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I am alive.  (Barely)

I will catch you all up on my training/injury again soon, because I know you really want to hear about my problems and all that jazz.

First for some fabulous news…

I have progressed.  From swimming and now Arctrainering!  Wahhooo.  Remember my photo?  Well I’m one step up on the ladder of uh doom.

I have a new man.
He asked me out and now we officially dating and in love.
Just kidding.  My idiot lifeguards left me alone when I was closing and he approached me and it was not okay.  He noticed Lorraine, and said oh I see your are used to life in the fast lane.  What a great pick up line.  I don’t date men from the Cav and it was real creepy so I said he should probably leave now (he was also quite old and creeps aren’t my jive either)…
I’m a heartbreaker…


I have a date with Victoria from District Chocoloholic on Saturday doing a 2 mile open water swim!  Love it.  I’m leaving in the AM for NYC.

Here is from last year.


I have a new phone.  So all my texting bestfriends text me but don’t expect a text right away because it is my first touch screen phone ever.
And I am slow and not of the new age.


I have been getting a lot of questions in the last month or so about being prediabetic.  I kind of stray away from the topic on the blog but maybe I’ll do a post about it sometime in the future.  I have typed about half of it up and how it effects working out, restaurant choosing and whatnot but I just feel like it’s really long, boring and somewhat serious.

Sixth-to the meat of the post.  Food and whateves.

Dark chocolate+Coconut=happy boss.

Where has this bag of coconut been hiding.

T-bone steak and corn

Wow someone stop my way with words.

It counts as a farmfresh salad because there is some veggies...somewhere in there.

More gas station coffee than I budgeted for the month of August.  Coffee or clothing.  Choices in my life…


Wawa Coffee is the place of the week.

Question (Statement) for you.
Catch me up on your life.


26 responses

  1. Love your recap — to the point, just the way I like it!
    Let’s see..for me…found out gender of our baby on Monday, going to Boston next week for a wedding, doing the work thang on all other days…

  2. I was seriously thinking about you today, and wondering where you have been! Glad you are back girl 🙂
    I love your recap and literally lol at the phone one. I just bought an iphone a few days ago and yeah…. I am pretty much unable to figure anything out and texting takes me years now!

  3. THANK GOD YOU ARE ALIVE. I was worried. I haven’t text you yet…but I willllllll. I will find you! And then I will wait 3 hours for your prompt response. 😉

  4. I hae been missig you!! I texted you and imagined you trying to type on your phone lolz 🙂

    good luck on your race!

  5. My life is all over the place. I am back and forth about the Marines and the Airforce. I am actually leaning towards the Air Force. I can still run there too.

    I miss ya, man! We should be texting buddies.

  6. This is def one of the best blogs i’ve read this week 🙂 glad your on the mend. Love that first picture.. “um..” hahah I died.

  7. Sorry I’ve been so unresponsive to your e-mails but I do miss you and want to catch up! Looks like life is going well and I’m glad to hear about it Holz!

  8. I love your stairsteps of fitness. For my foot injury, it would look pretty similar except with biking between swimming and arcing…I know how bike-phobic you are, though! Glad to here you’re on the road to a full recovery and keeping the pool creeper-free.

  9. Yay! Great to hear from you! I heart your blue nail polish in the last picture. I’m always afraid to sport crazy colors like that. Was your Creepy McCreeper at least cuteish?

    Life has been crazy on my end too, so I’m glad now that I’ve had time to blog stalk you’ve gotten a post in too! Good luck recovering!

  10. Congrats on “graduating” to the arctrainer!! My life has been cross country camp.. that’s it. I’m sore as !@#$ now but it’s sort of awesome. AAAND I can’t type on a touch screen phone for my life, so I had to get a phone with a keyboard. good luck my friend.

  11. I miss you when you dont post!! you are just hilarious! AHH your pancakes are also da bomb. and catching you up on my life would take hours, seriously, my life is out of control. but in a good way, most times! hahah

  12. ill be on my way to tennis camp tomorrow!
    ahhh im so excited. haha i actually snorted when i read about your man. i could totally picture you straight faced saying, yeah you should probably leave now. hahaha. oh geez. i love posts like this.

  13. Got back from vacation this week and all kinds of jaded at work 🙁 Feeling lackluster and hating it, I blame it on the jetlag though.

  14. Hey girl! Love your drawing you are too cute and hilarious. Great food pics as usual too. I’m with you coffee vs other expenses like clothing are the great debate. I choose coffee. 🙂 Enjoy NYC!

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