Shirty Situation (vLog)

Whatup Besties.

I don’t have much to report to you today.  Well I haven’t talked about my leg/shin/knee in a while.  It still hurts.  Lame.  I can walk-I just can’t run.  I tried to run the other day but I got to ¼ mile and it started to hurt.

So I stopped (again). 

I have been swimming and arcing almost everyday. I try and do about an hour of Arctrainer to simulate the 8 miles daily that I am supposed to be running.  It makes me feel (somewhat) better.

 I have also begun my weight lifting again to give me something else to keep my mind off of running.  Right now, I am lifting mostly for swimming, which is basically centered around shoulders, back and such I do 3-4 times a week.

I really want to start running again but what can ya do.


I am currently have a life predicament with this shirt(s) though.  So please help me.  Just come over and fix the damn thing. 


Incase you wondered, I spent another 10 minutes trying to fix it and it’s not.  I don’t want to rip those little strings off though because I did that with one of my favorite dresses and I forever regret it. 

And do not fear.  No more vLogs for a while…god knows you guys have probably overdosed.

Question for you:

1.       Do you weight lift?  Have any awesomesauce tips for me?

2.       Do you try on clothes before you buy them? 

I don’t think I’m going to start.  I hate being in stores for more than five seconds.  I’m just not going to buy shirts such as this.


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  1. I usually try things on, but some places I just assume I know my size. It drives me nuts when I come home and something is not right. Because I’m terrible about returning!

  2. Hahahaha. You make me laugh, especially the last line. Only you could make a 4 minute vlog of a shirt be so incredibly engaging. 😉 Good luck figuring that out! I don’t like half-shirts. I’m terrible about trying things on because I hate shopping so so so much.

  3. I hate trying on clothes too. I wish I had a twin who loved it and I’d make her try them one and see how I look! I should lift weights…i do it for a while and then stop. When I do, that’s when I run my fastest!

  4. I do a horrible job of estimating what size I wear so I pretty much always try on. I did buy some swimsuits from Old Navy though and I haven’t tried them on yet just because i bought them on my lunch break and had to go back to my job before something broke and I wasn’t there to fix it. I sorta know my size there, though.

    Sorry about the pain when you tried to run. You’ll be okay with all the cross training you’re doing though. I know it’s not the same, but at least you can swim, lift, and arc train… it keeps you active so you’ll bounce back when you are able to run again. I don’t lift enough to give any tips with it, though.


  5. Oh lord — the video stopped a minute before it was supposed to be done, so I hope you got the shirt figured out. I worked at Macy’s years ago and I remember them carrying shirts like that — putting them back on hangers was probably the worst part of my job because no one could figure it out. What a pain.

    I don’t try on clothes at the store either — mostly because I like to try stuff on at home and match stuff up with stuff I already have. Plus I always feel so rushed in stores and this way I can take my time and think about stuff.

  6. For weightlifting, I just try to go when it isn’t too busy because otherwise I feel rushed and judged, hahaha… so that’s my advice. Go when it’s slow.

  7. I try things on sometimes, other times I’m just too darn lazy.
    That’s too bad your having difficulty running. Its a good thing you stopped rather than risk further injury.
    Your still swimming which is great (low impact aerobic activity)!

  8. I never try things on. I have an irrational fear of it. i don’t know how to describe it! I would just return the shirt.. there are plenty of blue striped shirts in the sea, and I don’t think that one is worth the time and energy. Who wants to put the much effort into untangling a shirt!?

    Oh my gosh it makes me really excited that you say “I’m popular” when your phone rings because I do that too. But it’s usually my mom.

  9. Booooo to not being able to run, but yay to you being smart about your work outs in the mean time.

    Uh, I always try on unless it is a store I’m certain of my size about. Some styles I just don’t know how they will look and often I thank the clothing gods that I tried things on because the uber cute dress on the hanger made me look like a hotdog or something. 🙂

    As far as clothing to get rid of, have a clothing swap with your friends.

  10. I buy almost everything online because I hate being in stores. and around people in general. and I LOVEEE lifting.

  11. Lol! You are too funny 🙂
    I always buy stuff & return them..I swear I’m like on the black list at a few stores or something. BUT I am really good & I keep the tags on & ALWAYS keep my receipts….even if I choose to return them like two months later 😉

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