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One day I’m going to script my vlogs so that I don’t end up taking 6 minutes to talk about absoutely nothing and somehow going to get on topic with random things. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the open water swim post, and do not fear.  I still cannot cycle more than five seconds so you all have me beat there.  😉

Questions for you:

Do you make monthly goals and stick to them?

What destresses you the most?

Painting and buying dresses for me.  Just kidding-buying dresses means I have to ponder when I’m going to wear them which is actually more stressful.  True life.



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  1. I’m the same way. I make monthly goals and don’t stick to them and feel bad! Ugh! I’m a huge planner and goal setter but not very good at following them through. Haha.

  2. I hardly ever stick to my goals…it’s bad. I love that, “I hoped that you would forget about them.” I have the same predicament. I also love you making fun of typical college kids!

  3. I stopped making goals, I used to do huge long lists of things I wanted to do and it just got overwhelming.
    Running was my biggest de-stresser but since I can’t really do that much because of my back I’ve just been watching lots of desperate housewives and that helps 😛 and reading.

    Making time for yourself is one goal I think every one should try and accomplish, I go crazy without it!

  4. haha I’m totally the opposite as far as dressing goes. I try to keep it to a minimum, like once a week during the school year, but I love to bum around. Quite honestly I feel best when I’m wearing running shorts and running shoes or jeans and flip flops. Oh wait I’ve sworn off of flip flops because of what they did to my toe… I guess I need to find some new shoes.

    I love your interpretation of your uncle. El oh freaking el. I want a proper uncle!

  5. It’s definitely crucial to have that “you” time! I need a vacation.. hoping to chill out next week I’m in Rochester.

    So we’re hanging out when I’m in VB right? That way you can move that “find a man” goal to August ; )

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